Great Holiday Uses for Pub Tables in Your Home

Pub tables can be one of the most functional tables to use in your home. With their different height, they can be used for a wide variety of things, and with the holiday season upon us, they’re great for parties, and casual small dinners. While they come in varying heights, and many different shapes and sizes, they provide a wide variety of functionality in your home.


If you’re looking for the perfect table to feature photos on, so that they’ll be at eye line height, a pub table works wonders. While they’re great for showing off family photos, decorations, or even small stacks of books, they can also prove to be a great work space. If your dining room table always seems to be crowded with mail, bills and books, moving them to a smaller pub table might force you to keep them more organized.  A pub table can double as a great small workspace, with enough room for a laptop and some books.

A pub table can also be great to include in the living room, as a smaller alternative to a dining room table. Depending on your space, you might not have room for a formal dining room table. A pub table can seat around four people and is a nice casual way to have a dining area. If you’re looking for a small table for excess people it functions well.

Kitchen Dining

If you’re living in a smaller place and don’t have room for a full table in the kitchen, let alone a formal dining room, a pub table can be a great solution for space. While it’s still a table you can eat at, it’s a much smaller size, and fits well in most spaces.

Try investing in a pub table instead of a dining room table, if you’re scrapped for space, and use it for multiple purposes, like a desk, and an eating space.

Holiday Gatherings

With the holidays here, a pub table can be a great addition for extra dining space, or even a great table to gather food on at a holiday party. Set it up as an additional table for the kids at the holiday feast, or use it as a place to put appetizers or a makeshift bar during a party. Pub tables are so versatile that you can use them one way for the holidays, and then incorporate them into your home in an entirely different way next month.