Keep Your Family Safe And Healthy With New Kitchen Furniture

Name the one piece of furniture that is the most neglected, takes the most abuse, and doesn’t get changed until parts start falling off of it. Don’t have a clue? It is your kitchen furniture. Take a look at your own kitchen table. Count all the nicks and scratches caused by kitchen utensils, dented corners caused by smacking pots into the edges, and wobbly legs from the amount of food it has to hold up during the holidays.

It is time to retire the old kitchen furniture before it completely collapses and invest in a new kitchen set. Besides purchasing new kitchen furniture for its looks, you also want to keep everyone in your family safe and healthy. Every nick, scratch and dent can cause bacteria from spilled food and drinks to grow. Then that bacteria can be transferred to your family anytime they lay a hand or an item on the surface. Since we often purchase a table and chairs at the same time, it is also probably time to also replace the shaky chairs before one falls apart when someone sits on it.

Get a new kitchen set from California Stools, Bars and Dinettes. You can get the perfect table and chairs that fit into the kitchen space. Go with a traditional wooden set or upgrade to something more modern with our glass kitchen sets. We also offer laminate and expandable kitchen sets to increase the number of furniture choices for you.

Browse through the available furniture lines on our website to get an idea of the kitchen furniture you want. Then come down to our three available store locations in the Bay Area, including our large San Carlos showroom, to check out the furniture in person and feel how comfortable and durable it is. You will leave our showroom with the exact piece of kitchen furniture you need.

What makes our California Stools, Bars and Dinettes dining furniture so much better than other furniture places are our everyday low prices, exceptional customer service, and large selection from reputable furniture manufacturers we partner with. So you are rest assured that you are getting quality kitchen furniture that will last.