2020 Trends in Dining Room and Kitchen Furniture

With a new decade comes new and updated trends, especially in interior design and home furnishings. If you’re looking to spruce up your space, you may need a few inspired ideas for your home.

Dining and kitchen furniture are always evolving and becoming more stylish and functional to make a house feel more like home, while also reflecting your personal style.

Below are a few of our favorite trends for your kitchen and dining space this year that will remain in style even beyond 2020.

Large Statement Dining Tables

With homeowners putting much of their savings into building their dream home, this leaves them wanting to spend more time at home and less time spending money dining out. Family dinners and dinner parties with friends means that you need a great space for entertaining. Don’t skimp on a small table; large dining tables seating six or more people in a dining room are coming back in style for quality time at home.

Mismatched Chairs

Although this isn’t a new trend, it’s one that will never go out of style. Pick up different styles and colors of chairs in similar heights and sizes for your dining room seating. Not only does this give you more bang for the buck, it also makes your dining space pop with an eclectic and distinct space that is truly yours.

Bold Monochrome Rooms

Monochrome is really having its moment right now and can look great in your kitchen and dining spaces. Aligning the colors of your walls, artwork, tables and chairs within the room can make this space stand out in a way that is not only beautiful, but also photographable. Instead of gray on gray or tons of tan like we’ve seen in the past, the newer monochrome trend tends towards bolder colors. Think cobalt blue, mustard yellow or hunter green.

Combine the Old With the New

Who says that you can only entirely decorate with antiques or all new furniture store-bought styles? Mixing old pieces from local shops with newly purchased pieces helps to showcase your individual style with statement pieces. Try finding an antique sideboard to pair with your dining room table, chairs and bench for a modern farmhouse feel.

Bring the Outdoors Indoors

Hanging plants, living walls and other big potted plants belong in your common spaces, especially in kitchens and dining areas. Some of our favorite beautiful and low-maintenance indoor plants are Ficus trees, the Spider Plant, Pothos plant, Philodendron, and of course the easiest of all if you live in a dry climate, cacti and succulents. Plus, studies show that feeling more connected to nature and greenery sparks more creativity, so get those plants in your kitchen and start creating new recipes in your kitchen!