Types of Commercial Restaurant Furniture

Furniture can significantly impact the success of your restaurant business. From more than a seating arrangement to accommodate diners, it adds aesthetic value and translates your brand aura.

Therefore, restaurant owners must plan indoor themes, aesthetics, and budget and then research before buying commercial furniture. Before we discuss its different types, we will introduce commercial furniture and how it differs from regular ones.

What is Commercial Restaurant Furniture?

Commercial furniture endures the demands of intensive use, including the different elements linked to the wear and tear of regular restaurant operations. Furniture manufacturers make commercial furniture durable while keeping the highest value and lifespan in mind.

Nonetheless, there is a significant difference in aesthetic design, materials, craftsmanship, and cost within the broad category of commercial furniture. Also, some manufacturers offer designs specially made for restaurant furniture, with choices ranging from different colors to different finishes, different kinds of upholstery, and different sizes. Creators and business owners, however, can choose options that perfectly suit the needs of their projects with excellent flexibility.

Types of Commercial Restaurant Furniture We Offer

There are numerous furniture options available in the market. Therefore, when purchasing your restaurant furniture, you must consider the different types of commercial furniture. California Dinining & Barstools has a wide range of commercial furniture to help restaurant owners purchase their preferred style.

Pub Tables

Purchasing furniture for lounges, bars, and clubs presents a slightly different challenge because people typically visit these establishments to drink, mingle with others, dance, or watch sporting events. Yet, convenience is still critical.

Instead of the standard restaurant tables and chairs, low, soft club chairs with vinyl padding work best for such food places since they match the aesthetics and offer comfortable seating arrangements without taking up much space. You won’t be able to create the ambiance you want with stiff restaurant seats. Wesley Allen Hunnington Pub Table Set tops our list for pub furniture as it offers style and comfort all at the same time.


Dining Sets

Every restaurant and bar must strike a balance between the price of giving every customer the finest experience possible and the number of paying customers needed to turn a profit. Theoretically, the more chairs and tables you have in your dining area, the more money you can make.

In practice, there is little truth to it because people tend to avoid overcrowded and noisy places, especially when they are out to relax and chill. Besides the amount of foot traffic, the number of chairs per table and the table size itself affect the spaciousness of your restaurant. The bulkier the tables are, the lesser the space for movement will be.

You can take the dining experience a notch up by offering an outdoor eating area. Here, diners can enjoy their meals under the stars and enjoy the cool nighttime breeze.

Restaurant Tables: Shapes & Materials

You must have different table size options at your restaurant to serve different group sizes. Typically, restaurants have tables that comfortably accommodate two, four, or six people, although space constraints may prevent this.

Six-person tables are often unavailable in small cafés since they would occupy too much space. To accommodate large groups, restaurant staff may bring together two to three tables to facilitate diners.

Table Shapes

Round tabletops are excellent for giving your customers a cozy ambiance, but they are less adaptable than square-edged tables because they can’t be merged or put up against a wall as readily. Although they allow more visitor interaction, round tabletops are less equipped to accommodate large crowds. Usually, they can accommodate two to four people.

Restaurants serving larger groups of diners tend to use rectangle-shaped tabletops as they offer enough space to add chairs. However, people might find them unappealing as it is more difficult to converse and interact since everyone is seated farther apart.

Tabletop Materials

Commercial tabletop materials typically include resin, laminate, and stone, polished with a flat surface for easy cleaning. Wooden or stone tabletops are durable, while melamine and laminate are ideal for casual dining establishments. Therefore, the Kimberly Wood Dining Set is perfect for sprucing your restaurant.


Dinettes are also crucial restaurant furniture. They are a perfect pick for smaller spaces. When choosing restaurant furniture, one must understand the available space and decorate the areas accordingly.

Overcrowding your restaurant with unnecessary furniture will make the space suffocating. Therefore, for smaller spaces, dinettes are an excellent option. They can easily host two to four guests at a table. This Callee Rachel Dining Set will be the perfect fit due to its compact yet comfy style.



Most bars use high benches or barstools to accommodate customers. Although many other shapes are available, round barstools are the most popular. You can think of spinning, fixed, three- or four-legged barstools, among other options. Trica Kim Barstool is an excellent choice for style and comfort.

Some barstools, such as Trica Sara Barstool, even come with better lumbar support and balance with a modest backrest, which is an excellent choice to provide comfort to diners.


Get counter stools with an ergonomic design if your bar area doubles as a waiting room. It will make the waiting time more bearable.


Restaurant chairs are crucial elements when purchasing restaurant furniture. They often feature wooden or metal frames with plastic, wood, vinyl, or hardwood seats, which are quick and simple to clean.

Restaurants with high foot traffic might wish to think about stackable seats, such as Regal Seating 516UTB Dining Chair, which can be put away if not used. You can use them at regular tables and in conjunction with an end booth or a row of booths that run down a wall to add style and comfort.


Quality and comfortable seating also make a noticeable difference in the restaurant’s atmosphere, in addition to superb cuisine and service. There are four standard chair material choices:

Upholstered Restaurant Chairs

Upholstered chairs provide a cozy and luxurious seating arrangement for those who desire a more sophisticated appearance for their restaurant. You can choose among various upholstery fabrics, colors, and patterns, such as the Saloom 64su Dining Chair, which will add style and comfort to the dining space.


However, sometimes, new chair covers are all you need to transform the appearance of your restaurant. However, you should be aware that stains from food and beverages are a pretty common problem and thus require frequent upholstery replacement. Fortunately, most upholstery fabrics are easily washable.

Metal Restaurant Chair Frames

The sturdy and long-lasting structure of the metal frames makes them more appealing for commercial use. You can improve its aesthetics by painting it in any color of your choice. Sandblasting improves the overall quality as the paint won’t chip off even after regular wear and tear.

To improve safety, you can select a heat and fire-resistant metal frame. Such chairs undergo a protective treatment to add further toughness and resilience.

Wood Restaurant Chairs

Wood restaurant chairs have a lovely, cozy, and rustic appearance, making them an excellent choice for fine dining restaurants, especially the ones with retro-modern décor. These chairs have a fantastic hardwood structure to add durability and sturdiness. If properly cared for, wood can be cleaned easily and last in the long term.

Aluminum Restaurant Patio Chairs

As they can withstand extreme weather conditions, restaurant patio chairs, particularly those made of aluminum, are a fantastic option for outdoor seating. They are low maintenance, lightweight, and environmentally friendly. Coupled with fake teak or wicker, they may add a rustic feel to your space.

Because of durability and appeal, aluminum is frequently used to construct and design outdoor dining tables, bar stools, and patio chairs.

Outdoor Furniture

Using outdoor furniture instead of standard ones is smart as they are more resilient and weatherproof. However, you must still protect them from direct sunlight to prevent material breakage and discoloration. Keep the outdoor furniture in shaded areas or use umbrellas to mitigate sun exposure.

Increase the lifespan of your furniture by putting them away when not in use. Callee Bristol Dining Set is one such aesthetically appealing piece that can last for years.


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When choosing the furniture, you must consider your target customer, their expectations, cost estimate, and the ambiance you want to create in your restaurant. Finding the ideal furnishings for your restaurant will be simple once you know these needs.

The furnishings you select for your café or restaurant will eventually influence and impact your customers’ dining experience. So, rather than just picking the inexpensive and most aesthetically appealing options, you should give your choice of tables and chairs a little more thought. Visit one of our two locations today to find unique and durable furniture for your restaurant.

Amish Furniture

The Amish are a religious community known for their simple way of life, commitment to hard work, and rejection of modern technology. They are also known for their furniture, which is renowned for its quality and craftsmanship. Amish furniture is handcrafted from solid wood, with a focus on durability, functionality, and beauty.

The origins of Amish furniture can be traced back to the 18th century, when the Amish settled in Pennsylvania and began to farm the land. They soon discovered that they needed sturdy furniture that could withstand the rigors of farm life, and so they began to make their own. They used traditional woodworking techniques and tools, and worked with the finest materials available. Over time, their furniture became known for its simplicity, durability, and beauty.

Today, Amish furniture is still made using traditional techniques and materials. The Amish use only solid wood, with no particleboard or plywood, and they prefer hardwoods such as oak, cherry, maple, and hickory. They also use traditional joinery techniques, such as mortise and tenon joints, dovetail joints, and tongue and groove joints, to create furniture that is sturdy and durable.

