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6 Tips for Setting the Perfect Thanksgiving Table

The Halloween candy is nearly gone and many homes are setting up Christmas lights. But let’s not forget the family feast between these two holidays: Thanksgiving! If you’re looking to host the perfect get-together this year, start by using these tips to set a gorgeous Thanksgiving table.

1. Choose a Color Scheme

Dining sets look more cohesive if you choose a color palette and keep all items within that range. The standard fall colors of red, orange, yellow, and brown are always a great choice. You can choose to get a little outside the box by incorporating darker shades of blue and green as well. Make sure these colors are reflected in your napkins, plates, table linens, and centerpiece for a stunning table setting.

2. Mix Different Textures

Perhaps lots of color isn’t really your thing. Instead, focus on the textures and patterns instead of the color palette. Glass or ceramic plates with metal silverware on a linen or burlap placemat will add enough variety to the table to prevent it from looking flat, boring, and uninspired. You can also choose to mix patterns together. If you want to go this route, use the same pattern mixing rules as you would for clothing. One pattern should be larger than the other, but both should be complementary colors.

3. Match the Table Linens

Whether you choose a table cloth, runner, or both, selecting table linens in the same color and texture family will provide an easy backdrop to showcase your place settings and silverware. A full tablecloth is ideal for scratched or worn tables that you’d rather cover up. Of course, you could also visit California Dining & Barstools to find fresh dining furniture in San Francisco that you’ll love to show off! Then, all you need is a runner down the center. Plaid, gingham, and burlap add a cozy fall vibe to your table. Don’t forget to select placemats in the same color scheme, though you may try different textures to offset them from the table cloth or runner. Cork, linen, or rattan are all great choices.

4. Create the Perfect Centerpiece

A bouquet of fall flowers or a cornucopia of vegetables make for a traditional Thanksgiving table centerpiece. You could also design your own centerpiece using the season’s gourds, berries, twigs, and foliage from your own backyard! Add to the natural look with pumpkins, pinecones, and antlers. Pull it all together with a ribbon or twine snaking through the items or holding them together.

5. Don’t Forget the Serveware

The plates, glasses, and silverware aren’t the only items on your table holding food! The dishes you use to serve your turkey, potatoes, stuffing, and cranberry sauce all inform the look of your Thanksgiving table. Choose colors and textures that complement the other items on the table. When in doubt, stick with neutral colors. This is also the perfect time to bring out your bone china and stoneware. Glazed platters, gravy boats, and ladles give the eye a new experience, while a wooden cheeseboard keeps the table feeling rustic. Of course, you can also dress up simpler serveware with fresh fruits like grapes and pomegranates, as well as a bit of greenery to offset the colors of the food.

6. Incorporate a Kid’s Table

For the little ones at your gathering, dinettes and pub tables are the perfect solution. Although you may choose to use less breakable place settings and serveware, you can still use the same colors and textures as the adult’s table. This helps children feel included in the event, while still giving them their own space. 

Reading to Go Shopping?

If you’re looking to upgrade your dining space this Thanksgiving, head out to one of the best furniture stores in the Bay Area. California Dining & Barstools has a huge selection of dining sets, dinettes, pub tables, and more for any style preference or price point.

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5 Ways to Use a Pub Table in Your Home

Dining sets come in all shapes and sizes to suit a variety of styles and needs. Dinettes are ideal for a single person or couple without children, while barstools work great at kitchen islands and home bars. Pub tables are another option that combine the small size of dinettes with the taller height of barstools. These versatile dining sets can be the perfect choice for many areas of your home.

1. Man Cave

Even adults love having a space that is all their own. Many men (and women!) have a spare room, basement, garage, or outbuilding that’s perfectly designed to their tastes and hobbies. When you want to share a drink or meal, play a game with friends, or work on your arts and crafts projects, a pub table is a great addition to your personalized space.

2. Home Bar

Building a home bar is a great way to enjoy yourself, but without the high prices, loud noise, and insufficient parking of a local bar. Whether your home bar consists of a simple bar cart near a pub table in the corner of your family room, or all-out basement renovation complete with tap handles and a flat screen TV, you can still have a good time on your own terms.

3. Outdoor Patio

Feeling the warm sun on your skin and a light breeze through your hair can be one of the most calming feelings in the world. What better way to do that than by taking a seat on your deck and patio whenever you feel like it. Pub tables and chairs make it easy to bring your morning coffee, afternoon snack, or nighttime reading out into the peace of the outdoors.

