Ways to Change up your Dining Room

Benches for Dining Room Tables, Dining Room DesignIf you’re looking for Dining Room Table decoration tips, we’re here to help. While it’s always easy to switch up certain things in your dining room, some things you don’t always think of or you’re afraid to try. We’re here with a few tips for changing up your dining room.


It’s always fun to change up your lighting and fixtures, and they can have a completely different effect on the way your dining room looks. Try something old fashioned, modern, or new and updated. Try something unexpected, that will completely change up the feel of your dining room.


Go a little rustic in your dining room. Try updating your dining room table with something wooden that evokes a farm house feel. It can be great to mix rustic and industrial styles here. The rustic feel also makes most dining rooms feel cozy and warm.

Mixing Styles

A great way to change up the feel of your dining room is to play with different tables or chairs. While dining room table sets are great, some people like buying tables and chairs separately for a different look. Try changing up your dining room with an industrial table and modern chairs or vice versa.


Benches can be a great way to change up the seating in the dining room. If you’re looking for more space and a little variation, benches are a great way to add more seating and not crowd your dining room.

Benches are a new fad when it comes to dining room tables, as they weren’t previously seen as being very formal. Once people realized they seat more people and they also save more space than additional chairs, they became popular.


When it comes to home decoration, mirrors are a great way to add space. Even though they’re not technically adding space, mirrors make a space feel larger, by adding depth.  Try adding a large mirror to one of the walls in your dining room, that doesn’t have windows, and enjoy the space it creates.


Try a new piece of art that might add a new feel to your dining room space. Whether it’s a sculpture or painting, try something that grabs attention. Sometimes a brightly colored piece or painting can really transform the feel of a room.

Experiment with different dining room table sets and different decorating techniques to try to change your space into one that you love. If you’re looking for dining room tables, chairs and more, look at California Stools, Bars and Dinettes for your dining room needs.