Home Bars The Perfect Addition During Dinner Parties

Home-barHome bars are starting to become a necessity to homeowners as more people host dinner parties, sports parties and movie nights in their home. In addition, people are spending more time at home instead of fighting traffic to go to their favorite bar and pushing through the rowdy crowd just to get a watered down drink from a bartender that doesn’t know the difference between a martini and a mojito.

Choosing the right home bar for the room is essential so you have the perfect place to serve up drinks without the furniture feeling like it’s taking up too much space. The location of the bar has to be right to allow foot traffic to flow smoothly about the room while still allowing you or your spouse to play bartender behind the counter comfortably.

Measure the size of the space where the bar furniture will be placed as there should be enough clearance room near entryways. Also decide whether you will have only a standing bar or if you will have seating by the bar. Seating will affect how far the bar area will jut out into the room and how people will need to walk around it to navigate through the space.

Home bars come in a variety of different styles from modern to traditional. They are crafted from wood as well as wrought iron as you can display bottles or merely store them inside the bar area. The bar can be as small as a bistro table for rooms with limited space and apartments, or can be so large that they have their own dedicated room such as a den or entertainment space in the basement.

Home bars are also making their way into the great outdoors. Complete the look of an outdoor living space with the accompanying home bar. People can lounge on the veranda and snack on meals cooked out on the outdoor kitchen as they sip their perfect drinks. Some factors in picking out the right bar furniture for your home:

Where will the bar furniture be placed?

Will there be seating at the bar, at small pub tables, or on other furniture?

Do you want to display bottles and glasses?

How many bottles and other accessories will you store behind the bar?

How often will you use the bar?

Is the bar for personal use or for entertaining guests?

By answering the above questions, you can pick the right home bar that will accommodate your needs. For more information about home bars and to get help in designing the perfect home bar space, contact California Stools, Bars and Dinettes.