4. Sunroom

Sunrooms and three-season porches are a great way to enjoy your space all year long. They keep the bugs, rain, wind, extreme heat, and snow from disturbing your otherwise relaxing Sunday plans. They’re a great spot to catch up with friends, have family get-togethers, and even just relax after a long day. Adding a pub table with matching barstools is a great way to add extra space in the room so you can enjoy it even more.

5. Kitchen Nook

Kitchens are one of the busiest rooms in a home. They have become a more multipurpose space as people are seeking open layouts and want to be able to interact with guests or keep an eye on children while also preparing dinner. Even homes with full dining sets can benefit from a pub table and chairs in the kitchen nook. Children can do homework here, friends can relax with a drink, or you can set up a serving station for your epic feast.

The Best Dining Furniture in San Francisco

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4 Cozy Nook Ideas to Elevate Your Kitchen

Winter is upon us and even though San Francisco isn’t one of the coldest states, we still have our fair share of rainy, gloomy days ahead. Instead of getting down, make the most of them by cooking up a batch of soup or chili, snuggling into a warm blanket, and getting comfy with loved ones right in your own kitchen. Here are some of our favorite ideas for turning your kitchen nook into the coziest space in your home this fall and winter.

1. Change Up the Décor

The kitchen nook can be an easily forgotten place due to its small size. However, even the smallest changes can make the biggest impact. When it comes to the home decor accessories in your nook, change up the color palette to something more autumnal. Burnt orange, sunflower yellow, shades of brown, and forest green all evoke cozy feelings of a walk through the woods crunching on dry leaves. Swap out your curtains, table centerpiece, and art installations for some that are more in season.

2. Add a Pub Table and Barstools

Nothing says fall quite like football. And when you visit a sports bar to watch the game, you most likely end up on barstools seated at pub tables. Bring that festive feeling into your kitchen nook by adding a pub table and barstools that suit your home’s decor. Making the space all your own will give you a nice spot to enjoy a cozy Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

3. Or, Try a Dinette Set

Dinettes are perfect for the kitchen nook because they are meant for a small gathering. For most styles, there is seating for just two. This small setting lets you get close and comfy with someone you love, to share favorite stories and a glass of wine. Bring a small plate of meats and cheeses to the table and you have an instant date night in your very own kitchen!

4. Bring in a Softer Touch

Fall and winter are all about cuddling and staying warm. Don’t let your kitchen nook go unused this season because it’s not inviting! Swap out the chairs in your dining sets for ones that are upholstered or have cloth-covered seats. Add some pillows to a bench seat or at each individual chair. A soft rug will stay warm underfoot, no matter what the weather is doing outside.

Cozy Kitchen Nook & Dining Furniture in San Francisco

Winter doesn’t have to be a dreary time of year. Cozy up your kitchen nook with fresh dining furniture from California Dining and Barstools. Our collection of dining sets, dinettes, pub tables, and barstools is large enough to cover two furniture stores in the Bay Area. Regardless of budget or style, we’re sure to have exactly what you’re looking for. Stop in today or shop online to get an idea of what you’re looking for. Our dining furniture specialists will be happy to help you make the coziest selections for your kitchen nook.

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Most Popular Bar Stools and Counter Stools in 2021

It seems that everyone is on a mission to clean and update their homes over the last 18 months. This has led to a surge of new trends and popular items for home decor. If you’re joining the mission and looking to upgrade your dining furniture, consider these popular barstools and counter stools for your kitchen remodel.