One of the defining features of Amish furniture is its simplicity. The Amish believe that beauty is found in simplicity, and their furniture reflects this belief. Amish furniture is typically devoid of ornate carvings or excessive embellishments, instead emphasizing clean lines, subtle curves, and the natural beauty of the wood itself.

Another defining feature of Amish furniture is its functionality. The Amish believe that furniture should be practical and useful, and their designs reflect this belief. Amish furniture is often designed with multiple uses in mind, such as a table that can be used for both dining and work, or a bed with built-in storage.

Despite its simplicity and functionality, Amish furniture is also known for its beauty. The Amish take great pride in their workmanship, and they create furniture that is not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. Their furniture is often finished with a natural oil or wax, which enhances the natural grain and color of the wood.

One of the unique aspects of Amish furniture is that it is often made to order. Customers can choose the wood type, stain color, and even the specific design elements they want incorporated into their furniture. This allows for a high degree of customization and personalization, and ensures that each piece of furniture is truly unique.

In conclusion, Amish furniture is a reflection of the Amish way of life: simple, functional, and beautiful. Its quality and craftsmanship are renowned, and it is a testament to the enduring appeal of traditional woodworking techniques. Whether you are looking for a dining table, a bed, or a piece of decorative furniture, Amish furniture is a timeless choice that will last for generations.

Empty contemporary restaurant with modern wood furniture, lighting and tables set for dining

How to Choose the Right Restaurant Furniture

It takes work to start a new restaurant. There are many factors to consider, from picking the ideal site and designing an enticing menu to recruiting top-notch employees and building positive buzz about the establishment. The first step is to choose the right furniture for your restaurant.

It’s important to decide what the design of your restaurant will be and what kind of atmosphere it will generate. After all, clients’ initial impressions matter. When a new restaurant has a fantastic ambiance and terrific cuisine and service, an experience can jump from being merely enjoyable to memorable.

Yet, choosing the appropriate furniture and fixtures for your restaurant is a terrific approach to improving your interior design and branding. Your choices for the dining room, seating, unique storage options, and display cases impact your customers’ mood, tone, and overall dining experience.

Restaurant furniture comes in different sizes and shapes. Therefore, choosing the perfect furniture that suits your theme and offers comfort becomes challenging. Below, we will discuss six key elements to consider when selecting new items for your restaurant to assist you in deciding the best furniture pieces for your dining space.

Consider Your Restaurant’s Style and Brand

Retro diner restaurant with red vinyl booths, tables and red stools at a long counter bar

Choosing furnishings for your restaurant requires careful consideration of its style. The type of furniture you purchase will depend on the restaurant’s ambiance or atmosphere. Are you searching for a cozy, modern restaurant with wooden chairs? Or are you aiming for a more stylish look? Whatever your plans, you will require the right furniture to enhance your space. Here are some of the most popular themes to combine.


The use of contemporary fixtures that mimic restored antiques and complement a historic aesthetic is a common theme. The furniture is typically elaborate, with velvet upholstery and dark wood finishes. Traditional-style furniture gives a space a quaint and endearing appearance.


Due to its material composition, which typically consists of plastic and metal furniture, retro furnishings offer a more sophisticated appearance than traditional ones. These vintage pieces of furniture have vibrant hues that would go well with your restaurant’s eye-catching neon signs.


Contrary to the vibrant hues of vintage furniture, modern furniture is typically simple and monochrome. Several contemporary objects create a modern vibe due to their sparkling appearance. This aesthetic is generally made with metal, glass, and plastic.


Metals like tin and aluminum are used to create industrial furnishings. This construction’s attractiveness complements the brickwork and piping in your industrial restaurant. Use subtle hanging lights to highlight these chairs and tables.

Choose Restaurant Furniture That Fits Your Space

Eclectic style restaurant with sleek wood tables and colorful chairs, lighting and decor.

Speaking of comfortable and secure dining, giving your customers and workers enough room may let them move about more easily. If there isn’t much room in your restaurant, you should reduce the size of your tables and chairs to allow for more movement.

A more spacious feel could result from properly arranging your furniture, facilitating a more seamless entrance and exit from your restaurant. Start by creating a well-thought-out restaurant layout that considers your furniture arrangement to guarantee enough room.

Also, when choosing restaurant tables, you should consider which shape would complement your room and the restaurant’s style. Round, square, or rectangular tables are the most common types.

You should also look at your tables’ height regarding comfort. Are they at a height where customers can comfortably eat? Various options alter the specifications for the tables you need, as well.

Larger tables are necessary if your food requires extra serving pieces and utensils. You may need additional space according to the kind of food you serve and how many people will be sitting at the table.

Look for Comfortable Seating

It’s important to relax when eating and make yourself at home. The furniture in your restaurant must be comfy enough for guests to spend at least one to two hours, often the average length of time a group will spend there. You must ensure that your clients are at ease in your restaurant seating.

As opposed to customers who sit at the bar, customers seated at a table or booth should have more options for where to sit. They tend to stay longer. That is why using comfortable restaurant chairs with tables is crucial to allow customers to enjoy meals peacefully.

Choose Durable and Easy to Clean Materials

Given that your furniture will be in the spotlight, durability is crucial. Since almost everyone who enters your dining establishment will use it, it will experience significant wear and tear. You must ensure that the furniture you choose will survive for a long. Well-built furniture will last longer and require less maintenance while maintaining its original appearance.

The worst thing that might happen to your furniture is to squeak or wobble while someone uses it. Since clients will use your furniture the most, they will likely base their judgments about your restaurant on how well your tables and chairs are maintained.

The furniture in restaurants must be durable. Additionally, it must have the ability to endure harsh weather if it is outdoor furniture. The furniture in outdoor seating spaces needs to be weather-resistant.

Commercial chairs suitable for use as restaurant furniture must follow the specifications. By following these requirements, tables, and chairs are guaranteed to last longer and be more resilient to stress.

Another thing to think about is how you’ll make sure your furniture is well-maintained. It is occasionally unavoidable for consumers to leave stains that could harm your furniture. It is your responsibility as the owner to know how to maintain each item properly to prevent a decline in quality.

You might start by incorporating materials that are simple to maintain and clean. For instance, while choosing outdoor restaurant furniture, you must consider materials like anodized aluminum and powder-coated steel. Also, teach your team how to take care of your furnishings. As they are the ones who frequent your restaurant, they must be knowledgeable about how to maintain each of your furniture pieces.

Consider the Needs of Your Guests

Unknowingly, several restaurant operators make a critical mistake: they prioritize design over comfort. The look of your restaurant dictates the type of furniture you need, but it’s also important to consider how comfortable the seats and tables are. Remember, happy customers will return to your restaurant time and time again.

Make sure you consider and comprehend the needs of your target client demographic. Will your clients care about the height, softness, or style of the cushions? If it’s a well-known family restaurant, is it necessary to be able to install high chairs? How suitable are the seats for people of various sizes and shapes?

Regarding excellent customer service, restaurant owners must prioritize making their customers feel comfortable. Think about the materials, sharp corners, and upholstery of your seats. Provide enough room so they can move comfortably while seated without feeling confined. To ensure your guests feel comfortable and safe while dining, rounded corner chairs and tables might also be a smart option.

Keep the Functionality of Your Furniture in Mind

Empty outdoor restaurant on a patio next to the street with tables set for dining

The furnishings in your restaurant should be aesthetically pleasing and complement the overall design scheme. Yet it doesn’t imply you should sacrifice comfort and usability. The ability to eat comfortably and stylishly is something customers anticipate when they go to a restaurant.

So, let’s discuss the design of your table’s functionality and some considerations. Square tables are excellent for a classic design, providing necessary preparations even in a small room. Rectangle tables are ideal for large parties.

Then there are round tables, which are suitable for gatherings and offer extras like a hinged-bordered drop leaf that may help create larger tables when necessary. A table with drop-leaf leaves is one with articulated brackets. You can expand and connect your tables to accommodate larger gatherings.

Shop Commercial Restaurant Furniture at California Dining & Barstools Today!

The key to choosing restaurant furniture is balancing cost, comfort, and style. While researching is necessary to make the best decision, it’s also crucial to consider all the important factors we covered. It is essential to invest in high quality furniture that will stand the test of time.

Our selection of adaptable restaurant commercial furniture at California Dining & Barstools is suitable for usage in restaurants, bars, and cafes. Because they are long-lasting and made with superior materials, our products are of the finest quality. Our restaurant furnishings are ideal for owners looking to give their restaurants some personality. Contact us today to learn more or visit us at one of our two locations in the Bay area!

