How to Create a Cozy Breakfast Nook

Breakfast nooks became an architectural feature of many homes during the early 20th century. In a 1923 edition of the Woman’s Weekly Supplement, “nooks” were said to be “perfect for housewives who did not have servants”. The location near the kitchen meant the housewife could enjoy breakfast with the family while remaining close to the kitchen. How times have changed!

Today, breakfast nooks are designed for casual dining. They aren’t just used for breakfast. These nooks can be multi-purpose, serving as a child’s play area or a homework station. They are comfortable spaces that encourage conversation and calm the chaos of hectic mornings. Breakfast nooks are a great space to show off your decorating style.

Built-in Benches

The original nooks were designed with built-in seating, usually two benches on each side of a rectangular table. If the nook included a bay window, a window seat was added for booth-like seating.  Benches had hinged tops for added storage. These spaces were ideal for organizing children’s toys or rarely used items. In the early 1920s, even the table was built in. With today’s choices of kitchen tables in all shapes and sizes, there’s no need to restrict your style. You may decide to go from a 1950s diner to a French-country motif with a change of bench coverings and a kitchen table.

Bistro Tables

Nothing says relax like a bistro table. Whether it’s a morning cup of coffee or an evening glass of wine, the intimate environment of a bistro set makes for an enjoyable start or finish to your day. Bistro tables aren’t just those shown in French cafes. They can be made of materials such as glass or wood. They can be square or round. Some bistro tables are drop-leaf to fit nicely into smaller spaces.

Although windows were a part of the original design, breakfast nooks can be just as cheerful with the right lighting and colorful focal points. Floating shelves with hand-painted pottery can brighten any space.  No space is too small for the right bistro table.

Kitchen Sets

From the beginning, breakfast nooks have been used for casual family dining. It was simpler to set the table and serve meals with a dining space closer to the kitchen. As life became more hectic, the breakfast nook became a home’s gathering place.

Today’s kitchen sets can be incorporated into breakfast nooks, making them extremely versatile. They come in a variety of sizes, with seating from four to eight or more. An expandable kitchen set means not only having the right size for daily dining but also having room for those unexpected guests. With styles ranging from traditional to modern, kitchen sets can fit any decor.

Breakfast nooks like kitchens often serve as the heart of a home. That’s why finding the right furnishings is an essential part of creating a space that reflects your style. Whether you’re looking for a traditional kitchen set or a sleek bistro table, we have the kitchen furniture you’re looking for at our two Bay Area locations.

Resurgence of the Dining Room Table in 2020

With the birth of the open concept, the dining room appeared to fade into the rearview mirror; however, there has been a resurgence of the importance of the dining room table in 2020. Much of this has been driven by the pandemic, which has forced many people to spend more time at home. As people were looking for a way to entertain, the dining table became a popular option. With the dining room making a resurgence in 2020, how is it going to be changed? What should people expect? There are a few key tips to keep in mind.

The Dining Room Table Is a Place of Entertainment

First, the dining room is seen as a place to entertain. While this might involve meals, this could also mean a place to sit down, talk, play games, and more. The dining rooms should reflect this placement of entertainment to the best degree possible. Therefore, people should try to make sure they add extra seats around the table. This means thinking about expandable dining rooms sets that include leaves, extra chairs, and more. In addition, dining room tables will have to be more durable. Nobody wants to be the host that is worried about a small spill here or there!

A Versatile Dining Room Table Is Better

Of course, the dining room table should be able to handle a meal; however, it should also be so much more than that. The dining room table will be asked to be the jack of all trades. In addition to a place for meals, the dining room table may have to perform triple duty! This is a place for people to do arts and crafts. The family will want to come together to play games at the dining room table. Kids will be doing their homework on the dining room table. Therefore, a durable wood or laminate dining room set with a table that can handle these tasks will be important. The addition of a comfy chair will make the perfect dining room set!

Formality and Structure Are Trends of the Past

Finally, many people have dining room tables that reflect a formal structure that has long since passed. While these are solid tables that might still find use today, it is better to find a dining room table that has a flexible style that can go with just about anything. Rolling dining room chairs, barstools, and even loveseats are not unusual in the dining room today. Some people even pull up log benches to the dining room table. Formality is simply a structure of the past. Today, many people are looking for dining rooms that are flexible and malleable because they feel more inviting. This is going to be a defining feature of the dining room table in 2020 and beyond.

Find the Right Dining Room Table

These are just a few of the ways that the dining room table is making a resurgence in 2020. If you are looking for the right dining room table for your building, visit California Stools, Bars, and Dinettes today!