Largest Selection of Dining Furniture and Barstools in Cupertino, California

Make your eating area more elegant with contemporary restaurant furniture that goes with your indoor dining area or outdoor patio. At California Dining and Barstools, we provide a variety of restaurant furnishings, such as modern dining sets and rustic barstools.

We have a vast selection of dining room furniture and barstools for restaurant owners in Cupertino, California. Whether it’s your first-time shopping or you have a specific style in mind, you can rely on our 40 years of expertise to guide you in finding the ideal dining set!

About California Dining & Barstools

Visit California Dining and Barstools to find the ideal indoor or outdoor dining equipment to improve your restaurant environment. We assist clients in re-creating their ideas for dining room furniture with premium quality, a wide range of designs and styles, and durable finishes.

Our stylish and modern dinettes, pub tables, barstools, dining chairs, and dining sets create a cozy and comforting atmosphere. You can ensure guests feel at home and comfortable in your elegant restaurant.

Additionally, if you run out of unique ideas, you may speak with one of our experts with years of experience. Our experts will help you locate dining room furniture that fits your style and price range!

Dining Set Furniture

Visit our locally-owned furniture store in Sunnyvale to shop a wide selection of dining sets for your Cupertino home or restaurant. There are many different shapes and sizes of dining tables, including round, square, rectangular, and oval.

Additionally, California Dining and Barstools provides a range of sizes, including oversized, medium, and compact dining tables, to match your specific requirements. Additionally, you can experiment with purchasing dining sets in various materials, heights, textiles, and finishes.

What else? You can match your chosen table set with either contrasting or complementary seats. You can also choose regular-sized or smaller seats to give your living room a modern feel!


Superior craftsmanship and unparalleled style define our distinctive dinette sets. We offer Cupertino customers various stylish dinettes, including retro, glass, wood, metal, and upholstered options.

You can create a cozy and comfortable ambiance with the help of our dinette tables and chairs. You may host meals with our stylish, yet practical dinette sets without sacrificing the elegance of your living area.

You may choose from gorgeous dinette sets from California Dining and Barstools, including eye-catching bistro tables and rustic wooden ones.

Dining Chairs

Replace old, uncomfortable chairs with newer, more stylish ones to add color to your dining room or restaurant! Check out our catalog or stop by our store for high-quality, long-lasting, and beautiful dining chairs that match your dining or dinette table in various materials, widths, heights, colors, and finishes.

Unsure of which chair set will complete the aesthetic of your dining table? Ask our experienced, welcoming staff for advice on appropriate products. By scheduling a visit on-site, you may also experience the comfort and feel of several chairs.


Find comfortable yet fashionable restaurant barstools for your Cupertino restaurant business, bar, or residential kitchen island. Browse our enormous selection of fabrics, sizes, colors, finishes, and styles to match your taste and décor.

Our dedication to providing superior craftsmanship is also evident in the dependability and elegance of our premium barstools. With the help of our enormous selection, you may give your restaurant or home a cozy, organic, sleek, modern appearance.

Pub Tables

Our top-notch and elegant pub tables will benefit your restaurant or club. You may breathe new life into a drab dining room, kitchen, or business with the help of our fashionable and practical bar tables.

Invest in matching stools or seats to accentuate your pub tables! Our appealing and durable pub tables can freshen up your décor.

Restaurant Dining Furniture

Our cozy yet stylish restaurant dining furniture will entice customers to stop by and stay around at your Cupertino dining establishment. Visit our Sunnyvale location to discover a wide selection of commercial restaurant furniture that combines design and use.

California Dining and Barstools’ high-quality chairs, tables, and stools enable you to create an inviting and comfortable ambiance, encouraging more customers to test your restaurant. Complete the design of your bar, restaurant, or cafe with our high-quality furniture sets.

Visit Our Two Locations

California Dining & Barstools is the ideal choice for anyone wishing to improve their restaurant or home space, thanks to our wide selection of fashionable and cozy restaurant and dining set furnishings.

Visit our sizable, locally-owned showrooms in Sunnyvale and Pleasant Hill to select the ideal furnishings to match your decor and ambiance.