Callee London Dining Set

Best Modern Dinette Sets and Dining Tables

For good or bad reasons, every little detail of the dining experience can leave a lasting impression on the diner. The tables you select for your restaurant have the most influence on everything.

Of course, customers aren’t just going to your restaurant because they appreciate the size, design, and form of your dining tables. But if you don’t give your choice of tables for your customers’ dining experience much thought, you overlook a crucial element.

Whichever table you select enhances the whole experience of your restaurant in various ways, including how you use the tables and how the designs aesthetically blend with the general ambiance.

If you plan to renovate your restaurant, read our guide to understand how dinettes and dining tables enhance dining experiences.

What is a Dinette?

Round glass dining table and metal and upholstered design dining chairs.

A dinette is a compact dining set that consists of two to four seats and a table. Mostly, people use dinettes in kitchens and breakfast nooks because they are perfect for tiny spaces. Dinettes are excellent for studio apartments, small apartment kitchens, and even restaurants.

Types of Dinettes

Winners Only Carmel Dining Table Set

Dinettes come in a variety of styles, including:


Two chairs and a table make up a three-piece set that can seat three people. They are great for restaurants.


Counter-height dinettes are higher than a standard set. You can use a counter dinette if you prefer the ambiance of a bar setting.


Although you will find the majority in wood, metal is also common. These provide a smoother, more modern look and feel.

What is the Difference Between a Dinette Set and a Dining Table?

Winners Only Quail Run Dark Dining Table Set

Compared to dining tables, dinettes are often smaller and more formal. Dinettes were created as a more compact dining table for restaurants with limited space. Breakfast bars and dinettes both serve similar purposes.

In contrast to a dining table, which can accommodate eight to ten people, the dinette can easily fit four to six people. A dinette’s shape differs significantly from a dining table. Dinettes are ideal for everyday use and are often much smaller, whereas dining tables are often considerably larger and reserved for larger parties at a restaurant.

Types of Dining Tables

Extended rectangular table and cream colored upholstered chairs.

There are five varieties of restaurant tables, but while selecting the ones for your restaurant, consider your customers and their dining experience at the forefront of your mind. For various reasons, you could wind up selecting multiple table design options.

Two To Four-Person Tables

Two to four-person tables, which include a foundation and a tabletop, are arguably the most typical tables in restaurants. While tabletop materials, including marble, wood, granite, laminate, and resin, are available, table bases are often composed of metal. The most popular restaurant table shapes for up to four people are rectangular, square, and round.

Family Dining Tables

Family-style restaurants frequently use large tables since they may seat up to 10 people. People mostly use them in party rooms and banquet halls. Family tables are perfect for family-style gatherings to identify distinct regions. There are many sizes, shapes, and finishes for tables, including round and rectangular ones.

Outdoor Tables

Installing weather-resistant furniture is essential to creating an outdoor dining area. Aluminum, wrought iron, and wicker are all common materials. You can install umbrellas in sunlight-prone areas to improve comfort. Installing stackable furniture is another excellent suggestion. In this manner, it will be simple and effective to store furniture if your restaurant is situated in a location that requires it.

Restaurant Booths

The traditional table and booth seating arrangement is trendy. Booths provide clients with coziness, comfort, privacy, and greater legroom. Restaurant booths make the best use of the corners to increase seating capacity while minimizing customer interruption.

Booths are space-efficient and help restaurants save money over time, even though they might not initially be the most cost-effective option.

Bar Height Tables

Pubs and sports bars typically use bar-height tables. To successfully decide on the largest tabletop that may be utilized with it, you must know the base’s specifications. In many cases, the bottom has a footrest. This type of table typically uses bar stools.

Top Dinettes and Dining Tables for Sale

Rectangular wooden table with wooden and upholstered chairs.

If you are looking for unique dinettes and dining tables for your restaurants, check out our collection:

Top Dining Tables

Bermex 1070 Dining Table Set

Consider choosing a picnic bench-style table if you want a distinctive dinette set. A table with stylish legs, similar to those on a traditional picnic bench, can give your space a dynamic shape while yet being casual.

The best material for this type of strong table is wood. Use a solid color like this to give it an earthy touch. Place your table alongside a bench or a few elegantly upholstered chairs.

Xena Rectangular Dining Table Set

With its cushioned chairs and gorgeous A-frame table, this dining set offers you everything you’ve been seeking for a while yet is valuable and distinctive. A-frame legs and beautiful frame support will give your restaurant a unique appearance and exceptional durability. The robust structure beautifully blends with the seats.

Saloom Palmer Dining Table Set

This dining set can make any dining area look more attractive. Our dining set consists of a dining table and contemporary dining seats. With its timeless design, this table will uplift your space’s elegance.

The dining table has pedestal legs and a round table top, and the dining table chairs feature a linen fabric seat and slatted chair backs.

Our highly skilled carpenters helped us build these contemporary kitchen seats and dining tables, giving them a sleek, high-end finish.

Saloom Prima Dining Table Set

This dining set has a round table and elegant chairs that can seat your entire family. The modern Saloom Prima Dining Table Set enhances the dining experience and gives your space a sense of refinement. Moreover, the upholstered chairs have high backs and wooden legs, which make for an excellent relaxing experience. The dining set has a distinctive and lovely design.

Top Dinettes

Johnston Casuals Ethan Dining Table Set

This is an ideal set of seats and a table that can be hidden and tucked away neatly. The curved backs fit nicely into the rounded dinette. Moreover, it supports your back, making a circular table a perfect option for less space.

When choosing a dinette set for compact spaces with tuck-in seats, consider selecting this set because it provides a convenient option for comfortable dining with style.

Quail Run Dark Dining Table Set

You can keep your eating area organized by selecting a dinette set that fits smaller spaces. Choose solid colors, like this one, to enhance the space. Whether the decor is conventional or modern, a straightforward, timeless design with sleek lines of wood offers warmth to any environment.

Callee Bristol Dining Set

Smaller area furniture doesn’t have to compromise design to be functional and save space. Choose a dinette composed of high-quality materials and adorned with delicate features like a sculpted tripod or a carved pedestal base to boost your design without taking over the room.

However, choosing upholstered chairs will provide you with comfy seats and a relaxed atmosphere while maintaining grandeur and classic design. Avoid dark and stick to light, neutral colors.

Chromcraft CD324 II Dinette Set

A modern approach interior designers use to create a beautiful, cozy area that’s also quite comfy is mixing a modern and stylish dinette table with completely covered seats. The oversized chairs make them quite adaptable.

They are a perfect way to style compact spaces. For a plush, elegant aesthetic and maximum comfort, choose plush upholstery. Choose warm brown leather that is simple to wipe clean for a more practical option.

Carmel Dining Table Set

The product’s modest size is ideal for the tiny dining space. The item has a stunning color finish. The small dinette set blends seamlessly with any classic dining area. Given its dimensions, it makes a great dining set for restaurants. The chairs have a lovely design that provides extra backrest and excellent comfort.

Other Restaurant Furniture from California Dining and Barstools

Amisco Sorrento Pub Table Dining Set

Renovating restaurants or starting from scratch with restaurant construction can be a challenging task. Choosing the right furniture that blends well with the surroundings can make the process difficult. However, furniture shopping becomes exciting if you know the right places.

California Dining & Barstools is the perfect place to shop for restaurant furniture. You will find all the required products to decorate your dining space with comfortable dining tables and dinettes. Moreover, you will find a wide range of other products, such as the following:

Pub Tables

In addition to offering the same fabric and finish options as a more conventional dining table, several of our bar tables are extendable. Both sets and matching chairs are available, as well as single items.

A circular pub table, a metal base, a solid wood table top, a traditional style, and more are just a few of the various types of pub tables we offer. We offer a wide selection to make furniture buying simple.


We have a wide range of bar stools to make your restaurant’s space sleek and modern. You can check our comprehensive collection to find the style that suits your needs. Moreover, purchase a barstool between 24- and 26-inches height if you only use it for bars.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about our collection and to receive a quote!

Restaurant furniture in empty contemporary restaurant.

Best Restaurant Design Ideas

Restaurant Design Themes

Modern restaurant and lounge area

If you’ve set up a new restaurant recently, congratulations on this major step forward. When it comes to restaurants, interior design is important. You want to wow your customers with the ambiance, environment, and mood running in your business space. But choosing the perfect design is easier said than done, and you must consider many factors.

