Update your Dining Room

Dining Room UpdatesAt the start of the new year, one can crave newness. Even if you can’t afford to redecorate your dining room, some small changes might not be a huge financial burden and can really help to update your space and make it feel new.

New Chair Accents

If you’re not in love with your current kitchen or dining room table chairs, try adding cushions to them. Cushions are a great way to change the vibe in your kitchen, dining room, or breakfast nook. Cushions add a pop of color, pattern or texture.

If you can, find new dining room chairs to match your dining room table. There aren’t a lot of things that are taboo in the design world nowadays. Pairing modern chairs with an industrial wooden dining room table works in some kitchens. If you can afford to, buying new dining room chairs are a great way to update your dining room, without financing a new dining room table.


It may seem silly, but adding something new, even if it’s small can change the way your dining room appears. Try adding some new accents on an end table or even to a dining room table centerpiece.

Finding a new table runner, candlesticks or even holiday decorations is a great way to spruce up your dining room, without a huge bill. If you have your dining room table set at all times, it can be a great time to find a new table cloth or placemats, in a new vibrant shade. This is the easiest way to add a pop of color to the room.

New Dining Room Table

If you do want to invest in a new dining room table it could be the perfect time to start browsing. The holidays are over so there’s no immediate need for a formal dining room for the next few months. Look at tables, chairs and even sets. Dining room sets can be a great way to get deals on chairs and a table, while also keeping the design similar.


If you’ve never thought about adding a rug in your dining room, it can be a great way to add some warmth and coziness to your dining room. Putting a rug underneath the dining room table and furniture. Try to find a rug that extends at least 18 inches beyond the table. This will allow the table and chairs to stay entirely on the rug at all times, even when the chairs are pushed in and out.

Consider the type of rug you get for your dining room, as you will be eating over it. Dinner parties have the potential to create a mess, especially with children around, the potential for spilled dishes and drinks is high. Make sure that the fabric of the rug you choose for this space, lends itself well to vacuuming or cleaning. The fabric also shouldn’t be thick and dense for the purpose of pushing chairs in and out.