How to Furnish a Small Kitchen


While most dining room sets can be a wonderful addition to any home, today’s homeowners are shifting away from formal dining rooms. Formal dining rooms can often become a room in the house that is used once or twice a year for special occasions. With eat-in kitchens growing in popularity customers are looking for smaller tables and sets to incorporate into their kitchens.

Ideas for a small kitchen

A great idea for a smaller kitchen, in a house without a designated dining room, is a dinette set. Dinettes are smaller dining tables that can seat two to four people. They fit perfectly in a breakfast nook or kitchen. If you’re working with a smaller space a dinette set could function as your dining room table.

A bistro table would also be a great idea for a smaller kitchen. Bistro tables are typically round, but can come in many sizes. They would comfortably seat two people, but could definitely seat a close four for a special occasion.

Consider layout

Take a look at the layout of your smaller kitchen, and analyze how best to arrange everything and fit a table in. Pushing a table up against a wall or into a corner may give you more space to work with. Another great idea could be to get a table that has benches rather than chairs. Benches, when pushed under the table, could save a little more space, allowing for more room to function in your kitchen. Benches can also

In any small kitchen, counter space may be an issue. The addition of any table could help with storage or prepping space.

Look at the counter space you have, perhaps it’s not enough in a tiny kitchen. A breakfast bar, with barstools could function as added counter space or prep space, while also providing a place to sit and eat. It’s not a very formal option, but a breakfast bar can be a great addition to a cramped kitchen.

Given the many sizes and shapes that bistro tables come in, a longer bistro table could also function well as a breakfast bar. Pushing a breakfast bar or rectangular-shaped bistro table up against a kitchen counter or kitchen island could be a great addition to any kitchen lacking counter space. Extending any counter space already included in your kitchen area can really save you a headache.

Take away

Adding a bistro table or dinette set to any kitchen can be a great way to transform your kitchen into an eat-in kitchen, or just a helpful way to maximize space. Maybe you have a really small kitchen, or maybe you want to use your dining room space for other purposes. Either way, utilizing the space in your kitchen to its fullest is a great way to maximize the space in your home or apartment.