California Dining and Barstools is your best pick if you’re looking for the best local furniture store to furnish your restaurant with premium materials and innovative designs. This locally owned furniture store has one of the most extensive collection of barstools, dining furniture, and chairs.

No matter what interior plans you may have for your restaurant, you’re sure to find the perfect pieces to go with it at our store. California Dining and Barstools has years of industry experience and an unparalleled reputation for providing consistent, high-quality furniture to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Discover a wide range of restaurant space ideas to help you create an unparalleled and stunning atmosphere below.

Color Palette Selection

When it comes to the color palette selection for your restaurant, you have the liberty to experiment with hues. This element will not exactly make or break your food business, but it will largely impact the mood of your diners.

Our experts recommend very dark shades for sit-down restaurants. Red may only pass off for fast food joints, but the color doesn’t compliment fine-dining restaurant walls. However, you may want to consider light shades, such as pinks, lilacs, or even golden, to create a feeling of luxury.

You could also pick the softer natural shades and tones to start with. For instance, greens and browns with natural materials tend to encourage relaxation, which is great to have in your restaurant. The idea is to have your guests unwind and enjoy their time at your restaurant.

The softer hues will likely have them lingering over dessert and coffee, too, rather than just the appetizers and the main course. You could blend in oranges, yellows, and even silvery hues with your softer color palettes.

Other color palettes you must be careful with are blues and purples at your restaurants. These colors don’t tend to evoke feelings of hunger, but rather thirst. If you want your customers to spend more on your main courses, then it would be more advantageous to choose color palettes that positively induce feelings of hunger.

Restaurant Furniture Ideas

At California Dining and Barstools, you will find the most exclusive and large collection of dining sets in the Bay Area. As for your restaurant, here are the furniture options you could choose from. Give free rein to your creativity and let these furniture ideas help you create a unique restaurant and experience for your customers:

  • Caster dining sets: If you prefer flexibility and movement in your design concept, then you should not have to settle for stiff chairs. Caster dining sets offer chairs that can quickly move around from one place to the other effortlessly. Caster dining sets are an excellent way to enhance your interior decoration and give it a unique character.
  • Expandable dining sets: Do you want to be smart with your space usage? Then you should consider expandable dining sets. When you want to adopt a more minimalistic look for the daytime in the restaurant, you can keep your dining tables to their regular size to suit your needs. But when it’s time to cater to a crowd at night, let the hidden advantage of expandable tables shine through.
  • Glass dining sets: If you prefer the elegance of glass and are not afraid to organize lavish spreads on glass top tables for your customers, then you won’t be disappointed by choosing glass dining sets. We admit glass brings a formal touch, elegance, and sophistication that is hard to beat. Plus, you will love the easy maintenance and quick cleaning of your glass dining tables.
  • Metal dining sets: For restaurant owners who prioritize modernity and resilience in their furniture sets, metal dining furniture options are the perfect pick. Metal brings robustness and an industrial feeling that adds to the wholesome vibes of the restaurants. Plus, metal is durable, easy to clean, and scratch resistant, so you won’t have to worry about replacing the tables soon.
  • Rectangle dining sets: Do you have an elongated dining room at the restaurant? Why are rectangular dining tables just the perfect option for such rooms? Rectangular dining sets are also a perfect choice because they create more seating capacity and are flexible in placing. You may also stack your rectangular dining table against a wall to save space or gain more versatility with your restaurant arrangement.
  • Round dining sets: These are the perfect choice for modest restaurants, small areas, and minimalistic living. You should check out the stunning round dining furniture variety if you tick any boxes. The better space utilization leaves more room for traffic movement and less bumping, thanks to the smaller footprints of the compact design.
  • Upholstered dining sets: If you wish to add an unbeatably luxurious, elegant, and formal vibe and appearance to your restaurant, you can’t go wrong by choosing upholstered dining furniture. The captivating fabrics and prints will add vibrancy, and visual depth to your dining room, making it look lively, welcoming, and warm.
  • Wood dining sets: Nothing can beat pure wood’s uniqueness, appeal, and caliber. If you don’t want to settle for anything less than classic, high-quality, and pure wood that is durable and easy to repair in the long term, then you should consider our wood dining sets. Be it pine, walnut, oak, or more, we have enough wood dining sets to stun you.

Restaurant Décor Ideas

Moder restaurant furniture with wood tables and chairs

With the furniture and color selection in place, the next most important consideration for a new restaurant is its décor. Flat walls with nothing but paint isn’t very inviting or appealing to the customers. Take a look at the decorative elements below to spruce your restaurant.

Wall Art and Murals

Murals are very relatable and very aesthetic too. Not every restaurant owner prefers the gallery setup, but you could choose to showcase a local artist on your restaurant walls. Besides, it’s the age of Instagram, and customers love an artistic background for their selfies. Consider wall-sized murals for your restaurant. You could even add some fun neon signs to go with your murals. These are especially quite popular with the younger crowd.

Rotating Art Collection

Do you own a restaurant with plenty of open wall space? Then you could allot a budget and showcase local talent on the walls. You could feature new artists monthly or quarterly. It would be engaging to have a rotating collection of paintings, sketches, murals, and wall art for your restaurant.

If customers return every month or quarterly, they will find a lovely aesthetic surprise complimenting the color scheme, light fixtures, and more at your friendly restaurant.

Restaurant Lighting

dining table set with a modern yet rustic feel

Good lighting is essential for creating the right ambiance in your restaurant. Do you want ultimate chic, luxury, elegance, or jazzy vibes? Regardless of what ambiance you have in mind, the right choice of lighting can help you achieve it.

Also, determine the number of meals your restaurant will be open for. Do you intend to serve from breakfast? If so, you will need bright lighting so that customers wake up enough to enjoy breakfast and gear up for the day ahead.

For lunch hours, you need to have more subtle and moderate lighting. But here, you have to be mindful of other factors too. For instance, if your restaurant is a fast food joint, you will likely have to install bright lights. But if your restaurant qualifies as fine dining, then softer, more roman lighting will be a better choice.

For lighting in the dinner hours, we recommend a relaxed atmosphere for the more upscale or casual restaurant. Dimmed lighting helps create that environment, encouraging diners to feel comfortable and initiate a casual conversation over dinner.

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How To Secure Outdoor Furniture From Wind

On a bright, sunny day, lounging on your porch or deck is a tranquil way to enjoy nature. However, maintaining your patio furniture can be difficult when the weather isn’t on your side. It can be challenging to hold your patio set’s chairs and table back into position in your backyard after chasing them across the yard or into the neighborhood. If you own a restaurant, it can be difficult to secure your patio outdoor furniture as well. Therefore, the next time there’s a heavy wind forecast, try employing a couple of the tips listed below to secure your outdoor patio furniture or restaurant furniture.

How the Wind Can Affect Your Outdoor Furniture


Environmental factors are a more frequent source of damage to outdoor furniture than long-term abuse. The situation could be different depending on where you live. However, in general, the weather conditions of rain, wind, and sun can damage patio furniture or garden furniture. Another aspect to consider is dirt.

Outdoor furniture made of wood is susceptible to breaking in the wind. Even minor imperfections here and there might add up and become clear over time.

Best Ways to Secure Outdoor Furniture


When there is a little breeze, your patio furniture is ideal for relaxing outside. However, what should you do to protect it when the winds kick up and become more powerful? It’s straightforward to fasten your furniture to keep it in place if you’re concerned that powerful gusts will blow it away. Continue reading for a comprehensive guide on safeguarding your furniture during lousy weather. You can do several things to protect your furniture during windy weather.

Invest in Heavy Furniture

Investing in furniture with a heavy duty design that makes it difficult to move is an excellent method to stop it from flying away in a high wind. A few other recommended materials to take into account when choosing outdoor furniture include:

  • Wrought Iron Furniture
  • Wooden Furniture
  • Steel Furniture
  • Cast Aluminum Furniture

It’s unlikely that a strong wind gust will move furniture built from these materials because they are heavy. Therefore, heavy winds will make shifting more significant pieces of furniture more challenging.

That also implies that relocating the furniture might be more challenging for you. Because of its weight, heavy furniture may be difficult for you to store or move about occasionally. Be mindful that the steel and iron may leave stains on your deck or patio.

