Types of Commercial Restaurant Furniture

Furniture can significantly impact the success of your restaurant business. From more than a seating arrangement to accommodate diners, it adds aesthetic value and translates your brand aura.

Therefore, restaurant owners must plan indoor themes, aesthetics, and budget and then research before buying commercial furniture. Before we discuss its different types, we will introduce commercial furniture and how it differs from regular ones.

What is Commercial Restaurant Furniture?

Commercial furniture endures the demands of intensive use, including the different elements linked to the wear and tear of regular restaurant operations. Furniture manufacturers make commercial furniture durable while keeping the highest value and lifespan in mind.

Nonetheless, there is a significant difference in aesthetic design, materials, craftsmanship, and cost within the broad category of commercial furniture. Also, some manufacturers offer designs specially made for restaurant furniture, with choices ranging from different colors to different finishes, different kinds of upholstery, and different sizes. Creators and business owners, however, can choose options that perfectly suit the needs of their projects with excellent flexibility.

Types of Commercial Restaurant Furniture We Offer

There are numerous furniture options available in the market. Therefore, when purchasing your restaurant furniture, you must consider the different types of commercial furniture. California Dinining & Barstools has a wide range of commercial furniture to help restaurant owners purchase their preferred style.

Pub Tables

Purchasing furniture for lounges, bars, and clubs presents a slightly different challenge because people typically visit these establishments to drink, mingle with others, dance, or watch sporting events. Yet, convenience is still critical.

Instead of the standard restaurant tables and chairs, low, soft club chairs with vinyl padding work best for such food places since they match the aesthetics and offer comfortable seating arrangements without taking up much space. You won’t be able to create the ambiance you want with stiff restaurant seats. Wesley Allen Hunnington Pub Table Set tops our list for pub furniture as it offers style and comfort all at the same time.


Dining Sets

Every restaurant and bar must strike a balance between the price of giving every customer the finest experience possible and the number of paying customers needed to turn a profit. Theoretically, the more chairs and tables you have in your dining area, the more money you can make.

In practice, there is little truth to it because people tend to avoid overcrowded and noisy places, especially when they are out to relax and chill. Besides the amount of foot traffic, the number of chairs per table and the table size itself affect the spaciousness of your restaurant. The bulkier the tables are, the lesser the space for movement will be.

You can take the dining experience a notch up by offering an outdoor eating area. Here, diners can enjoy their meals under the stars and enjoy the cool nighttime breeze.

Restaurant Tables: Shapes & Materials

You must have different table size options at your restaurant to serve different group sizes. Typically, restaurants have tables that comfortably accommodate two, four, or six people, although space constraints may prevent this.

Six-person tables are often unavailable in small cafés since they would occupy too much space. To accommodate large groups, restaurant staff may bring together two to three tables to facilitate diners.

Table Shapes

Round tabletops are excellent for giving your customers a cozy ambiance, but they are less adaptable than square-edged tables because they can’t be merged or put up against a wall as readily. Although they allow more visitor interaction, round tabletops are less equipped to accommodate large crowds. Usually, they can accommodate two to four people.

Restaurants serving larger groups of diners tend to use rectangle-shaped tabletops as they offer enough space to add chairs. However, people might find them unappealing as it is more difficult to converse and interact since everyone is seated farther apart.

Tabletop Materials

Commercial tabletop materials typically include resin, laminate, and stone, polished with a flat surface for easy cleaning. Wooden or stone tabletops are durable, while melamine and laminate are ideal for casual dining establishments. Therefore, the Kimberly Wood Dining Set is perfect for sprucing your restaurant.


Dinettes are also crucial restaurant furniture. They are a perfect pick for smaller spaces. When choosing restaurant furniture, one must understand the available space and decorate the areas accordingly.

Overcrowding your restaurant with unnecessary furniture will make the space suffocating. Therefore, for smaller spaces, dinettes are an excellent option. They can easily host two to four guests at a table. This Callee Rachel Dining Set will be the perfect fit due to its compact yet comfy style.



Most bars use high benches or barstools to accommodate customers. Although many other shapes are available, round barstools are the most popular. You can think of spinning, fixed, three- or four-legged barstools, among other options. Trica Kim Barstool is an excellent choice for style and comfort.

Some barstools, such as Trica Sara Barstool, even come with better lumbar support and balance with a modest backrest, which is an excellent choice to provide comfort to diners.


Get counter stools with an ergonomic design if your bar area doubles as a waiting room. It will make the waiting time more bearable.


Restaurant chairs are crucial elements when purchasing restaurant furniture. They often feature wooden or metal frames with plastic, wood, vinyl, or hardwood seats, which are quick and simple to clean.

Restaurants with high foot traffic might wish to think about stackable seats, such as Regal Seating 516UTB Dining Chair, which can be put away if not used. You can use them at regular tables and in conjunction with an end booth or a row of booths that run down a wall to add style and comfort.


Quality and comfortable seating also make a noticeable difference in the restaurant’s atmosphere, in addition to superb cuisine and service. There are four standard chair material choices:

Upholstered Restaurant Chairs

Upholstered chairs provide a cozy and luxurious seating arrangement for those who desire a more sophisticated appearance for their restaurant. You can choose among various upholstery fabrics, colors, and patterns, such as the Saloom 64su Dining Chair, which will add style and comfort to the dining space.


However, sometimes, new chair covers are all you need to transform the appearance of your restaurant. However, you should be aware that stains from food and beverages are a pretty common problem and thus require frequent upholstery replacement. Fortunately, most upholstery fabrics are easily washable.

Metal Restaurant Chair Frames

The sturdy and long-lasting structure of the metal frames makes them more appealing for commercial use. You can improve its aesthetics by painting it in any color of your choice. Sandblasting improves the overall quality as the paint won’t chip off even after regular wear and tear.

To improve safety, you can select a heat and fire-resistant metal frame. Such chairs undergo a protective treatment to add further toughness and resilience.

Wood Restaurant Chairs

Wood restaurant chairs have a lovely, cozy, and rustic appearance, making them an excellent choice for fine dining restaurants, especially the ones with retro-modern décor. These chairs have a fantastic hardwood structure to add durability and sturdiness. If properly cared for, wood can be cleaned easily and last in the long term.

Aluminum Restaurant Patio Chairs

As they can withstand extreme weather conditions, restaurant patio chairs, particularly those made of aluminum, are a fantastic option for outdoor seating. They are low maintenance, lightweight, and environmentally friendly. Coupled with fake teak or wicker, they may add a rustic feel to your space.

Because of durability and appeal, aluminum is frequently used to construct and design outdoor dining tables, bar stools, and patio chairs.

Outdoor Furniture

Using outdoor furniture instead of standard ones is smart as they are more resilient and weatherproof. However, you must still protect them from direct sunlight to prevent material breakage and discoloration. Keep the outdoor furniture in shaded areas or use umbrellas to mitigate sun exposure.

Increase the lifespan of your furniture by putting them away when not in use. Callee Bristol Dining Set is one such aesthetically appealing piece that can last for years.


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When choosing the furniture, you must consider your target customer, their expectations, cost estimate, and the ambiance you want to create in your restaurant. Finding the ideal furnishings for your restaurant will be simple once you know these needs.

The furnishings you select for your café or restaurant will eventually influence and impact your customers’ dining experience. So, rather than just picking the inexpensive and most aesthetically appealing options, you should give your choice of tables and chairs a little more thought. Visit one of our two locations today to find unique and durable furniture for your restaurant.