Unique uses for Pub Tables around your home

Bar Tables

Pub tables can have a great function within your home. They don’t have to be used as the standard eating table anymore, they can serve many other functions. They come in many shapes, sizes and materials. Check out how you can use them alternatively in your home.

In the kitchen

A pub table can be used as a dining space. Perhaps you have a smaller kitchen, and want to save space. Instead of a formal dining table try out a higher pub table with a couple of barstools. It can serve as a great place to eat, have the kids do homework while you’re in the kitchen, or more.

In your office

Perhaps the part of your home that you’ve designated as the office is smaller than you want it to be. A pub table could be the perfect solution to a large and cumbersome desk for you. It’s the perfect spot for a couple of file folders, your laptop and a mug full of pens or pencils. It’s the perfectly functional desk that you need, without taking up a ton of space in your home.

Or perhaps you don’t have an office in your apartment, you could still put a pub table in a secluded corner and use it as your desk.

In the living room

Perhaps you’re in need of an end table of sorts. Try using a pub table in your living room, putting pictures or a vase of flowers on it. It can be used for multiple things, a small stack of books or perhaps a place where you can work as well. You could also put a pub table directly behind any couch. It could function as a small dining table for casual dinners watch a movie. Rather than get red sauce or salsa on your couch, try a pub table for easier clean up.

An entry table

Try using a higher pub table as a landing place to set your things when you come home. You could keep a dish for keys, mail etc.

Pub tables are one of those very versatile pieces of furniture that you can incorporate into many areas of your home. They can be as versatile as you need them to be.

So consider investing in a pub table for your apartment or home. Try it out in the kitchen, office or living room. Find where it works best for you.