  • Metal – A simple metal barstool works with a variety of interior design styles. It is sturdy and durable to stand up to frequent use. They are also flexible enough to be used outdoors with a patio bar.
  • Wood – The look of wood brings a calm, cozy feeling to the room. Wood barstools can be used as a background item to shift focus somewhere else, or as a blank slate to let your creativity flourish and turn them into something totally eye-catching.
  • Leather – As a material, leather has always evoked a sense of richness with a side of rebel. Up the ante in your dining sets with a leather and metal counter stool.
  • Wicker – Often relegated to beach houses and outdoor patios, wicker has become more mainstream. To make this material work indoors, keep it to a minimum. Instead of an entire chair of wicker, try just the seat or back and use a different material for the legs.
  • Budget-friendly – When you want to save a buck, diner-style chairs are an excellent option. Also take a look at all wood or metal chairs with simple designs.
  • Luxury – Many people desire to have luxurious items in their homes. The finest fabrics and handcrafted details make all the difference. Add a glam, luxury look with a navy blue and gold chair.
  • Adjustable – Accommodating different sizes of people can be difficult to do with stationary seats. An adjustable bar stool allows everyone to sit at their most comfortable level, from children, to teens, to adults.
  • Arms – A chair with arms can turn simple pub tables into a luxurious experience. They are ideal for getting comfortable and staying awhile over a glass of wine and a great meal with friends.
  • Outdoor – The best outdoor barstool will be sturdy, durable, and made from weather-resistant materials. Look for wood and metal but avoid cloth and leather. Better yet look at some dinettes for a perfect set.
  • Upholstered – A cloth seat is going to be far more comfortable than other materials, which makes them the perfect pairing for dining sets where you want to stay awhile.

The Best Dining Furniture in San Francisco

Searching through furniture stores in the Bay Area for the perfect dining sets, barstools, and pub tables can almost feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. However, when you shop with California Dining & Barstools, you get a curated collection of perfect pieces that fit right into your budget. Stop in to one of our two locations to get a hands-on feel for your new pub tables and barstools. You can also shop our inventory online and call your preferred store to learn more and make a purchase.

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How to Choose a New Dining Room Set for the Holidays

Believe it or not, the holidays are quickly approaching. This year, many families are excited to be back together with loved ones from afar. Make room for everyone at your table this year with a new dining room furniture set. Here’s what you need to know about the latest trends and what to consider when shopping for dining tables and chairs. 

Current Trends for Dining Room Sets

Brown wooden tables with white chairs – The rustic look does not seem to be going away any time soon. From farmhouse to cottage core and Scandinavian, people love using wood in their dining tables and chairs.

White tables with brown wooden chairs – The brown and white look is also popular when reversed in dining chairs and tables. No matter which color combo you choose, your dining room is sure to look modern and sleek.

Neutral colors – Many homeowners are appreciating the return of minimalist design, and this is reflected in the color choices of their home decor. This style also works well for the person who loves to decorate, because it gives you a blank canvas to build on for each season.

Greenery – If there’s anything we collectively miss the most, it’s the outdoors. Between Coronavirus and winter weather, we’re all dying for a little more green in our lives. Whether you choose fake plants or the real deal, bringing a few into the dining room helps liven up the space.

What to Consider When Shopping for Dining Furniture in San Francisco

Available space & traffic flow – Before you head out to shop the many furniture stores in the Bay Area, look at your dining room. Measure how much space you have available and what the traffic flow through the room looks like. This will help you determine what size dining room sets will work well in your space.

Size and height for tables and chairs – Based on the available space in your dining room, you’ll know exactly how big your dining table can be without making the room feel too cramped or too empty. When it comes to dining chairs, be sure to take height into consideration. There should be enough room between the seat and table for thighs to have space and elbows to be at a right angle.

Personal preference of design styles – Of course, the most important part about selecting dining furniture in San Francisco will be the design style you choose. Traditional, minimalist styles are very popular right now, but don’t be afraid to choose something more ornate if it suits your preferences.

Dining Room Furniture Stores in the Bay Area

California Stools, Bars, and Dinettes has a wide variety of dining room furniture available in store. From glass, metal, and wood materials, to standard or bar heights, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for when you shop one of our two locations in the Bay Area. Give us a call or stop in and talk with one of our dining furniture specialists to learn more and get your questions answered.

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How to Choose the Right Barstool for Your Home

A kitchen or dining room makeover is very exciting. It’s one of the spaces you spend the most time in, so of course you want it to be functional and beautiful! When shopping for pub tables and barstools at furniture stores in the Bay Area, keep these tips in mind.


The most important measurement you’ll want to pay attention to is the height of your pub table or bar countertop. Obviously, you need to make sure the barstool will fit underneath the space while still leaving room for a guest’s legs. The average dining table sits at about 28″ to 32″, so you’ll want chairs in the 24″ to 26″ range. For taller bar-height counters and pub tables, a seat at 28″ to 30″ high will be sufficient.


