Dining Furniture Design Tips for Entertaining This Holiday Season

With the holiday season upon us, now is the perfect time to upgrade your dining room furniture. Shopping for dining furniture is more exciting than ever, too, with a host of new trends that will give your entertaining space a punch of excitement and vibrancy.

The best dining furniture is functional, comfortable, durable and aesthetically pleasing. Today’s dining furniture shoppers can find everything from timeless classics to the latest trends in furniture and decor. We’ve rounded up four of the trendiest dining room looks for 2019 and 2020, so you can get ready for a season of entertaining in style and comfort.

Dark wood to bring elegance and drama

Your dining room table is a focal point. Make a bold statement with dark wood but mix it up a bit with contrasting table legs or lighter shades for upholstery on the chairs. Dark wood such as oxidized oak, espresso brown and painted black adds warmth to a room and works well as a backdrop for bright whites and light creams in dinnerware, artwork, chairs and other pieces.

This look works well because the rich look of dark wood evokes older, more formal furniture styles but the contrast also fits well in modern design.

Mixed-up seating to add depth and variety

There are no rules with dining room chairs and no better example than how manufacturers have embraced offering different seating options for tables. Mixing blonde wood chairs with dramatic grey or black stained pieces can turn a simple table into a work of art.

In addition to different materials and contrasting tables with chairs, individual seats can also vary in a set. One fun and exciting way to make any dining room look fresh and inviting is to mix chairs with long benches. As a bonus, the benches can offer greater flexibility, letting more guests enjoy your entertaining.

Combining wood with metal

When it comes to mixing and matching materials, don’t forget that there are countless options for dining room furniture materials. A metal table can mix and match with wood or resin chairs and vice versa. Glass tables can include wood or metal framing, and your chairs can match or contrast for a modern yet classic vibe.

Keep in mind that the metal and wood mashup doesn’t have to stop at your dining room table. You can incorporate a combination of industrial and farmhouse styles with accent pieces and artwork, too.

Step away from modern and make an antique statement

After years of modern, mid-century style furniture filling showrooms and homes, the trend is to soften this look with a throwback to the past. Antique furniture can add a vivid touch to your dining room, but you don’t have to scour through antique shops, pay a fortune or risk wobbly chairs. Today, you can find pieces that evoke the design trends of the past but are constructed with modern materials and techniques.

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