Arrange Your Furniture in a Corner

To store outdoor furniture while it is not in use, stack the chairs and put them against a wall or in a corner. By arranging your furniture in this fashion, you may provide them with some shelter from the elements and block the wind from picking up your outdoor pieces and blowing them away. If you’re shopping for new outdoor furniture, think about nesting pieces that interlock with one another and stack neatly.

Use Earthquake Glue

This a simple way to keep your tables and chairs from moving or blowing away when it is windy, even though it makes relocating your patio furniture more difficult. Most hardware stores carry earthquake glue, a quick and inexpensive alternative. Originally designed to stop glass from shattering or dropping during earthquakes and extreme weather conditions, it also works well to keep furniture in place whenever strong winds blow through.

Use Bungee Cords

Using bungee cords to secure outdoor furniture against the wind is a terrific idea. You might use lattice seats and tables to keep your furniture in place during weaker gusts. Think about fastening them to a railing as an anchor point for additional security during stronger gusts.

Stack Chairs Up

Stacking light chairs keeps them from drifting across your yard or away from your restaurant because even heavy winds cannot blow away more essential things. They can be safe in place by stacking the seats, which increases their total weight. To further shield the wind, place the stack near a wall or in a corner.

Other Ways to Protect Your Outdoor Furniture


These additional tips will help you secure your outdoor furniture.

Group Furniture Pieces Together and Use Protective Furniture Covers

Investing in sturdy protective patio furniture covers is an easy way to stop outdoor furniture from taking flight like a bird. Stack a few chairs, or group with the table and chairs from a table set. To hold the group of furniture together, drape across it all.

If you can, tie the legs down and secure them, or place weights on the corner legs. Using this technique, people may relax outside on their lightweight furniture without worrying that they will fly away if left alone during a storm and restaurant owners can rest assured that their patio furniture will stay put for customer use.

Umbrella Base

The majority of wind-blown objects are umbrellas. If at all feasible, remove them and bring them inside. But if that isn’t a possibility, be sure to utilize a weighted umbrella base. The best ones have bolts that secure the umbrella, so it won’t blow away.

You might also purchase umbrella-weight bags. These sandbags, similar to the patio furniture weights, go over the base of the existing umbrella to prevent it from blowing away. As opposed to a weighted foundation, you’ll discover that these typically add additional weight.

Use Sandbags

Placing stakes in your outdoor chairs won’t work if you put them on a hard surface like a concrete patio or wooden deck. Sandbags are an alternative to stakes. Loop a piece of wire or rope through the hole in the furniture, then secure it with a sandbag.

The sandbag doesn’t have to be big to be noticeable as long as it weighs enough to tip the furniture. Any weighted object will function as an anchor; you do not need to use sandbags. You may add a large flower pot or another piece of furniture to the top.

Wrought Iron Frames

Wrought iron-framed patio furniture is a good idea for homeowners in high-wind regions. The weight of wrought iron frames is much more than that of structures constructed of plastic or aluminum. If you decide to go the wrought-iron way, be aware that once it is in place, this outdoor furniture style is challenging to relocate, so be sure to position it somewhere you will want to keep it for a long time.

Things to Consider When Buying Outdoor Furniture Covers


While you might want to put your outdoor furniture under some shade to protect it against harsh winds, this might not be a practical solution. However, you can get waterproof and tear-resistant covers to avoid damage to your furniture.

The best part is that you can also find UV-resistant alternatives to protect your furniture from the scorching heat and sun damage. Usually, these have side zippers that let you easily put them on or take them off, which is ideal for frequent use.

However, not every furniture cover is right for your use. When buying one for your patio or outdoor furniture, consider these few points:


Measure the bar stools, chairs, tables, or any outdoor furniture to find one that perfectly fits them. You can either cover each piece individually or get an extra-large covering to drape over all your furniture. While the latter is much more affordable, it may not offer optimum coverage, or your furniture might still suffer from regular weather wear and tear.

Secondly, ensure you place some support underneath, so the cover doesn’t droop. Otherwise, it might collect water and debris that can lead to mold and bacteria infestation.


Due to their sturdy composition, furniture covers are usually made of vinyl or polyester. That is why they can withstand inclement weather without showing wear and tear. Ideally, you should get waterproof covers during the cold, windy season as it protects the furniture from snow, rain, and wind.

Most people prefer vinyl as it locks out the water. But you can even find water-resistant covers in polyester too, and the good part is that they’re sturdier.

Looking to Replace Worn Furniture? We Can Help!

It’s crucial to secure your outdoor patio dining sets against the wind. It stops the barstools or other furniture from blowing away and lowers maintenance expenses associated with repairs, repainting, and missing component replacement. Protected outdoor furniture maintains its beauty and serves you for many years. If you are looking for stylish outdoor furniture for your home or restaurant, contact California Dining & Barstools today!


Top Contemporary Barstools

Nothing ruins a great drinking or dining experience more than a bad backache. If your barstools are the wrong height for your bar or table or if they feature a fabric seat that’s lumpy or torn, your customers can become quite cranky. And cranky customers tend to leave nightmare reviews. Fortunately, you can solve this problem easily by updating worn or outdated furniture with modern barstools that add both comfort and function to your home or commercial space. Here’s what’s trending in contemporary bar furniture for the savvy restaurateur.

Swivel Barstools


Swivel barstools prevent guests from turning or bending in awkward ways. Swivel barstools can be backless or not, but backless stools allow you to fit more guests at your bar or dining table. Swivel is a popular style of barstool because of its bold simplicity. Guests can chat with friends on all three sides with minimal repositioning. Advantages of swivel barstools include:

  • Available in a range of styles, including with backs, without backs, and with or without arms
  • May swivel 360 degrees or feature a 180-degree memory-return swivel
  • Allow you to seat more guests comfortably in less space
  • Allow convenient interaction between guests

Bucket Style Barstools


The bucket barstool is a beautiful addition to any modern counter, commercial space, or home bar. Optimized for guest comfort, it features a cozy backrest with or without arms. Bucket barstools may or may not feature a swivel option, and the backrest may be high, to extend up the back, or low, stopping around hip level.

Bucket barstools take up a bit more space than their backless counterparts, but most guests find them to be more comfortable. If you don’t mind patrons lingering longer at the bar, bucket-style stools are ideal.

Velvet Barstools


Velvet is a fabric usually associated with high-end decor. Soft and cozy to the touch, velvet barstools fit nicely into contemporary design. Equally well suited for commercial spaces or your home bar, velvet barstools bring extra comfort to evening cocktail hour. If your dining or drinking establishment caters to older, more established clientele, barstools that feature high density foam padding topped with elegant velvet or soft leatherette are beautiful choices.

Caring for Velvet Furniture

Velvet does require a bit more maintenance than other fabrics, especially when used for commercial applications. To keep velvet looking fresh and new, vacuum it regularly. The brush attachment of any standard vacuum works fine to remove dust, crumbs, and debris.

To combat spills on velvet, pat dry right away using a clean, dry, absorbent cloth. For dried or stubborn stains, use a velvet-approved cleaning solution and gently brush when dry. It’s important to note that barstools upholstered in velvet fabric may require occasional dry cleaning by a professional. This material should also be positioned or stored away from direct sunlight, which can cause it to fade.

Wood Barstools


Wood barstools are highly functional and super durable. Most are able to withstand the moderate wear and tear that comes with frequent traffic. A contemporary barstool crafted of wood may be lightweight enough to tote around, or heavy and ornate, depending upon the vision you’re trying to create. They add a certain rustic appeal as well. So, if your drinking establishment or home bar mimics an Old West Saloon, wood barstools are the solution. Wood furniture has many advantages, including:

  • Available in a range of beautiful finishes to fit any decor
  • Can be refinished or painted when needed
  • Available in a full range of styles including with or without backs, arms, and padding
  • May feature decorative details such as cross-back or ladder-back design
  • Highly durable

Caring for Wood Furniture

Wood barstools are relatively easy to keep clean. An occasional wipe down with mild soap and water is usually all that’s required. After washing, you may want to polish the legs of your wood barstool, however, and avoid putting polish on the seat as it may become slippery.

Metal Barstools

New Pacific Direct Metropolis II Grey Bar Stool

Metal barstools are as suitable for your home kitchen island or dining room as they are for your commercial space. And metal has the added advantage of being suitable for outdoor use if you forego padding or upholstery. Plus, metal offers a range of designs, styles, and colors that aren’t typically found in other materials. It may look like bright chrome, or it may be plated, powder-coated, oxidized, or even painted.

