Pick The Right Furniture For Your Restaurant

Restaurant furniture does more than offer your diners a comfortable place to sit to enjoy their meals. It is an investment that can bring in big profits if you have the right furniture in your eating establishment. Furniture in your restaurant also sets the general mood and captures the theme of the cuisine that you are serving.

Before you begin the search for the right restaurant furniture, you need to measure the size of the dining room area and bar area to determine the amount of furniture you need. You want to maximize the space to fit in the most amount of seating to have profitable turnovers of tables. Yet don’t forget to allow for enough space for a comfortable flow to the room as servers help customers at the tables and bring the plates of food.

Next, decide on the type of furniture you need for the restaurant. Do you want pub tables for your sports restaurant and bar? Do you need booth seating for your pizza restaurant? Or are you looking for elegant tables and chairs for your Mediterranean bistro? Consider the type of furniture based on the layout of the room as you can decide on how many tables, chairs, bar stools and booths you require.

Third, you want to pick out furniture that fits into the theme of your restaurant style as well as offer comfort to your customers. A person who walks into your restaurant should get an idea about what type of dining experience they will have — such as casual or elegant fine dining — based on the type of furniture is in the room. You also need to select furniture that is the right height for your diners. Normally, restaurant tables have a standard height of 29 1/2 inches as chairs have a standard height of 18 1/2 inches.

Lastly, you want furniture that is durable, sturdy and low maintenance. Try to avoid home furniture as it simply is not suited for the daily wear-and-tear of diners who will eat at your restaurant. New and used restaurant furniture is available at a number of places as you are sure to find the style you need that fits into your budget.