Largest Selection of Dining Furniture and Barstools in Santa Cruz, California

Redefine your Santa Cruz restaurant or living space with superior quality and contemporary dining sets from California Dining and Barstools. Our extensive catalog of top-notch, modern restaurant furniture ranges from rustic bistro tables to functional stools that reflect your ambiance.

But that’s not all! With a limitless variety of styles, designs, colors, and materials, we make it easy for you to find the perfect décor to match your taste and budget. Keep reading to experience the difference in quality indoor and outdoor dining furniture:

California Dining & Barstools

Add a unique and stylish aesthetic to your living and restaurant space with high-grade furniture offering exceptional durability, comfort, and class. Find restaurant furniture in Santa Cruz that creates an inviting atmosphere and keeps guests returning for more!

Skilled craftsmen build every furniture piece in our locally-owned stores to ensure functionality and longevity. From rectangular and wooden small dining tables to oval and metal pub tables, we offer different styles, materials, and sizes to fit your restaurant’s atmosphere.

Furthermore, if you’re dealing with paralysis analysis, you can count on our highly trained and certified professionals to help you find the perfect fit. We also allow our clients to sit and test the feel and comfort of our high-quality dining furniture!

Dining Set Furniture

Find the perfect dining sets in Santa Cruz with the ideal number of people and complement your décor by visiting our store. With our diverse dining table styles and sizes, we ensure you’ll find one that suits your needs, preferences, and budget!

What’s more? Our store offers strong, durable, and beautiful dining tables in numerous materials, colors, and finishes like wood, glass, and metal that you can pair with matching chairs.


Unlock an enormous variety of dinette sets in Santa Cruz by checking out our online store or visiting in-store. With our functional yet stylish dinette tables and chairs, you can create a warm and relaxing atmosphere in your restaurant or home.

Explore our complete range of modern and rustic dinette styles, ranging from solid wood to glass, to elevate your restaurant’s appeal. Add a little something to your restaurant space by pairing your desired dinette table with contrasting chairs or stools!

Dining Chairs

Showcase your personality by upgrading from worn-out, uncomfortable dining chairs to modern, more attractive ones. Grab your guests’ or customers’ attention with our state-of-the-art dining chairs, available in diverse materials and colors, including metal and wood.

You can elevate your dining room or restaurant’s look by pairing complementing or personalized dining chairs. We also offer dimensional and finishing customizations to aid you in adding a personal touch to your dining sets.

Besides this, we showcase our commitment to quality by allowing you to sit and try the comfort and feel of different dining chairs. The result? You can count on finding the ideal chair that suits your décor!


Create a warm and inviting space by installing ergonomic and stylish barstools in your kitchen island or restaurant. With a vast selection of materials, sizes, colors, and finishes, we make it easy to find barstools in Santa Cruz that match your décor!

Our top-notch, durable, and classy barstools come in varying sizes, ranging from 24” to 30” high. You can select the size, shape, and height based on your existing tables, desired ambiance, and unique taste! But if you struggle to make the perfect choice, our specialists are only a call away!

Pub Tables

Add a contemporary or traditional pub table to your restaurant or house for a unique look. Select from our collection of pub tables to discover the one that matches your size, style, and preference.

You can purchase our top-quality and attractive pub tables as sets with matching chairs or separately to complement existing stools or chairs!

Restaurant Dining Furniture

Make your dining room furniture ideas come to life with our exceptional restaurant furniture! You can elevate your restaurant space with our commercial-grade furniture in various styles, comfort, and functionality.

Choose from our high-quality tables, chairs, and bar stools to create an excellent first impression and an inviting atmosphere. Trust California Dining and Barstools to help you create a unique ambiance and save long-term costs!

Shop Our Two Bay Area Locations

Cut your hunt for the best dining furniture stores in Santa Cruz short by visiting our store today! Our two expansive Sunnyvale and Pleasant Hill stores offer a limitless in-store selection of functional and aesthetically pleasing restaurant dining furniture.

Check out our website or call us to schedule an in-store visit to try and buy the best dining furniture and barstools in Santa Cruz!