Another important consideration is how many chairs you can comfortably fit in your space. Dining tables are often meant to accommodate four to six seats, while bars, islands, and counters, can have a wide range of space. When choosing barstools, you’ll want to measure your available space and the width of the seat or legs (whichever is larger). Don’t forget to include a little room around the edges to provide ample space between guests!


If the barstools you’re considering are not circular, you’ll also need to keep the depth in mind. Do you want to be able to fully tuck the chair underneath the counter? Then you’ll need to know how much space is available from the base of the counter to the edge of it. If this is not important to you, or you plan to purchase stools with a back on them, you’ll still want to know how deep the seat is to find out if it will fit under your counter. Also consider any obstructions that may get in the way of moving the chair back, such as a wall, furniture, or pillar behind your dining space.


Once you’ve got your measurements, you’re ready to go shopping for barstools and dining furniture in San Francisco! Having these measurements handy will make it easy to eliminate the choices that don’t suit your space. After you’ve narrowed your options, you can focus on the style and colors of the barstools to find the ones that will match your interior design esthetic. Whether you want clean and simple lines to match your minimalist vibes, or you want sumptuous fabrics and soft cushiony seats for a luxurious dining experience, you can find whatever suits you best!

Shop at the Best Furniture Stores in the Bay Area

California Stools, Bars, and Dinettes is proud to offer a wide selection of dining furniture in San Francisco. From traditional dining room tables and sets to pub tables and barstools, we have the sizes, styles, and prices you’re looking for. Please stop by one of our two locations today, or search through our inventory online. If you have any questions or would like to make a purchase, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Our experienced furniture professionals are available to help you find exactly what you’re looking for!

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2021 Best Dining Table Designs

The dining room is where the family gathers to share a meal and hear about each other’s day. It’s where the kids do their homework and get creative with art projects. It’s also where work gets done sometimes. That’s why it’s important to make sure your dining room suits your lifestyle. Here are a few of the latest designs for dining tables.

Fresh Accents

If you’re not ready to change the design of your table but still want to give it a fresh look, consider adding a new tablecloth, placemats, or fabric napkins to the tabletop. You can also choose to swap out the centerpiece or window blinds and drapes. These small accents can have a huge impact on your dining room design.

Multipurpose Pieces

If your family is one that uses the same space for multiple purposes, consider choosing a dining table that can serve double (or triple!) duty. Make sure there’s plenty of seating for the kids to do their homework, a large space for craft projects, and nearby desk accessories for when the dining table becomes the home office. It’s also a good idea to look at expandable dining tables to accommodate your small family, additional guests, or when you just need more space for family game night.

Solid Wood

Solid wood dining tables give off a homey vibe. Today’s interior designs are leaning more towards the natural colors and elements since they are known to be more eco-friendly than other materials. Another benefit of solid wood dining tables is that they often come from actual trees, so no two tables are alike. This means your table will be completely unique to you. Look for options with a distressed walnut or smoke gray finish to add texture and warmth to the room.

Farmhouse Style & Cottage Core

People have come to love being at home. What better way to evoke those cozy vibes than to place a distressed white finish table for a rustic feel in your dining room. The farmhouse style is slowly evolving into “cottage core” which may be considered a little smaller and more floral than farmhouse, but still has a lot of the same rustic, natural look you’d find in the woods or just out of town.

Modern and Sleek

If rustic and natural isn’t really your style, try a table with a glossy white finish and shiny chrome base. This will look sleeker and more high-end than other styles. You may also be interested in a glass tabletop with metal or wrought iron legs. To keep the style looking chic, you’ll want to stick with slim lines that don’t add too much bulk to the room. Consider adding in Lucite dining chairs to maintain the minimalist look and keep things light.

The Best Dining Furniture in San Francisco

California Dining & Barstools offers a wide range of dining room sets to suit any style or budget. If you’re looking to upgrade your space, please come visit one of our two furniture stores in the Bay Area and browse our selection of dining tables, dining chairs, and so much more.

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How to Safely Clean Your Dining Furniture

No matter how careful you are, your dining room furniture is bound to become dirty. Whether you spill a drink or the kids’ craft projects have gotten something sticky, there’s a lot that happens at our dining tables to cause messes. Here are our top tips for keeping your dining room sets clean depending on what material they’re made from.

