Dining Tables That Double as Desks

Working from home definitely has its perks, and with more and more people transitioning to home-based work in recent months, you’ve likely had the chance to discover them. Whether you’re working from home out of necessity in light of the pandemic or have made the transition to buy yourself some flexibility, the right work area is important. Before you rush out and buy a desk with all of the bells and whistles, consider instead a dining room table. A dining room table can make an excellent workspace, and here’s why.

Tables Increase Your Workspace

Today’s computers are smaller than ever, but the need for a workspace has increased. You need room to spread out documents, design layouts, and notes. A traditional desk doesn’t give you much space, but a table means plenty of room to work. Sure, you’ll have fewer drawers to store things, but add a basket or file shelf to the tabletop to use as storage instead.

Tables Serve Two Purposes

If you’re short on space, using a table as your desk as well as your dining area means your work area takes up less space in your home. You can clear the table of work-related items for meals, then put your laptop and papers back when it’s time to work.

If the table won’t be used for dining, you can use it as a communal space. When you’re done with work for the day, clear off the laptop and have a game night with your kids, or let them use it for a craft space. The larger work surface of a table gives you plenty of room to explore these ideas when you clock out at the end of the day.

Adjustable Height Dining Tables Work Well as Desk

One potential drawback of using a dining table as a desk is the height, which may not be ideal for good typing posture. Choosing a dinette table that has an adjustable height overcomes this problem. You can raise or lower the table depending on the day’s activities, so you can use it for dining and work.

Better Aesthetics

Another reason to choose a dining table as a desk, even if you have a dedicated workspace, is aesthetics. You can choose a table that matches the style of your home or office, whether that’s shabby chic, modern, or traditional. Your table-turned-desk will fit seamlessly with your design choices. Not only that, but dining room tables, unlike desks, look good from all angles. If your workspace isn’t going to be up against a wall, a table prevents it from turning into an eyesore.

Dining room tables are quickly becoming a multi-purpose addition to your home. Whether you’re adding one to your dining area or using it in your office as you work from home, finding the right table is key. At California Stools, Bars and Dinettes, we will help you find the right dining room table, so you can set up a work-from-home environment that works for your needs. Give us a call to discuss your needs today.