Autumn table setting with pumpkins. Thanksgiving holiday dinner and fall decoration.

10 Tips for Setting the Perfect Thanksgiving Table

With Thanksgiving arriving soon, you’re probably putting together your shopping list, making sure to invite all the guests, and wondering how you’ll decorate the dining room table for the feast. There can be a lot to stress about! Shop California Stools Bars Dinettes for the ideal dining room table, dining room chair, or dining set for your Thanksgiving celebration.

Here are 10 tips to help you set a beautiful table.

1. Keep It Simple

There’s no need for a full five-piece set of flatware for each guest at the table. Feel free to bring out the nice China, but leave it to just one fork, knife, and plate per person. This also makes clean up a bit easier!

2. Opt for White Plates

Your Thanksgiving table will likely have a variety of color on it already with the many food choices. By opting for white plates, you give your guests a visually appealing and classy looking meal.

3. Upgrade Your Linens

A big meal such as this is the perfect time to bring out the cloth napkins. Wrap them up with a napkin ring or fold them in a fan shape and place on top of each guest’s plate to bring style to your table.

4. Work With What You Have

If you’re setting eight places, but only have six matching sets of flatware, don’t worry! Choose a different set for the places at the head of the table and it will look intentional. Your guests will never know!

5. Make Things Accessible

Especially if you are serving a large table, make sure everyone can easily reach the butter, salt, and pepper. Consider having more than one set available for the table so nobody is yelling across another.

6. Try Multiple Centerpieces

If one large centerpiece is your style, go for it, but you might also consider having two or three smaller centerpieces spaced throughout the table. This allows for more room for the guests in the middle of table.

7. Vary Your Dishes

Try mixing different styles of dishes to create a unique look. Vintage crystal glasses with modern flatware and a brightly colored charger add a bit of whimsy to your tablescape.

8. Turn the Table Into an Activity

If you had small children attending, consider using butcher paper as your table covering and giving each child a small pack of pencils or markers to color with. This keeps them entertained while you finish cooking!

9. Shop Your Own Backyard

When it comes to creating a centerpiece, take a look around you. Branches and leaves can put into a vase to create a festive decoration for your dining room table.

10. Give a Little Height

Stagger the height of your centerpieces or add a thick cutting board under side dishes to elevate them. Just don’t go too high or you won’t be able to see any of your dinner guests!

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