Choosing the Right Restaurant Furniture

coffee restaurant indoor with luxury wooden furniture

Sometimes it is the little things that make a difference and in a restaurant, one of those can be your selection of furniture for a restaurant. When choosing commercial furniture for your restaurant, it is important to consider a handful of factors that can greatly affect what furniture selection does and doesn’t do for your restaurant.

Quality over quantity

While choosing cheaper furniture can be an attractive option, you have to think of the bigger picture and what cheaper furniture means in the long run. Inexpensive furniture is inexpensive for a reason and with as much wear and tear as it will surely get, going all in and getting quality furniture is going to be your best option. No matter if it’s bar stools, restaurant booths, restaurant tables, or restaurant seating, don’t skimp on this one!

Comfort/Customer Needs

Make sure you consider and understand who your customer demographic is and what their needs are. Do this based on the cuisine you serve, the price, themes, etcetera. Will your customers be concerned with cushion softness and height or design? Do you need to be able to place a booster seat on the chairs if it is a popular family restaurant? How accommodating are seats for all shapes and sizes of people? Making your customers feel comfortable is extremely important for restaurant owners when it comes to customer service.


It most likely goes without saying, but how your restaurant furniture looks is an important factor to consider. Here, however, it is important to not negotiate aesthetic with comfort. Ideally, you come to a happy medium with the right furniture. Once you have decided on a color set and theme of interior design, stick with it. Don’t try to include too many colors and designs or else it will begin to look cluttered, hectic, and overwhelming which is not what you want your customers to be concerned about.

Set the Mood

When selecting furniture it is important to consider what the intention of the restaurant is. What kind of mood do you want to set? Social? Elegant? Casual? In restaurants, moods are greatly impacted on the furniture available. A round table encourages discussion while long tables suggest a more serious, elegant atmosphere. Additionally, tall cocktail tables encourage moving around and socializing. Before you pick aesthetic, consider what the fundamental shape and design of the furniture suggests.


Depending on the space you have, furniture can either help or negatively impact how the restaurant feels and flows. If you have a small space, choosing furniture may be a bit of a Tetris game. While you want to fit as many people in your space as possible, consider if people will be able to move around easily or if it will be too crowed and jammed. This goes for both customers and employees. Also, if you want to be flexible on seating, consider if you will be able to move around tables in order to accommodate smaller or larger parties.

Optimize Space

On the opposite spectrum of making your space maneuverable, you also need to consider having too much space. If you are working with more space than you need, you can choose furniture that creates the illusion of having a filled space. This doesn’t necessarily mean having giant thrones for chairs, but you can play with the height and width of furniture with extra space. It also gives you a little more room to play with additional decorative furniture.

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