Kitchen Trends: Bigger the Better

For a while now kitchen trends have been shifting toward larger spaces, and more focus on family and entertaining. The days of the formal dining room have passed, and now most of the holiday celebrations, and occasional celebrations are done in bigger kitchens. We’re here to break down why bigger kitchens are popular, and what kind of dining room furniture works best.

Old Dining Rooms

The tradition was that you ate in a formal dining room, while all of the food was cooked and prepared in the kitchen. With more relaxed trends, more of the eating and hanging out is done in the kitchen. Days are gone where one solo person prepared an entire meal. Now it’s common to have multiple people cooking together in the kitchen.

Kitchen Breakfast Bar

This has also grown in popularity, and is lending itself well to hanging in the kitchen. By adding a breakfast bar with some new barstools, you’re inviting people into your kitchen, whether they’re keeping you company, or helping you prep your meal. A breakfast bar is also a great addition to have if you have kids. It’s a great place to have your kids do homework after school, while you’re prepping dinner.

Dine-in Kitchen

With the central gathering place slowly becoming the kitchen, we’ve also seen an uptick in dine-in kitchens. With most of the hubbub and commotion happening in the kitchen, it doesn’t make sense to move the dining out of the kitchen. This also makes the ease of cooking better. If you’re waiting for something to come out of the oven, there’s no waiting to walk through to the dining room once it’s done. You can join the rest of your group or family at the dining table in the kitchen, and wait until it’s done there.