Pub Tables for a Pie Bar This Holiday

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about bringing the festive spirit into your home, especially if you will be entertaining this year. Whether you are planning to host a get together for a few or a whole lot of friends and family, we’ve got you covered for all your dining table and chair needs, as well as some great ideas for entertaining!


With your home in mind, consider the layout and how you’d like your guests to move about as they mingle. Do you want a more casual feel or are you going for a formal dining experience? For either experience, consider using pub tables throughout your home. Pub tables can give height to a room where the seating might otherwise be low, and they can also help to separate the snacks from the main course. You can even use them to set-up a great pie bar for your guests. Pie bars are a great option for displaying the desserts and adding some fun decor to the atmosphere. Consider the following ideas to make your pie bar a fan favorite this holiday season!


If seating is a concern, you can always add some bar stools to a few of the pub tables, this way your guests have the option of sitting while they dine on the delicious desserts. Offering a variety of desserts is a fun way to brighten up the table. You can also use risers and cake stands to optimize the table space. Pub tables are a great way to highlight special desserts or snacks and with the higher table height, it’s a great way to keep the little ones from digging their fingers in before it’s time to cut the pie!


Another great way to use the pub table is for separating the special foods from the regular foods. Gluten-free and dairy-free options are a great addition to any holiday meal since so many people have dietary allergies and restrictions. You could make one of the pie bars the diet restriction table, where alternative desserts and pies are available. This helps your guests identify the options and make no mistake with the foods they eat. There is nothing worse than accidentally eating something your body doesn’t agree with, it’s a good way to ruin an otherwise festive and fun holiday get together.

So grab your best table cloths and start brainstorming on your upcoming holiday bash. Here at California Stools Bars Dinettes, we are here to help with a variety of pub tables, bar stools and dining sets to make your holiday entertaining easier and more fun!