Great Furniture Pieces to Set the Theme of Your Home

It is easy to become distracted by all the different types, sizes, design, shapes and functions of home furniture out there. To stay a little more grounded and consistent with your home furnishings, it is often helpful to create a theme for your home based around one or two furniture pieces. The following are a few ideas to get the you started on creating the best home space for you.

Bar and Counter Height Pub Tables

Incorporating a bar/counter height pub table into your home is a different and fun option. Like in restaurants or bars with similar furnishing, this type of set-up encourages sociability, conversation, movement and casual dining, all in the comfort of your own home. Their functionality and aesthetic appeal provide convenient, accessible and compact space.


            Round tables are the ultimate shape for discussion. To bring everyone together, opt for a round pub table. They create a great space for walking up and standing around or for placing sitting stools.


            Expandable pub tables are the absolute perfect solution for flexible space. They are a fantastic option for a home that requires more seating for dining times but generally wishes to take up less space. Expand the table for non-dining times to create that compact space you enjoy and simply pull out the table for the extra seating space at dinner time.


            Pub tables can be the perfect solution for a couple’s home which does not require a large dining space but rather desires a unique and intimate area. Like the classic bar setting, a cozy couples bar table creates that romantic, out-on-the-town atmosphere. This fun option brings date night right into the comfort of the home.

Four Person

The counterpart to the couple’s bar/pub table option is the four person or family style option. Like the couples table, this counter height table creates the feeling of being out at a restaurant with the perk of staying in the home. Opt for a round or rectangular style table that is a little larger in order to accommodate the whole family.

Bar Stools

To furnish a home bar, counter space, or pub table, bar stools are a fantastic and obvious option. Pairing the right bar stool with your counter or bar space will compete your beautiful and functional space. Plus, bar stools can be found in a variety of designs, materials, shapes, etcetera for the ultimate personalized look!

Metal Bar Stools

            Opting for a metal bar stool has a handful of perks, one primarily being outdoor use. Metal is a great weather suited material. Additionally, there are many beautiful designs that can be incorporated into metal stools. Overall, a versatile choice!


            Upholstered stools are great for seats that will be getting a lot of use. Based on pure comfort, padded and upholstered bar stools are on obvious choice. They can additionally add a splash of individual style with the variety of colors and designs the upholstery comes in.


Backless bar stools bring a whole new element of sophistication and modernity to your home. While barstools already take up less space than traditional chairs, backless stools are even more subtle with their ability to be completely slid under bars and counters. They are sleek and include metal, wooden and upholstered options!


This fun option is fantastic for increasing the maneuverability of your home area. Swivel stools make getting in and out of the space easier and encourage conversation because it becomes that much easier to shift positions to talk to one another.


A simple wooden option is always a sure pleaser. Wooden stools are generally suited for all types of rooms and come in a variety of beautiful and hardy materials including oak, cherry, walnut, ash and mahogany.


Modern Kitchen Chairs

Have some fun with your living space by incorporating a modern look into your kitchen. Sleek designs and popping colors are a great way to add some spunk and character to your home. Modern kitchen chairs come in a variety of fun shapes, sizes, designs, materials and colors and truly bring that unique taste and character your home might be craving.

Kitchen Dinette Set

Similar to the pub tables, kitchen dinette sets can be the perfect option for the home hoping to promote intimate gatherings while simultaneously saving space. They serve as the perfect dining area, cozy breakfast nook or homework space. For homes that don’t need an extravagant, large dining room table to seat a large group or family, a kitchen dinette set is easy to manage while serving the needs of the space and size of family you have.