Metal is a lovely addition to a cafe dining room or coffee house because it can be both formal and informal. And it’s equally well suited to upscale or casual dining areas. A black wrought iron counter stool looks lovely flanking a gray marble countertop in your home. And a bar height metal barstool is a serviceable and functional addition to your commercial bar area. Metal holds up well and can support more weight than other materials.

Low Back Barstools

Modern brown leather barstool

A low back stool features a back that’s typically waist high. Taking up less space than a high-back barstool, it’s a bit more modern, fitting nicely into a contemporary kitchen, dining area, or bar. A low back stool may or may not feature a padded seat, may or may not swivel, and may be constructed of a variety of materials. In most instances, it will feature a metal or wood seat frame.

Faux Leather Barstools

Classic brown barstool with leaf design

Faux leather is a good choice if you like the look of leather, but not the upkeep that comes with it. Faux fabrics are good choices for eateries that cater to families with small children and for homes that have pets. More stain-resistant than real leather, the faux alternative is typically a savvy and economical choice for luxurious interior design and offers the ultimate in comfort and style.

Faux leather has distinct characteristics that make it a good choice for commercial applications:

  • Vegan-friendly. No animals are harmed in the making of faux leather.
  • Lower price than real leather
  • More durable than real leather
  • Easier to clean and maintain
  • High-end, upscale appearance

Caring for Faux Leather Furniture

Leather cleaner and conditioner is ideal for cleaning faux leather. It removes spots and stains while preventing the material from drying out, which can cause cracks. Always test your leather cleaner in an inconspicuous spot before using it as an all-over application. And like velvet, faux leather should be kept away from direct sunlight to prevent fading.

The Modern Barstool Verses Counter Height Stools

Is there a difference between the standard barstool and counter-height seating? Surprisingly, they’re not one and the same, though many people use the terms interchangeably. In reality, a modern barstool measures roughly 5 to 6 inches taller than a counter-height stool. This makes it suitable for the standard-height bar top, which is usually 40-42 inches tall.

Counter height stools, alternatively, are designed to seat guests comfortably at a counter height table or kitchen island that measures a standard 36 inches high. As a result, they’re roughly 24 inches tall.

It’s important to choose the right seat height to host guests comfortably. Choosing wrong could make your customers feel uncomfortable or awkward, which may impact your business in a negative way.

Modern Barstools for Beautiful Home Décor


While barstools are a perfect addition to any dining or drinking establishment, they’re not limited to commercial use. An elegant set of barstools looks equally at home in your kitchen area or living room. Grouped easily around a kitchen island or serving as non-traditional seating around a counter height dining table, barstools provide casual but comfortable seating for the whole family. And if you prefer the clean lines and sleek details of industrial design, the simple seating provided by barstools is the ideal solution. Trending in-home applications for barstools and counter height stools include:

  • Seating for a kitchen island or peninsula
  • Seating for an outdoor kitchen or basement bar
  • Eat-in seating at a kitchen pub table
  • Game-Room seating
  • Seating for outdoor dining

Today’s modern kitchens combine classic elements with contemporary details without sacrificing comfort. Barstools make an interesting and functional addition.

Contemporary Barstools From California Dining & Barstools

If you’re ready to upgrade the appearance of your existing bar, pub, or restaurant, California Dining & Barstools has an exemplary selection of seating and dining options from which to choose. Create a beautiful, contemporary look without sacrificing function or comfort when you shop our spacious showrooms in Pleasant Hill and Sunnyvale. While other furniture companies show you digital representations of their current lines, at California Dining & Barstools, you can see, feel, and touch the merchandise you’re about to buy. In this way, you’ll know exactly what to expect when it arrives.

With over 7,500 hundred square feet of display space, California Dining & Barstools is your one-stop shop for commercial furniture. We proudly serve the South Bay area, catering to many of its top drinking and dining destinations. Stop by one of our gorgeous showrooms or browse our selection online today.

Extended rectangular table and cream colored upholstered chairs.

Types of Dining Chairs: Which is Right for your Dining Room?

When it comes to designing a dining space, quality of life and happiness hinges on the furniture. Your dining table and dining chairs must be comfortable, but serviceable. They should look nice and add to the room. At the same time, they must be able to withstand the demands of your family. So, if you have toddlers, young children, or pets, your choice of dining room furniture should as indestructible as you can buy it. A great place to begin, especially when selecting dining room chairs, is with the materials they are made from.

Dining Chair Materials

Superior Fredonia Dining Set white and dark wood

Most people think of wood when someone mentions dining room chairs and tables. However, wood is only one beautiful option. There are many, many more, including metals such as aluminum, steel, and cast iron. Or perhaps you’ve always dreamed of a light-filled dining room decked out in wicker or a spacious, cozy nook where plush armchairs surround a glass-topped table. Regardless of the look you’re trying to curate, there’s a dining room material out there to help you achieve it. Some of the most popular types of materials include:

  • Wood: Wood dining chairs can be solid wood or use a combination of wood and other materials like metal or upholstery. Traditional, classic wooden chairs such as Queen Anne are great for creating formal spaces. And versions that are sleeker and more simplistic, such as those that mimic the style and craftsmanship of Charles and Ray Eames, are minimalist, yet modern.
    Regardless, wood dining chairs are elegant, durable, and delightfully classic. They also come in a range of finishes to fit any decor.
  • Metal: Dining room furniture crafted of metal is perfect for contemporary design. If you’re attempting to create a dining room that’s ultra-modern and industrial, metal is an ideal material. It’s durable and easy-to-clean, and a metal chair is perfect for those who favor simple lines and a lightweight metal frame. Also, metal-framed chairs are very durable.
  • Upholstered: Upholstered dining chairs are available in several different types. These include parson chairs, French country style, and the classic armchair design. Upholstered chairs offer ultimate comfort and lend a more formal appeal to your space. However, they’re vulnerable to staining and may show more wear than their wooden or metal counterparts. So, keep this in mind if you’re furnishing a dining room that doubles as the home art room. Upholstery is more difficult to clean, as well.
  • Leather: Leather upholstery has its place, and who’s to say it’s not the dining room? If entertaining is your life, and you’d like a dining room that offers a high-end appeal, leather dining chairs may be the solution. Leather furniture is fun, yet formal. It looks and feels expensive and is sure to please even the pickiest guest. But if you have pets with teeth and claws, you may find yourself replacing leather dining chairs more often than those made of less luxurious materials.
  • Wicker: Wicker furniture in the dining room is a must for homes that are beach-adjacent, or for whose occupants wish they were. Wicker furniture may be made of grasses, vines, or synthetic materials, is durable and long-lasting, and is always classically pretty. If it’s an ultra-feminine space you’re going for, a wicker dining table and chair set is a gorgeous choice. Wicker isn’t as indestructible as wood or metal, though, so it is important to keep this in mind when deciding on a dining chair type.

Dining Room Chair Designs

Of course, the design of your dining room table and chairs is just as important as the craftsmanship and materials used. If you love a rustic vibe, for example, then whitewashed wood chairs flanking a farmhouse table is a beautiful sight. But if your personal preferences lean toward elegant or antique, then a Queen Anne style or Windsor chair is a better choice. Few things feel worse than walking through a dining room that feels as though it was designed with strangers in mind, so spend time defining the look you love before making the leap. There are different types of classic dining chair options including:

  • Armchair: Simply stated, an armchair is a chair that features armrests. Armchairs are cozy, upholstered options, but they tend to take up more space than more traditional chairs. If you’re set on having armchairs around your dining table, consider limiting them to the head and foot.
  • Parsons Chair: The Parsons chair offers clean lines, but with a decorative side note. Always upholstered and featuring a straight back with no arms, the Parsons chair is often adorned in some way with buttons or rivets. The Parsons chair was originally designed by French furniture makers, which means it’s an elegant and refined choice for most dining rooms.
  • Side Chair: By definition, a side chair features a straight back and no arms. Side chairs may or may not feature upholstery, and they’re ideal for tight dining rooms where you need to seat more guests with less space.
  • Wingback Chair: If your wish is to cradle your diners in luxury, the wingback chair is a solid choice. Featuring cozy upholstery, wings on the sides, and armrests, a wing back chair elevates your dining space to a higher level.
  • Ladder Back Chair: The ladder back chair has horizontal slats across the back. If you’re furnishing your dining room to appear antiquarian, ladder backs should top your list.
  • Slat Back Chair: Super traditional, slat back chairs feature vertical slats or spindles down the back.
  • Cross Back Chair: Cross back chairs have exposed cross pieces that form an “x” in the chair back. Usually made of wood, they’re great for informal or rustic dining rooms.
  • Splat Back Chair: This dining chair features a decorative, vertical, exposed wood “splat” down the back that echoes (and may identify) the furniture style. Splat back chairs give a room a more traditional vibe.

