Have A Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner With The Right Decor Settings

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Valentine’s Day is the time to show your love for your sweetheart. Besides the tokens of your affection that you will shower on her, you also want to wow her with your cooking skills as you will wine and dine the evening away with her. You have the meal planned out. Yet the table settings leave much to be desired. Here are several ways to rev up the romantic mood by having the perfect decor settings for this special day.

Cozy Seating

Sitting directly across from your sweetheart as you gaze into her loving eyes and top off her glass of wine can be done easily when you are close to her, not when you are sitting at the other end of the table. Keep the occasion cozy with a dinette set and seating for two. Stow away the extra chairs in another room as you can serve your guest without having to constantly walk to the other end of the table.

Pick The Right Color Scheme

Reds, pinks, whites and blacks are all used to create romantic settings. Select contrasting colors to make the settings pop out as you can place white plates on top of a red table cloth with a black table runner at the center. All the colors can stand out and complement each other. If you use too much of one color, such as pairing red plates on top of a red table cloth, the settings blend in too much and can create a bland or overpowering look.

Be The Light Of THeir Life

Increase the romantic mood with candlelight. Candles can add just the right amount of light to eat the meal, yet makes the room feel cozy and comfortable. Dim the lamps and add candles on either side of the centerpiece. You can also use candles in place of the centerpiece, as you can place a red candle with a wrapped ribbon that has the word “Love” around the base.

Flowers Add The Perfect Romantic Touch

Fresh flowers are a must on Valentine’s Day. Fill up a vase with roses, or scatter rose petals all across the top of the table. Add some heart or butterfly decorations on the table surface to add an additional romantic touch. You can also place a single rose on top of a napkin on her plate as she will be surprised.

Don’t Forget The Candies

Candies can also be used for the dinner setting decor as they make the perfect little snacks while waiting for dinner to be served. Decorate small baskets and fill them with heart-shaped candy. Place chocolates in small vases as they can become the centerpiece in place of flowers. You can even spell out messages of love next to her dinner plate by using the candy.