The Kitchen; The Heart of the Home

The kitchen is where you provide nourishment for yourself and your family. It is where loved ones come together during the holidays and special gatherings. The kitchen provides our sustenance through food, but it’s also where special connections are made with friends and family. We’ve started to see a lot of homes embrace a more communal living design, and the kitchen is no exception. A more traditional, small kitchen with little space for sitting and entertaining seems to be a thing of the past, as we see more dining/kitchen combinations popping up in home designs. The more open the floor plan in the kitchen is, that includes room for entertaining, is better and has become more and more popular.

Well-Planned Space

A well-planned kitchen ideally has enough space to promote a productive work environment. The less cramped the room is, the more likely it is that you’ll have the bulk of your entertaining centered in the kitchen. A good size kitchen can also increase the value of your home and ranks high on the list of most important features and rooms for home buyers and shoppers. Kitchen renovations help streamline old spaces and offer new ways to decorate and furnish. As the kitchen blends with the dining room and living space, the opportunity to incorporate some fun chairs and even a few pub tables makes the renovation process exciting.

Choosing Furniture

Deciding on which furniture to use in the kitchen can be tricky but one thing you’ll want to remember is that comfort is most important. If you know your guests and family will mostly converge in the kitchen, you’ll want the seating to both reflect the style of your room, but also provide comfortable places to sit. Consider mixing it up by adding some stools under small tables or put a smaller bistro or pub table in one corner so there is both low and high seating available. Doing this can give some depth to a room that might feel small to begin with, so the variation in seating can project a larger feel.

Start Somewhere

Making changes can be hard but if you want to continue with the tradition of your kitchen being the heart of your home, start small and work into larger changes as you feel comfortable. Sometimes it can change the entire feel of the kitchen by moving furniture and adding a couple of dining chairs or barstools against a bare wall. Get creative and try some different ideas until you find the look that feels most natural. Shop our website to find your next addition to your heart of the home!