Choosing Your Dining Room Chairs

Dark wood rectangular dining table with wooden and beige upholstered chairs.

You may even want to consider purchasing plastic dining chairs or the classic folding chair to create a unique dining space, especially if the area you’re furnishing is outside. Today’s higher-end plastic chairs are usually composed of resin, which makes them impervious to the elements. It makes them attractive and affordable, too. Chairs that fold away will never go out of style, simply because they’re so extremely functional.

The most important takeaway when choosing furniture for your dining area is to make sure it works well for the people who will be using it. You want ultimate comfort, extreme durability, and good value for the price you pay. Whether you choose plastic frame or wooden frame chairs and a farmhouse or colonial-style table, the furniture in your dining or living room should make you smile when you pass by. It should also make your guests feel welcomed and valued.

We suggest using these tips to help you choose the best dining room furniture for your space:

  • Partner with an interior decorator or furniture consultant to help you make the right choice for your space.
  • Survey family members to find out which elements they most appreciate in their choice of dining furniture.
  • Consider the level of wear and tear children and pets may wreak.
  • Make sure you have a well-defined image of your finished space in mind before you buy.
  • Set a budget and stick to it.
  • Purchase your new dining furniture from a trustworthy and reliable source.

Finding the Perfect Chairs in the Bay Area

In the Bay area, California Dining & Barstools is your go-to source for quality dining room furniture at an affordable price. And there’s always a professional furniture consultant on site to help you make the big decisions. Our showrooms in Pleasant Hill and Sunnyvale are well-stocked with our most popular pieces, so you can see and touch your new furniture before you commit to buying. And our valued customers always have the option of mixing and matching pieces to create a truly customized space.

When you’re ready to invest in dining room chairs, table sets, or more in the Bay area, stop by California Dining & Barstools to view our stunning collections. We have the furniture you’ll love at prices you can afford. Call today to learn how our furniture professionals can help you create the dining room of your dreams.



Low-Budget Outdoor Restaurant Design Tips

It’s not unusual for new restaurant owners to be lacking in extra funds. After all, it takes a lot of time and money to open a restaurant. There are the costs of building or renting a brick-and-mortar structure, outfitting the kitchen, dining, and outdoor dining areas, and hiring and training the staff.

Then there are all the food costs associated with an eatery. Whether you’ve opened a coffee shop, a formal dining room, or an upscale Italian restaurant, it all costs money. And money is difficult to come by in those first few years of operation. That’s why you need economical choices for decor ideas and seating options.

While it is important to seat guests comfortably in your indoor or outdoor dining space, your first priority should be on the quality of foods and beverages you serve. That’s why it’s helpful to find economical choices with design choices like outdoor seating.

The increase in outdoor seating can be seen across the United States. According to Restaurant Dive, searches for businesses offering outdoor dining increased 292% in year two of the pandemic. Consumers are still wary of indoor dining and have turned to the benefits of enjoying an outdoor seating area.

With this new trend in mind, restaurants have been quickly looking to expand or create their outdoor seating areas. These additions can be costly with new furniture and design considerations. California Dining & Barstools shares our low budget design tips for creating an outdoor eating space that both consumers and your budget will appreciate.

Different Types of Outdoor Seating Areas

Offering an outdoor dining option is a great way to draw in foot traffic, especially if your restaurant is nicely situated along busy city streets. It’s a nice option for your guests during those transitional months of spring and fall, when nearby trees are either bursting into bloom or turning lovely hues of red and yellow. There are several low-cost options for creating an outdoor dining area that increases revenue and guest satisfaction without breaking your budget.

  • Front Porch Dining
  • Rooftop Dining
  • Outdoor Patio
  • Sidewalk Dining
  • Beer Garden

1. Front Porch Dining


Cozy, informal, and usually semi-private, a front porch dining area might easily accommodate two or three small parties at the same time. Think small-scale furniture made of metal, resin, stainless steel, or treated wood. This area might best fit bistro sets or cafe tables. And if your front porch isn’t spacious enough for dining, you could always create a cozy conversation area for guests to use while they wait for a table to open up.

2. Rooftop Dining


Rooftop dining is especially nice if your establishment is located in a historic or scenic part of town. Diners may be privy to the bright lights of a city skyline at night or the boats along the river throughout the day. A rooftop is a separate space that’s usually roomy enough to accommodate several tables and/or a rooftop bar. And it could easily be the only place in town where diners can go to experience the thrill of a romantic, rooftop adventure.

3. Outdoor Patio


Outdoor patio ideas include adding lots of big, beautiful plants, attractive outdoor lighting, and possibly the addition of outdoor heaters for those uncharacteristically cool days. If your patio is a small space that provides limited room for patio furniture, not to worry. You can increase the number of guests you’re comfortably able to accommodate by bringing in barstools, armless, or other forms of small, compact outdoor furniture.

4. Sidewalk Dining


Sidewalk dining is always a popular choice, so long as your dining area is outside of regular foot traffic. You may want to opt for shaded tables, such as those that feature umbrellas, to outfit your sidewalk dining area and protect your guests from inclement weather conditions. A second possibility is adding some type of small, shaded pergola for guests to dine beneath.

5. Beer Garden


By definition, a beer garden is an outdoor space where food and beer are typically served. But to create a true beer garden, you’ll need additional elements, including a grass or dirt floor and lots of communal seating. Communal tables can be a very cost-effective solution to outdoor seating. It promotes more casual dining but provides an abundance of seating areas to enjoy with big groups. Beer gardens allow restaurants or breweries to stock with picnic tables or bar seating, where guests can sit close together, drink beer, dine, and relax. If your new restaurant has access to a large back lot, putting in a beer garden could make it the most popular spot in town.

You Can Overcome Challenges of Outdoor Seating on a Budget

The way you arrange your outdoor space, and the size and scale of outdoor furniture you choose go a long way toward building a beautiful space while keeping to a budget. Restaurant design does not have to be complex. As long as you have the staples in place, including:

  • Easy access
  • A clear path through and around your seating areas
  • Lots of ambient lighting
  • Shade and protection from inclement weather
  • Outdoor furniture that’s sturdy and comfortable
  • A feeling of privacy from street traffic

Guests will have no trouble settling in and trying your delightful dishes. And if your kitchen and serving staff make them feel welcome and valued, odds are good they’ll be back with all their friends in tow.

Factors to Consider in Outdoor Restaurant Seating

As a new restaurant owner, budget may seem like the most important thing to consider when it comes to designing your outdoor area. However, you must keep the guest experience always at the forefront of your mind. Customer must-haves include fresh, tasty food choices, excellent customer service, safety, and comfort. Everything else is simply icing on the cake. So, as long as your outdoor patio ideas include these basic features, you’re already ahead of the game. This means your outdoor dining space should have enough room for guests and servers to maneuver around tables easily. It should be well-lit and attractive. It should be free from slip, trip, and fall hazards. It should be somewhat shielded from passers-by, and it should be a comfortable, relaxed place to unwind and enjoy a quick lunch, dinner, or drinks.

5 Tips for Low-Budget Outdoor Seating Design


So, once you have a clear idea of what type of restaurant you plan to operate and you’ve secured the location and outfitted the kitchen, it’s time to begin furnishing your dining areas. For outdoor dining spaces, use these five tried-and-tested tips that other successful restaurateurs have used before you:

  1. Use a Minimalist Restaurant Style
  2. Consider Your Lighting Choices
  3. Maintain Attractive Curb Appeal
  4. Adopt a Simple Seating Layout
  5. Bring in Classy Accessories
  6. Consider Your Furniture Options Carefully

Mostly, this means you don’t want to jampack every square foot of space with furniture. It means you should keep your seating area simple. And it means adding an attractive focal point to the space. A stage that accommodates live bands is ideal.

Lighting should be adequate, but affordable. For many of today’s open restaurants, this means the addition of string lights or solar lights. And use accessories such as plants, table covers, statuary, or even water features, to boost the curb appeal of your outdoor area. 

