Take A Load Off Your Feet With Bench Seating From California Stools, Bars and Dinettes

wood-dinette-set-201While chairs are the go-to seating of choice for the everyday meals, bench seating is the must-have for those special occasions and kids’ projects. Bench seating allows for more than one person to be seated when you need to increase the room at the table. It’s perfect for holidays and dinner parties so guests can rest their feet and have engaging conversations.

Yet don’t just use bench seating for the holidays. It’s perfect for everyday use. Gather all the kids together to make fun craft projects with the help of bench seating as they can easily share craft supplies. Baking and decorating becomes ten times more fun on bench seating as the kids can have their own place at the table to put the last bit of sprinkles on the cookies. For those sleepovers as your child’s friends come over for a midnight snack, feed the whole brood at the table with seating room to spare.

Bench seating is also ideal for the elderly who have a difficult time getting into and out of regular chairs. If they suffer from mobility issues, bench seating allows them to shift and swivel on the seat very easily. It also makes it ideal when they are using mobility devices such as canes, wheelchairs and walkers.

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