4 Tips for Mixing and Matching Dining Room Chairs

Don’t be afraid to mix chairs with benches for a contemporary look.

The dining room is an important area of your home since it’s one you use every day. From eating a meal with family, to doing the kid’s homework, or sharing a drink with guests, it’s second only to the kitchen! Make the time in your dining room more enjoyable by bringing in a new dining set or dining room chairs. Even if you’re not an interior design pro, you can still make it look classy and comfortable by mixing and matching different pieces to get a whole new look. Here are a few of our top tips for making sure your dining room brings you joy and not frustration every time you use it.

1. Try Bench Seating on One Side

Bench seating has become a popular trend for dining sets over the past few years thanks to the resurgence of the rustic and farmhouse style aesthetic. It tends to feature standard dining room chairs at the heads of the table and along one side, with a bench on the other. This is ideal for large families, especially those with school-aged children, because it allows you to seat more people at the table than with standard seating. A side of the table that would normally fit two or three people, can now fit four or more.

2. Consider Upholstered Head Chairs

It’s your house, and your table, so why not make your seat a priority? Consider adding upholstered dining room chairs to the heads of the table, while the other chairs remain more simple. This brings a level of class to your dining room without making it seem too formal thanks to the contrast of the simpler chairs in the middle. You also don’t have too worry about crowding your dining room with eight large, upholstered chairs or trying to fit them all around a table meant for six. You can still look sophisticated in a smaller space.

3. Mix Modern with Vintage Styles

The trick to mixing modern and vintage styles of furniture is all about the materials. When mixing and matching from different eras, pay attention to the details. Do they both have wooden legs? Are they in the same color palette? Are they both minimalist or ornate? Also consider the silhouettes. If one chair is thick, short, and heavy, it might not match well with something that is lighter, taller, and more leggy. Finding common ground between the two pieces is how to make them look classy together, not crazy.

4. Find Your Perfect Dining Room Set with Us!

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