And when it comes to your choice of outdoor dining table, dining chair, or barstool, opt for ones that fit your space and that are durable enough to hold up to the

How California Dining & Barstools Can Help You Design Your Restaurant on a Budget

If you’re a restaurant owner in the Bay Area, California Dining & Barstools are here to help elevate your outdoor space. At California Dining & Barstools, it’s our personalized touch that restaurateurs value the most. Often, you’ll find one of the owners on site at our Sunnyvale or Pleasant Hill locations, providing top-notch customer service and advice that stems from more than half a century of experience. And second only to our dedication is our beautiful selection of dining furniture and barstools, after which our company is named. If you visit our showrooms, you can see, touch, and experience our furniture in person. You can also pair our individual pieces up any way you like, so they fit comfortably into any space, big or small.

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Dark wood rectangular dining table with upholstered dark wood chairs.

Types of Dining Tables

The style of your dining or kitchen table adds a unique touch to your eating space, and it brings comfort to the friends and family who are seated around it. And making sure that your dining furniture matches not only your dining table but the space it’s in is also important. Dining sets come in an array of different design styles and choosing the right one is ideal for a put-together space. Become your own interior designer, and put time and effort into browsing different furniture styles, shapes, materials, and designs before choosing the perfect choice for your family. 

Dining Table Shapes

When it comes to the shape of your dining table, what speaks to you? Maybe you prefer rounded edges as opposed to sharp corners? The shape of your table is a design element for your space and can also set the mood for your dining area. There are many table shapes from which to choose, including:

  • Rectangular
  • Round
  • Square
  • Oval

And the shape of your table should also match the job you need it to perform. For example, large family events or special occasions call for elongated or larger shapes such as a long rectangular dining table or an oval dining table. Conversely, tables for two or in a small space are usually square or round shape. Match your new dining room table to its purpose and to the space you have allotted to get the most enjoyment. 

1. Rectangular Tables

Rectangular wooden table with wooden and cream upholstered chairs.

Rectangular tables are classic and can fit in most spaces. They’re practical and simple and use space better than round or oval-shaped dining room tables. If you’re tapped for space, a small rectangular table may be just the ticket. However, this shape also works well for grand dining rooms that must accommodate whole, extended families at Christmas and Thanksgiving. The straight lines and angular corners allow guests to move about easily, while leaving room for additional furniture such as hutches and sideboards. 

2. Round Tables

Round wooden dining table and upholstered wood chairs.

Round tables, on the other hand, eliminate sharp edges that may not be to your taste. They’re great for smaller settings, too. So, if you’re just starting out with your significant other and small, intimate dinners are the norm, a round dining table may suit your exact needs. Keep in mind that round tables are intended to seat guests all around the circumference. This means to function as intended, it must be placed away from the wall. If you have a small apartment or miniscule dining room, a round table might not be ideal. 

3. Square Tables


Square tables, like round tables, are usually better for smaller, more intimate dinners. A square dining table can be placed against a wall or even in a corner, while still providing enough space for two to dine comfortably. When positioned in the middle of a room, square tables are usually able to accommodate four to eight diners.

Many modern square tables feature extended heights and require taller, pub- or counter-height chairs. Tables like these are beautiful additions to the contemporary or minimalist dining room, as well as for smaller spaces. 

4. Oval Tables


Oval tables serve roughly the same purpose as rectangular tables but with clean lines. Oval tables are good choices for larger families with active children because they provide ample room to dine with lower threat of injury. These elliptical shapes tend to look more classic, too. This makes them ideal for formal dining rooms that require a more traditional design style. And an oval shape lends itself well to rich, old woods that feature glossy, dark patinas. 

Dining Table Materials

Rectangular glass top dining table with metal base and beige dining chairs.

Aside from the shape of your new dining room table, you’ll also want to take care when selecting the best material. Metal, wood, and laminate are all solid options. However, each has its own benefits and disadvantages. While each can be a beautiful addition to your space, not every material will be a match for your decor style or for your family. Learn more about the unique properties of the materials used in crafting dining room tables before you buy. 

  • Metal: Metals such as stainless steel, chrome, or wrought iron are both sturdy and stain-proof. They’re great for a modern look, and they’re all highly resistant to damage and wear. However, they’re usually heavy. If you require a dining room table that must be shifted around on occasion, such as to accommodate the placement of a child’s table nearby, metal may not be the best choice. And if you’re trying to create a more classic or traditional look in your dining room, a metal table may look out of place. 
  • Wood: A solid wood table is a classic and visually diverse choice. There are many different kinds of wood used for tables, including oak, ash, maple, mahogany, pine and cherry wood. All are stunning to the eye, and all will stand the test of time. Just look most wood furniture, wood dining tables are more prone to scratches and gouging. Unpainted wood, especially, is tricky to clean because liquids may seep into the stain. If you have small children or pets with claws, a wood dining table may not last as long as another material, or it may need to be sanded and refinished over time. But, for classic appeal, a wood dining room table is a sound investment. 
  • Laminate: Laminate tables are worry-free additions to homes that see heavy dining-room traffic. If you need a place where kids can do homework and art projects while serving as a second office for you or your spouse, a dining table covered with laminate may be a perfect solution. Laminate is usually an affordable option that looks nice while being ridiculously easy to clean. A simple wipe with a damp cloth is usually all that’s needed to wipe up spills on stain-resistant laminate. 

Dining Table Styles


The style of your new dining table matters, too. There are probably more options than you realize. And you might be surprised to learn how many different options you have. 

  • Traditional: Traditional dining tables are simple, blending with any environment. They’re ideal choices if you’re trying to avoid an atmosphere that’s too busy.
  • Industrial: Industrial dining tables are capable of adding a wonderful, rustic feeling to your dining space.
  • Extendable: Extendable dining tables are great for areas with limited space. The seating benches may be pulled out from under the table when ready to be used, and leaves can be added to make the table longer. 
  • Mid-Century Modern: Mid-century modern tables are simple and sleek, good for blending in with the room’s atmosphere. These tables are based upon styles that were popular around the 1950s. 
  • Farmhouse: Farmhouse dining tables are gorgeous and often chunky. They add a homey, rustic feeling to your dining room. 
  • Modern: Modern styles, or contemporary designs are usually simple tables with complex and unique shapes.

Dining Table Capacity

Both the size and shape of your new dining table determine how many guests you can comfortably seat. For example, a rectangular table can seat anywhere from four to fourteen guests comfortably, as long as your dining area is capable of accommodating a table up to 10 feet long. Meanwhile, an oval table of the same length can seat up to 12 people. A large round table, similarly, can usually seat around up to eight adults comfortably. This refers to a table that’s roughly 72 inches in diameter. Most large square tables (54 inches), similarly, are capable of seating eight people as well. 

Dining Table Bases

Deluxe CAP Lifestyle

The base of your dining table is another consideration. Available options for diverse table bases are:

  • Single post
  • Double-based
  • Four-legged

A single-post table base is just how it sounds. The table is supported by one post in the middle. Double-based tables are similar to the single-post tables, except there are two posts, one at each end, sometimes these can be called double pedestal tables and come in a variety of shapes. Two posts are used if the table is an oval or rectangular shape, creating more support. Meanwhile, four-legged tables are a classic, popular choice, offering support at each corner of the table. These types of tables offer the most leg room for guests. 

Dining Tabletops

Rectangular glass top dining table and chairs.

Often, your new dining room table will be crafted from one material for the frame and base and a second material for the tabletop. Popular types of tabletops include:

  • Solid wood: Dining tables that feature solid wood tops are good investments because the older they become, the more appealing they look. Most woods age well, and the small nicks and dings they accrue over time only add to their value. 
  • Veneer: Tables with veneer tops are easy to clean and long lasting. They’ll still look new down the road, regardless of heavy traffic. 
  • Natural Stone: Natural stone tabletops such as granite, marble, and quartz lend a high-end appearance to your room. 
  • Glass: Glass tabletops are modern and appealing, but they may not be the best choice for families with small, active children. 

Bay Area’s Largest Selection of Dining Sets

There’s so many places to browse dining tables and other furniture. Trust California Dining & Barstools as your go-to furniture store in the Bay Area. With a variety of dining table styles and materials to choose from, we are happy to help find your perfect piece. When you’re ready to invest in a new dining room table, come shop California Dining & Bar Stools in Sunnyvale and Pleasant Hill today.