How to Choose the Right Bar Stools for Your Kitchen

Armen-Backless-Upholstered-StoolsIt’s time to get new bar stools for your kitchen island or peninsula. If you use stools a lot, then you know how difficult it can be to find the prefect seats.  Not to worry. Here are a few tricks to finding the most comfortable and stylish bar stools for your kitchen.

Consider Your Space

It can be easy to fall in love with a certain style only to find out too late that it doesn’t fit your space.  Remember, if your kitchen is small, you want to go for a sleeker stool, while larger kitchens can handle bulkier seating options.  Here are a few things to consider when out shopping:

  • To swivel or not:  in a tight kitchen you may want bar stools that swivel to make getting in and out easier. A swiveling stool also makes it easier to talk with others around the room.
  • The Backing: backs are more comfortable if you plan to use your stools a lot for eating and working at the counter. However, they do take up more space and can look out of place if squeezed into a cramped area.
  • The number of stools needed:  bar stools generally take up more space than standard kitchen chairs found around a table. Be sure to leave about 28 inches from the middle of one stool to the middle of the next.
  • Round or square:  round stools use less space than square ones.  Larger areas can easily handle square stools with backs; smaller spaces usually look best with round stools.

Consider Who’s Using the Stools

Who will be using your bar stools the most?  Children will likely need adjustable height stools with foot rests for comfort.  Shorter adults too may feel more comfortable with a footrest to eliminate dangly-leg syndrome.

Find Stools That Fit

Choosing a stylish stool that looks good in your kitchen won’t mean a thing if it is uncomfortable. One of the biggest things buyers overlook is the height of the stools they purchase.  Be sure to pick a stool that is about 11 inches shorter than your countertop or home bar.  This will allow those sitting there to be able to comfortably work on a laptop and eat without bending over or stretching to reach the counter.

Consider Your Style

Replacing old bar stools can be a lot of fun.  With hundreds of styles to choose from, you can use the opportunity to create a whole new look in your kitchen.  Think about your home style when shopping and pick stools that complement the rest of your décor.