Largest Selection of Dining Furniture and Barstools in Los Altos, California

California Dining and Barstools’ outstanding quality and trendy dining sets will redefine your Los Altos dining room or restaurant. From rustic bistro tables to practical stools that match your decor, our vast selection of high-quality, contemporary restaurant furniture has something for every style.

But there’s more! You can easily locate the ideal décor to suit your taste and budget thanks to our seemingly endless selection of styles, designs, colors, and materials. Read on to see how high-quality indoor and outdoor eating equipment differs:

California Dining & Barstools’ Showrooms

With premium furniture that provides great durability, comfort, and style, you can give your living and dining area a distinctive and fashionable look. Find dining furniture for your Los Altos restaurant that foster a welcoming environment and encourage repeat business!

Each piece of furniture sold in our locally owned stores is an art of our skilled craftsmen to guarantee its durability and usability. We provide many styles, materials, and sizes to complement your business’s mood, ranging from small wooden dining tables to rectangular, oval, and metal pub tables.

Additionally, you can depend on our highly qualified and licensed personnel to assist you in finding the best fit if you’re dealing with paralysis analysis. We also encourage customers to sit and experience the comfort of our top-notch dining furniture.

Dining Set Furniture

Visit our store in Sunnyvale to get the best dining sets for the right amount of people and to match your decor. We are confident that you will discover a dining table that meets your requirements, tastes, and budget thanks to our wide selection of sizes and styles.

What’s more? We offer sturdy, lovely dining tables in various shades, finishes, and materials, including wood, glass, and metal, that you can combine with coordinating chairs.


Visit our Sunnyvale store in person or online to access a huge selection of dinette sets. With our practical yet fashionable dinette tables and chairs, you may create a cozy and tranquil ambiance in your Los Altos restaurant or home.

Discover all of our contemporary and traditional dinette designs, from solid wood to glass, to improve the appearance of your restaurant. Choose a dinette table you like, then match it with contrasting seats or stools to give your Los Altos restaurant something extra!

Dining Chairs

Upgrade from uncomfortable dining chairs to something more stylish to show off your style. Our trendy dining chairs, which come in various colors and materials, including metal and wood, will catch the attention of your Los Altos guests or customers.

Pairing complementary or individualized dining chairs will improve the appearance of your restaurant or eating area. We also provide finishing and dimensional modifications to help you give your dining sets a unique touch.

In addition, we let you sit in various dining chairs to test their comfort and feel as a way of demonstrating our dedication to excellence. The results? You can be sure to discover the perfect chair to match your decor!


Installing comfortable and fashionable barstools in your Los Altos restaurant or around the kitchen island at home will help the area feel cozy and welcoming. We make it simple to locate barstools that go with your decor, thanks to our huge assortment of materials, shapes, colors, and finishes.

Our superior barstools are strong and stylish and range in height from 24″ to 30″. You can choose the size, shape, and height depending on your current tables, the mood you want, and your personal preferences. But if you find it difficult to decide, our expert staff can help.

Pub Tables

Add a modern or vintage pub table to your Los Altos eatery or residence for a one-of-a-kind look. Find the bar table that fits your needs in size, design, and preference by choosing from our selection of bar tables.

Our top-notch pub tables are available to buy singly or in sets with matching chairs to go with current stools or chairs.

Restaurant Dining Furniture

Our high-quality restaurant furniture can bring your Los Altos dining room furniture ideas to life. Our commercial-grade furniture in various styles is a great way to upgrade your restaurant’s interior.

Select from our top-notch chairs, tables, and bar stools to make an excellent impression and a welcoming environment. Count on California Dining & Barstools to assist you in developing a distinctive atmosphere while reducing long-term expenses.

Visit Our Two Bay Area Locations

Visit our nearby Sunnyvale store to select dining furniture for your Los Altos home or restaurant retails. An infinite assortment of practical and attractive restaurant dining equipment is available inside our two gigantic Sunnyvale and Pleasant Hill stores.

Visit our website for more information about the best dining room furniture and barstools in Los Altos, California!