Largest Selection of Dining Furniture and Barstools in Lafayette, California

Whether you’re a fan of hosting parties or are visualizing the perfect family mealtimes on contemporary dining tables, California Dining & Barstools is your premier destination for exquisite dinette sets for homes and restaurants in Lafayette.

With our locally sourced and diverse collection of well-designed and unique dining furniture, you can rest assured there’s sleek and modern restaurant furniture to enhance your home’s or restaurant’s interior design. Our comprehensive and elegant selection of dining and restaurant furniture in Lafayette caters to your every need, whether you’re revamping your house or upgrading your restaurant.

If you’re ready to feast your eyes on the finest dining furniture selection in town, California Dining & Barstools is just one click away! As specialists in dining furniture, we take pride in offering the latest, premium, and eye-catching furniture that suits your style, needs, and lifestyle.

About California Dining & Barstools

Wow’ your guests and elevate your dining experience with our sophisticated dining furniture collection. At California Dining & Barstools, we help transform your space with trendsetting dining tables and chairs that make your dining space inviting, functional, and stylish!

What’s more? Our innovative and welcoming dining furniture stores offer an extensive range of furniture thoughtfully curated to your unique needs in Lafayette. Whether you’re seeking a contemporary dining set or a classy barstool, we have something special for everyone!

Here’s a look at our fantastic dining furniture collection to help you dine with distinction:

Dining Set Furniture

Breathe life into your dining room furniture ideas with California Dining & Barstools’ elegantly designed dining sets. Our diverse collection of top-notch quality and visually appealing dining sets encompasses countless styles, from rustic, small dining tablets to sleek and modern designs.

What’s more? With our extensive catalog featuring the finest dining sets for homes and restaurants in Lafayette, you can explore countless materials, finishes, and fabric choices that fit your style and budget!

Dining Sets

For cozy breakfast nooks or compact dining areas, sleek and modern dinettes are the perfect solution! With our space-efficient, sophisticated, and handcrafted sets, you can dine and shine in dining spaces that bespoke your style and signature.

But that’s not all! Our superior quality and contemporary dinette collection and bistro tables provide a world of ideas, ensuring you find comfort, beauty, and durability in every piece we offer!

Dining Chairs

Choosing the perfect top-notch dining chairs to match your décor can add a touch of style and sophistication to match your interior. At California Dining & Barstools, you can explore a diverse range of elegant and durable dining chairs to complement your table!

Whether you want timeless wooden chairs or retro, combined wooden and metal chairs, we ensure you find the ones that match your style and bring your vision to life.


Sit in style on the perfect barstools, rich in elegance and comfort, by checking our wide selection. From swivel barstools to enhance your interior to counter-height, sleek stools to attract customers, we’ve got the best quality bar stools for home kitchens and restaurants in Lafayette.

Our exquisite modern restaurant furniture selection allows you to discover the perfect combination of form and function for your space!

Pub Tables

Sip, savor, and celebrate in style by checking out our well-designed and attractive pub tables. For a casual dinner at home or a relaxed dining experience, California Dining & Barstools’ versatile outdoor dining furniture is ideal!

Find the perfect rustic wooden or elegant glass pub table to elevate your space and enjoy drinks, snacks, or a quick meal with friends and family.

Restaurant Dining Furniture

Whether you’re seeking new dining table styles to enhance customer satisfaction or need signature tables to build brand recognition, California Dining & Barstools is your ultimate partner!

We offer an array of inviting and stylish restaurant furniture to help you create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that keeps your customers coming back for more. Plus, you can double your restaurant sales!

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Turn ordinary meals into extraordinary moments with California Dining & Barstools’ well-carved, textured, and contemporary masterpieces.

Experience our vast collection of durable, stylish, and comfortable dining furniture and barstools by visiting our convenient and welcoming locations in Sunnyvale and Pleasant Hill, California. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will assist you in finding dining furniture that matches your taste and budget.

Visit our nearest location to transform your dining room or restaurant into an inviting and stylish dining space. We understand that quality, design, and functionality are crucial when choosing furniture, and we can’t wait to help you find your dream dining set.

Explore, shop, and craft memories with our quality dining furniture today. Contact our experts to get started!