Don’t Forget Stools For The Bar When Creating Your Outdoor Kitchen

One of the biggest patio trends affecting people throughout California is the outdoor kitchen. It allows people to create an eating space so people can entertain and cook without being inside. After the meal is over, everybody will want drinks as the outdoor patio bar satisfies your guest’s thirsts.

Yet you want people to sit comfortably while they are requesting drinks. They don’t want to sit on dirty furniture covered in grass clippings. Update the old bar furniture and get new bar stools from California Stools, Bars, and Dinettes. Outdoor bar stools don’t last forever out in the weather as the harsh sun and rain deteriorates the materials. If you are the type of person who forgets to cover the stools or bring them indoors when they are not in use, the weather can begin to take a toll on the bar stools as they may appear faded, chipped, ripped and rusty.

Sit on comfortable and durable bar stools. Our bar stools have wrought metal designs on the back and a soft cushion seat made of the best quality materials. In a beautiful black and tan color, the barstools will match with most outdoor furnishings while adding additional seating during a large outdoor get-together.

These chairs are bar height stools, so you don’t have to feel short while reaching up to the bar to drink from your glass. And the rounded bottom rung allows you to easily lift yourself up into the seat or down to the ground when you are getting out of the chair.

Pick the number of bar stools you need so people can sit comfortably without feeling boxed in. Space out the bar stools at the patio bar as you can also place stools around the other outdoor furniture. Incorporate your outdoor decor theme across the patio and provide enough chairs so people can converse in comfort.

California Stools, Bars and Dinettes have the bar stools for your outdoor patio bar. Come down to our three Bay Area stores to take advantage of our everyday low pricing and exceptional customer service. Enjoy the warm California weather and toast the beautiful scenic views with your favorite drink in one hand when sitting back on your outdoor patio bar stools.