Largest Selection of Dining Furniture and Barstools in San Jose, California

Elevate your dining space with modern restaurant furniture that complements your indoor dining room or outdoor patio. We offer various restaurant furniture at California Dining and Barstools, including contemporary dining sets and rustic barstools.

Our restaurant furniture offers San Jose restaurant owners an enormous collection of dining furniture and barstools. Whether you’re shopping for the first time or have a specific aesthetic, you can count on our four decades of experience to help you find the perfect dining set!

California Dining & Barstools

Discover the perfect indoor or outdoor dining furniture to enhance your restaurant space by visiting California Dining and Barstools. With top-notch quality, a plethora of styles and designs, and lasting finishes, we help buyers recreate their dining room furniture ideas.

Our contemporary and vogue dining sets, dinettes, dining chairs, pub tables, and barstools aid in creating a warm and relaxing ambiance. You can ensure customers feel welcome and comfortable in your beautiful restaurant space.

Besides this, if your creative juices stop working, you can talk to one of our experienced specialists. Our professionals will guide you in finding dining furniture that matches your style and budget!

Dining Set Furniture

Enter our locally-owned furniture store to explore a diverse range of dining sets in San Jose! You can select from numerous dining table styles and sizes, including rectangular, round, square, and oval.

Moreover, California Dining and Barstools offers varying sizes, like large, medium, and small dining tables, to meet your unique needs. You can also try and buy dining sets in different materials, heights, fabrics, and finishes.

What’s more? You can pair your desired table set with contrasting or matching chairs. You may also select standard-sized or smaller chairs to add a contemporary look to your living space!


Our unique dinette sets in San Jose boast superior craftsmanship and unmatched style! We provide buyers access to many fashionable dinettes, including glass, wood, metal, upholstery, contemporary, and retro.

Our dinette tables and chairs allow you to create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere. With our functional yet elegant dinette sets, you can host meals without sacrificing the aesthetic of your living space.

From attention-grabbing bistro tables to rustic wooden ones, California Dining and Barstools has a full range of beautiful dinette sets to provide you with the perfect option!

Dining Chairs

Add a splash of color to your restaurant or living space by replacing outdated chairs with newer, more contemporary ones! Find top-notch, durable, and attractive dining chairs in various materials, heights, widths, colors, and finishes complementing your dining or dinette table by checking our catalog or visiting in-store.

Not sure which chair set completes your dining set look? Talk to our friendly yet expert staff to get professional recommendations. You can also try the feel and comfort of different chairs by booking an on-site visit!


Discover ergonomic yet stylish restaurant barstools in San Jose for your kitchen island, eatery, or bar space. Surf our vast collection of styles, materials, sizes, colors, finishes, and fabrics to complement your décor and taste.

Moreover, our commitment to providing unmatched quality reflects in the durability and style of our top-notch barstools. Our vast range allows you to create a warm, natural, sleek, modern look in your restaurant or living space.

Pub Tables

Enhance the seating capacity and look of your restaurant or home with our standout pub tables. Bring a touch of liveliness to your living space with our various pub tables, such as traditional or modern style, solid wood, metal base, and more!

Maximize your contemporary or rustic-style pub table’s versatility by pairing it with matching stools or chairs. Within our collection, you’ll find pub sets of diverse sizes, finish, and fabric to meet your preferences.

Restaurant Dining Furniture

Encourage customers to visit and linger in your restaurant with our comfortable yet fashionable restaurant dining furniture. Browse our dining furniture stores in San Jose to unlock a variety of commercial restaurant furniture featuring style and functionality!

California Dining and Barstools’ high-quality tables, chairs, and stools allow you to create a warm and inviting ambiance, attracting more people to try your restaurant. Complete your bar, eatery, or restaurant’s look with our top-notch furniture sets!

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With our extensive range of stylish and comfortable restaurant and dining set furniture, California Dining and Barstool is the perfect option for those looking to enhance their restaurant or living space!

Visit our expansive, locally-owned outlets in Sunnyvale and Pleasant Hill to choose the perfect furniture to complement your décor and ambiance. Get started by visiting our website and scheduling a visit today!