Types of dinettes and how they differ from dining room tables

Barstools and Dinettes

Ever wondered what the difference between dining room table sets and dinettes where? They both have very similar functions but can be used in different ways. Learn how you can incorporate them into your décor.

What are dinettes?

Dinettes are typically smaller and less informal than dining room table sets. Dinettes are meant to be used in kitchens as eat in tables. They can vary in size, seating a minimum of two people to four to six people at the table.

Dinettes were designed to be a smaller dining table for a smaller kitchen. It was a smaller table that you could eat a smaller meal at, like lunch or breakfast, instead of using the dining room table for every meal. Dinettes share a lot of similarity in function to breakfast bars. Designed to be a small space in the kitchen for homework, or a small meal.

Dinettes bring back the Middle Ages tradition of taking your smaller meals in your quarters and sharing your larger meal of the day in a dining hall with many other people.

Using Dinettes alternatively

Even though their designed function was for eating in the kitchen or breakfast nook, dinette tables can be used throughout your home for various functions.

Dinettes can serve as the perfect two seater dining table in your living room, if you take your meals in there on occasion. They can also serve as perfect side tables or reading tables, next to a big arm chair. You could use them in your entry way as a small table for your keys, cell phones, etc.

Dinette tables can be perfect tables to add to your breakfast nook in your kitchen, or you could use them in other areas like as a small desk. If you don’t have the need for a large desk in your home, a dinette could be the perfect smaller table. Depending on the size you could fit a laptop, a small lamp, a jar of pencils, and a stack of post-its or two.

Take Away

Dinettes have been used in many ways for years, but most traditionally as an eat-in kitchen table. They’re perfect for smaller meals that don’t require the grandeur of a formal dining room. If your family of four never dines at the same time during breakfast and lunch, consider adding a small table into your kitchen.

Kitchen Barstools

If you’re going for a certain feel of your kitchen or home, you know it can be essential to pick a theme and stick to it. You’ve probably been out to eat before at a particular restaurant and noticed how their décor mimics their cuisine type. So if you’re feeling adventurous pick a cuisine and design your kitchen.


You may have noticed if you’ve ever been to a hearty steakhouse, that the décor goes along with the rustic feel they aim to show. Rustic kitchen can feature brick elements, live edge wood and vintage appliances. If you’re going full rustic kitchen, featuring an old stove or having an in kitchen fireplace is a great add in. Rustic dining room tables fit well with this theme. Tables made with wood, or old doors with a slightly vintage feel, chairs with industrial bolts and wood, all of these would fit perfectly into a rustic themed kitchen.


Modern trends are popping up in more up and coming restaurants. Often they lend themselves well to Asian-inspired restaurants or new hip fusion-inspired cuisine. Modern dining room tables would be more minimalist, not featuring a lot of detail or adornments, just sleek and simple. Dining room chairs could be a bright pop of matching color, or simple white.


Contemporary styled kitchens often appear to feature many modern elements. They incorporate sleek and simple design, but do add in finishes, like fixtures chairs, tables and more. Contemporary kitchens also do factor in pops of color, but nothing as stark as the jump from a simple modern white kitchen with bright red bar stools.

Contemporary kitchens would feature yellows, creams, whites, metallic colors and more. Think of it as keeping the kitchen simple, but still adding color to show warmth. Staying away from the potential cold feel of a modern design.


A cottage inspired kitchen would be the sort of décor you may find at the cute breakfast bakery in town. Often featuring flairs of grandma’s style like checkerboard tablecloths and such. The goal here is cute. A cottage styled kitchen would feature a simple round dining room table with simple wooden chairs. This kitchen could potentially feature a lot of white, while still attempting to emulate the warm and cozy feel.

Bistro/ Paris

Many of us haven’t been lucky enough to dine at a bistro in Paris, or at a side-walk café near the Seine. Some of us may be lucky enough to let Paris help inspire our kitchens. Parisian décor often features a warm feel as well. Blue accenting with decorative plates, curtains and more, with backwashes of yellow. Lots of white features to keep the kitchen looking clean, would be ideal. You could potentially use similar features of the cottage kitchen like a round white dining room table with matching white dining room chairs.


Eclectic kitchens are a growing trend in today’s slightly hipster inspired décor. They incorporate many different design themes, like a sort of mix and match feel. They feature modern and rustic styles, with a repurposed feel. Most places to eat out in younger cities fall into this vibe of hodge-podged style that really gives a place a feel of its own.

Different styles

Be inspired by the plentiful options for kitchen décor. Find inspiration in dining room sets, dining room chairs, breakfast bars and kitchen furniture.