Take A Load Off Your Feet With Bench Seating From California Stools, Bars and Dinettes

wood-dinette-set-201While chairs are the go-to seating of choice for the everyday meals, bench seating is the must-have for those special occasions and kids’ projects. Bench seating allows for more than one person to be seated when you need to increase the room at the table. It’s perfect for holidays and dinner parties so guests can rest their feet and have engaging conversations.

Yet don’t just use bench seating for the holidays. It’s perfect for everyday use. Gather all the kids together to make fun craft projects with the help of bench seating as they can easily share craft supplies. Baking and decorating becomes ten times more fun on bench seating as the kids can have their own place at the table to put the last bit of sprinkles on the cookies. For those sleepovers as your child’s friends come over for a midnight snack, feed the whole brood at the table with seating room to spare.

Bench seating is also ideal for the elderly who have a difficult time getting into and out of regular chairs. If they suffer from mobility issues, bench seating allows them to shift and swivel on the seat very easily. It also makes it ideal when they are using mobility devices such as canes, wheelchairs and walkers.

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Factors To Consider About Restaurant Seating

Factors To Consider About Restaurant Seating


Many new restaurant owners don’t effectively optimize their dining room space so they can get in the right amount of seating without compromising the flow of customers and wait staff at the tables. They purchase mismatched furniture pieces found at yard sales or secondhand stores. They place the furniture in weird configurations and do not allow for enough room for people to sit comfortably.

Here at California Stools, Bars and Dinettes, we have been helping restaurant owners and managers select the right seating for their commercial eating establishment. Whether they are operating a fine dining restaurant, sports pub or casual eatery, you can find the right furniture piece here at our three Bay Area store locations.

We offer bar stools and restaurant chairs that offers the perfect comfortable seating for diners. We also offer the lowest prices in California while the durability of our restaurant furniture will last for as long as your restaurant stays in business. Here are several factors to consider when purchasing restaurant seating.

How Will You Serve People?

Service will be different in varying restaurant settings. Are you operating a sandwich shop where people will come up to the counter and order food that they can eat there or take home? Will wait staff serve people? Will you have a mixture of a self-service buffet area and a sit-down space with wait staff?

Each arrangement will allow a certain amount of seating. You can place tables and chairs closer together for quick service restaurants since you won’t have servers carrying trays of food between tables. Meanwhile, fine dining normally gives a more private atmosphere as tables will be spaced out further away and servers may push dessert carts up to tables.

What Types Of Tables Will Be In The Restaurant?

The type of table you have will determine your seating arrangement. Round, square and rectangular tables will dictate seating and the amount of room you need to have for people to sit comfortably while waiters are moving from table to table along aisles. If you are placing rectangular tables in a room, you must allow for a minimum 18 inches of space with a chair at a table and 16 inches of space between chairs to allow for an aisle.

Draw Out Your Layout Plans

Measure the dimensions of your space and create your restaurant seating layout. Place in counter spaces, bars, wait staff service stations and greeter booths so you can have all the restaurant elements in the design. Maximize corners and strange architectural layouts with a variety of tables and booths so you can fit in as much seating as possible. Once you see how your restaurant will look in the plans, make it come to life by purchasing your restaurant furniture from California Stools, Bars, and Dinettes.

Get Extra Festive This Season With These Fall Dining Room Decorating Ideas


It’s time to get the dining room in order for those harvest meals this Fall season. The chairs are looking a bit ragged and the table has had its fair share of abuse from the kids being home. California Bars, Stools and Dinettes has all the dining room furniture you need this Fall. Get into the season with these furniture tips.
Colorful Seating
We have the seating that captures the season perfectly as they have rich Fall colors on cushions. Select swivel barstools and dining chairs that will bring cozy comfort to the dining room table. We also have rich dark brown solid wood chairs that are beautiful and durable.
Table Room For Everyone
Don’t get caught off guard this Fall by not having the room when extended family comes over for a visit. Expandable dining room tables takes the guesswork out of how many people will show up at the door. Add extra table sections when your hungry family is piling into the room. Then remove the sections when the guests leave. These dining sets come in all the rich colors of Fall with comfortable cushions so everyone can relax during the full course dinner.
If you are just looking to add something to a corner of the room to liven it up, small dinettes or home bars instantly give extra sitting space and a decorative decor theme for the Fall season. The rich wood of the bar instantly makes the room feel warm. A glass dinette in the corner will brighten the room instantly and gives you a place to set dinner desserts or snacks for Fall harvest parties.
Fall Furniture Decorating Tips
Once you have all of your new fall furniture in place, use thes Fall decorating ideas for the dining room to make it look festive, warm and ready for the season.
Lively Fall Table Runners: Table runners are decorative narrow fabrics that drape either horizontally or vertically across the middle of the table. You can get table runners with festive Fall motifs and designs of harvest scenes and fall leaves. Or select runners in rich Fall colors of red, brown, yellow, orange and gold.
Fall Flowers Give Pops of Color: Get out into your backyard flower garden and start collecting all the Fall flowers that are blooming right now. Sunflowers, asters, goldenrod, coneflowers, black-eyed susans, and many others love the Fall weather and are very hardy as they will last in a vase for several weeks.
Pumpkins Big and Small: Pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween jack-o-lanterns. Large and small pumpkins make the perfect fall decorations for the dining room. Gather small pumpkins in a group to place as a centerpiece on the table. Large pumpkins can add the Fall theme to small side tables next to lamps and other decorations.