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Decorate your Santa Clara home or restaurant with contemporary contemporary dining furnitureto give it a distinctive and modern design.

Browse a comprehensive selection of high-quality, locally-owned dining and restaurant furniture and barstools to add a special touch to your restaurant environment.

About California Dining and Barstools

Visit California Dining and Barstools to enter a world of luxurious, modern dining room furniture. Discover our extensive selection of dinettes, barstools, pub tables, and more! 

Visit our two sizable San Francisco Bay Area furniture store to see our massive inventory of attractive yet practical restaurant dining sets. Additionally, you can compare finishes, assess comfort, and feel the various products while sitting down.

What else? Our welcoming and knowledgeable staff has a combined total of 160 years of expertise. Therefore, you may rely on us to improve your restaurant area!

Dining Set Furniture

California Dining and Barstools offers everything from antique and traditional dining table types to contemporary and elegant furniture sets. Our high-quality dining sets come with various finishes, fabric options, and large and compact dining tables.   

Additionally, you can complement or contrast the seats with our modern dining sets in Santa Clara, California. High-quality seats are also available individually. One of the most incredible things is that you can be confident that you’ll locate dining room furniture that matches your taste and budget.


Our dinettes are ideal for hosting visitors or enticing customers looking for aesthetically beautiful and cozy table settings. To locate the dinette set that properly complements your décor, browse our selection in our Sunnyvale location.

Our top-notch, sturdy dinette tables come in various looks and sizes, including classic solid wood and modern bistro tables. You can get specially designed seats or match your chosen table with them.

What else? You can ask our experts for ideas if you cannot decide from our endless possibilities! Our helpful team will make excellent recommendations and let you sit down and use the dinette set to guarantee your complete pleasure.

Dining Chairs

Improve your Santa Clara restaurant or home without overspending. Just switch to more contemporary dining chairs to notice the difference! 

To locate the ideal chair set for your fine dining restaurant or to create a cozy ambiance on an outdoor patio, choose from a large selection of sizes, materials, styles, and finishes. To appreciate beauty and relaxation, pick from various cozy chairs made of wood, metal, or upholstery.

In addition, you can get a low-back chair to help your restaurant or home appear more spacious or a high-back chair to give it a more classic vibe. Additionally, you can choose from various heights to match the room’s current design.


With our high-quality and contemporary barstools, you can give your Santa Clara restaurant a distinctive style and instantly attract customers. Our unique barstools, which come in various materials, shapes, colors, and finishes, will fit perfectly into your kitchen island, diningbusiness, or bar.

Select a bar or counter height barstool depending on your requirements and tastes. Our experts can provide unparalleled recommendations if you’re unclear about what would look the greatest in your restaurant or home.

Pub Tables

With our eye-catching pub tables, you can increase your Santa Clara restaurant, bar or home’s seating capacity and aesthetic. Our selection of bar tables, which come in traditional or modern styles, solid wood, metal bases, and more, will add some life to your living area. 

By combining it with coordinating stools or seats, you may increase the adaptability of your pub table in a modern or rustic style. You may find pub sets in our collection in various sizes, finishes, and fabrics to suit your requirements.

Restaurant Dining Furniture

Select high-quality restaurant furniture from our dining furniture store in Sunnyvale to revitalize your eatery or bar. Look through our selection of functional and fashionable tables, chairs, and barstools to discover the one that best suits your requirements and tastes.

Installing one of our dependable and durable dining sets will improve the ambiance and comfort of your restaurant. We provide you the option to select from various patterns, colors, and styles to match your decor and showcase the character of your business.

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