How to Furnish a Small Kitchen


While most dining room sets can be a wonderful addition to any home, today’s homeowners are shifting away from formal dining rooms. Formal dining rooms can often become a room in the house that is used once or twice a year for special occasions. With eat-in kitchens growing in popularity customers are looking for smaller tables and sets to incorporate into their kitchens.

Ideas for a small kitchen

A great idea for a smaller kitchen, in a house without a designated dining room, is a dinette set. Dinettes are smaller dining tables that can seat two to four people. They fit perfectly in a breakfast nook or kitchen. If you’re working with a smaller space a dinette set could function as your dining room table.

A bistro table would also be a great idea for a smaller kitchen. Bistro tables are typically round, but can come in many sizes. They would comfortably seat two people, but could definitely seat a close four for a special occasion.

Consider layout

Take a look at the layout of your smaller kitchen, and analyze how best to arrange everything and fit a table in. Pushing a table up against a wall or into a corner may give you more space to work with. Another great idea could be to get a table that has benches rather than chairs. Benches, when pushed under the table, could save a little more space, allowing for more room to function in your kitchen. Benches can also

In any small kitchen, counter space may be an issue. The addition of any table could help with storage or prepping space.

Look at the counter space you have, perhaps it’s not enough in a tiny kitchen. A breakfast bar, with barstools could function as added counter space or prep space, while also providing a place to sit and eat. It’s not a very formal option, but a breakfast bar can be a great addition to a cramped kitchen.

Given the many sizes and shapes that bistro tables come in, a longer bistro table could also function well as a breakfast bar. Pushing a breakfast bar or rectangular-shaped bistro table up against a kitchen counter or kitchen island could be a great addition to any kitchen lacking counter space. Extending any counter space already included in your kitchen area can really save you a headache.

Take away

Adding a bistro table or dinette set to any kitchen can be a great way to transform your kitchen into an eat-in kitchen, or just a helpful way to maximize space. Maybe you have a really small kitchen, or maybe you want to use your dining room space for other purposes. Either way, utilizing the space in your kitchen to its fullest is a great way to maximize the space in your home or apartment.


Multiple uses of dining room sets

Part Of The Modern Interior

While the days of formal dining may be dwindling, most of us still have a dining room complete with a table and a set number of chairs. While eat-in kitchens are becoming more popular in homes these days, dining room sets are left to sit alone for the majority of the year, at least until the holiday season rolls around.

Multiple uses

A great way to utilize dining room space and furniture is to turn your dining room into your office. By keeping the dining room table and one chair at the table you’ve created a makeshift desk for yourself. This is quite the simple fix, because when the holidays or special occasions arise, all you have to do is return the rest of the chairs to the table, and you have a dining room table once more.

Another great use for a dining room table is to turn it into a space for your kids. It may get scratched up, and suffer the occasional crayon or marker blemish, but your kids will love having a space to get creative. Bonus, when a crowd gathers for a dinner party, you can cover it with a table cloth and no one will be the wiser. If you’re investing in a new dining room set, this can be a great use for your old table.

Depending on the size, shape and value that you place upon your existing dining room furniture, it could be perfect for an outdoor dining area. You may want to outfit your table with an umbrella, or keep it in a covered area, but it can be done.

Multipurpose tables

Looking for a table that offers storage space beneath the table top, could be a great way to incorporate more flexibility in your living space. Shelving underneath could be a great space to store electronics if you intend to use the table as a media center. It could also help if you use your dining room table as a desk for the majority of the time, you could keep everything you need, including a laptop, files or folders, etc.

You can also push your table into the corner of your kitchen or dining room, to make room for other uses. A dining room can function as a complete other room within your home, so a dining room table may be better suited for the kitchen, turning your kitchen into an eat in kitchen.

If you’re currently shopping for a dining room table that will offer you the flexibility that you need, looking for a smaller bistro like table could be a great solution to making your kitchen a more flexible space.

Take away

If you’re in the market for a new table to use as your dining room table, there are many options that you can choose from and incorporate into your home. Perhaps a table with benches is better suited to your needs, or a small square table with only four chairs. The need for a complete formal dining room is something that is starting to be outdated.

How to incorporate a bistro table into your decor


Bistro tables are smaller, typically round tables that most would associate with a Parisian café. The word bistro has French and Russian origins. Some say it comes from the Russian word “bystro” which means quickly. During the occupation of Paris in 1814 some say that Russian officers that wanted to be served quickly would shout- Bystro!

Others say that the name comes from an aperitif, or before dinner drink, called a “bistrouille” made with coffee liquor.

Bistro tables

Bistro tables originated in smaller Parisian cafes, called bistros. A bistro likely came from apartments where tenants paid room and board, but landlords supplemented their income by opening up their kitchens to the public. The food on the menu was kept simple.

Today a bistro is a small restaurant, or sidewalk café, featuring simple meals and a casual setting. Mostly likely French food will be served. Bistros were often small modest establishments, and the tables had to be smaller as well, and so the bistro table was born.

Where to use them

Bistro tables are most commonly used as a small serving table. They’re perfect for small meals, like breakfast, lunch or hors d’oeuvres. A great spot for bistro tables is a porch or back patio, if you have less room for a larger patio table.

While bistro tables are typically small round tables, perfect for seating two to three people, they can come in other sizes. If you’re looking to furnish a breakfast nook, there are all shapes and sizes of bistro tables to be found, like skinny and rectangular, square shaped, and the classic round.

While the common use is typically as a smaller patio dining table or in a breakfast nook, there are other places in your home where a bistro table can be used. If you’re going for the round original shape they can be utilized as a table in your living room, next to an armchair with a lamp, picture frames, candles or other décor.

A bistro table can be used as an entrance table by your front door, with a vase with fresh flowers, a dish for keys and trinkets. A bistro table could be a great addition to a mock office, perfect for someone who doesn’t work from home full time but needs a horizontal space to do minimal work. It could also function as an end table to living room furniture, depending on the size and shape.

Another use of a long rectangular bistro table could be along the back of a couch, creating another dimension to your living room. A long skinny bistro table could also function well as a mock bar in your kitchen, whether it’s against the wall, or a counter with bar stools or chairs.

End notes

Bistro tables are trendy, creating other spaces within your home that can be utilized for a wide variety of purposes. Whether you use them for their intended purpose, or create some other use and functionality in your home, bistro tables can be a great addition to a home or kitchen. Whether the use of the table alternates in your home, you can always find a place for a bistro table.