Changing the Way We Look at Dinner Tables from Practical Furniture to Helpful Parenting Tools

bigstock-Modern-dining-room-interior-de-83193893_r1When you purchased your family dining room table, you probably thought about how well it would seat your family, how sturdy it was, and whether or not it would fit in its designated space. What you may not have thought about is how valuable this piece of furniture is to helping you as a parent.

Research suggests that families that dine together tend to be happier and healthier. Unfortunately, many families are not taking the time to gather together around the dining room table and eat. In fact, a poll conducted by Gallup suggests there has been a significant decline – a decrease of almost 9% – in regular family meals. Considering how important family dinners are to a child and teen’s development, it is important to try to incorporate it into their daily lives.

Wondering just how helpful a family dinner can be to your family’s emotional and physical well-being? Here is a look at some of the benefits that have been linked to regular family dinners.

The Development of Essential Social Skills

Children aren’t just eating when they gather for family meals. They are learning valuable, essential social skills that will help them through life.

A recent article from the Daily Times discussed how children who regularly at family meals at home had better social skills than those who didn’t engage in traditional family dinners. Some of the skills learned at the dinner table include proper manners, ability to easily converse with people of all ages and backgrounds, and proper oral communication.

Healthy Eating Habits are Learned at the Dinner Table

One of the most shocking statistics regarding family dinners is their impact on children’s eating habits. Research conducted by the Journal of Adolescent Health suggests that individuals who regularly ate a family dinner had better eating habits. These children and adults tended to eat healthier foods, such as fruits and vegetables, were able to control their portions, and were less likely to develop disordered eating.

Create a Functional Space for Family Dinners

Considering how important family dinners are to your children’s social, emotional, and physical growth, you should designate a space in the dining room or kitchen that is used for family dinners or family gatherings. California Stools, Bars and Dinettes has a wonderful selection of dining room tables, chairs, and sets that are perfect for families looking to create a warm, welcoming place for family dinners.

Browse the selection of tables, chairs, and stools and create a space for family dinners. You will be surprised at just how well your children and teens succeed in life thanks to having family dinners.

Tips on how to Transform Your Kitchen or Dining Room into a Romantic Setting for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Crafts: Love And HeartsThis year instead of heading to a fancy restaurant for Valentine’s Day, why not show your significant other your romantic side and have an intimate meal at home. A home cooked meal is not only cheaper than a fancy restaurant, but it is a great way to earn brownie points with your significant other as it takes a lot of time and effort.

If you are planning on hosting a Valentine’s Day dinner for two at home, mood is everything. Don’t just toss the dinner down on your regular dining room table and start to eat. Make sure you create a romantic, intimate setting. It is a great touch for Valentine’s Day.

If you are unsure how to transform a traditional dining room table into a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner for two, here are some suggestions on how to make that transformation.

Use Solid Colored Linens

Most people don’t use table cloths or linens because they easily get dirty and can be a hassle to clean. On this romantic holiday, pull out those table cloths and linens and use them. They will help transform your regular, practical dining room table into a romantic table for two.

When using table cloths or linens, make sure you use solid colors. While prints and patterns can be used, it might not have the desired effect you want it to have on the room. Solid colors add an elegant touch to the dining room and that is exactly the look you wish to achieve.

Add Candles to the Table

Candles are a must have tabletop accessory for romantic dinners. It just would not be the same without them placed in the center.

Most people choose to use long, elegant wax candles, but any candles will work. If you are concerned about eating around an open flame, there are battery-operated flameless candles that flicker and glow just like real candles.

Another thing to consider when using candles is to make sure the candles of scent-free. A heavily scented candle can ruin a dinner, as the scent is too overpowering.

Pull Out the Good China and Silverware

It is hard to create a romantic setting if you are eating off of paper plates or using tarnished silver forks. Take the time to pull out the good china and silverware set and use them for dinner. It will make you feel like you are eating at a fancy restaurant, when in reality you are dining right in the comfort of your own home.

Even though the stuff you put on the table and the silverware you use is important, the most important element of a romantic dinner is the table that is being used. Find a wonderful table for your Valentine’s Day dinner for two by shopping at California Stools, Bars and Dinettes.