Glass Dining Furniture

First, remove the top layer of dust and debris with a plain dry cloth. Any small grains of sand or salt can scratch the glass while cleaning. Next, dip a towel into hot water and get it damp. Rub the cloth over the table, paying special attention to any spills or sticky spots. If necessary, you may add soap to the water but be sure to rinse the table with a clean towel before drying it off. Then, grab your store-bought glass cleaner or make your own with equal parts vinegar and water. Spray it on the glass and wipe off with a lint-free towel. If your glass table has a metal or wood frame, read our tips for cleaning those, below.

Metal Dining Furniture

Whether your table is all metal, or a combination of metal frame and wood or glass tabletop, you can use Bar Keeper’s Friend on the whole thing. After removing dust and larger pieces of debris, sprinkle the powder over the table and rub it with a damp sponge. Wipe it dry then buff with a chamois cloth. If you have more difficult spots, hot water can do the trick with a sponge or cloth. For stubborn messes, add a little soap to the water.

Wood Dining Furniture

For a wooden table, you want to make sure the vinegar or water doesn’t soak into the wood. First, remove the top of layer of dirt with a slightly damp towel. Next. use warm water and a cloth to clean it and add soap if necessary. Then, dry with a highly absorbent cloth. You should also take care to ensure water rings from glassware are promptly wiped up and pay attention to the humidity levels to keep your wooden furniture dry and pristine.

Prevent Messes in the First Place

The best way to avoid stains and sticky messes is to prevent them from ever happening. Ideally, you can find a gorgeous tablecloth to cover your table that will match your dining room decor. For less coverage, use placemats at each of the dining chairs. For craft projects, lay down several sheets of newspaper or use an old bedsheet like a tablecloth to protect the surface.

Time to Upgrade your Dining Furniture in San Francisco?

If your current dining room set is beyond cleaning, stop in to visit us at California Stools, Bars, and Dinettes. We have a wide range of dining tables and chairs in several materials and design styles. Our large selection is what makes us one of the best furniture stores in the Bay Area. Our in-store Furniture Experts can help you find the perfect dining set for your home and lifestyle. We look forward to seeing you in our stores soon!

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5 Inspiring Dining Room Design Ideas

Everyone loves having a well-designed dining room. However, not everyone has the skills to do it themselves or the budget to hire a professional. To help you out, we’ve gathered a list of five important interior design tips to think about when designing your own dining room.

1. Bench Seating

The farmhouse style has become a popular trend in the last few years. To match this esthetic, many homeowners are choosing to use bench seating at their dining tables. This can be done either to replace the traditional dining chairs, or in addition to them. For example, you may have the heads of a rectangular table as traditional chairs, while the sides are benches. Or, the heads and one side of the table have chairs, while the opposite side is a bench.

2. Table Shape

The shape of your table will depend a lot on the size of your family and the shape of the dining room. If you have a room that is shaped like a square or rectangle, you may want to maintain consistency by choosing a table in the same shape. If you’re looking to spice things up, you can contrast a room of right angles with a round table instead.

3. Color Palette

Some homeowners like to have all their rooms with a matching color palette. Others want more variety to evoke a certain feeling in each room. Whichever side you’re on, California Stools, Bars, and Dinettes has a variety of dining room sets to suit your taste. If you want a cohesive look, choose from black, brown, or gray dining furniture in San Francisco. For a little more vibrancy, try peach-colored upholstered chairs with a glass table-top and navy blue accent wall, or bright blue dining chairs in an otherwise monochromatic room for a little “pop”.

4. Materials

Along with the popular Farmhouse-style trend of bench seating, wooden dining tables and chairs have also made an impact on interior design. They offer a natural, rustic look for the casual and cozy home. For a more streamlined and industrial home, metal table and chair legs give a sleek look. You can pair this with a metal or glass table-top and upholstered or metal seats. The idea of minimalism is also popular among young homeowners. Glass tables and slim dining chairs lighten the visual clutter in your space.

5. Accessories

Of course, any room doesn’t feel like “home” until it’s accessorized! If you’re brave enough, or don’t have small children and pets, try placing an area rug under your dining table. You’ll also need plenty of light, so look for a pendant or chandelier that matches your esthetic. Show off your personality with a table centerpiece and framed art on the walls.

Start Your Dining Room Design Today!

California Stools, Bars, and Dinettes is one of the best furniture stores in the Bay Area. We offer a wide variety of dining tables, dining chairs, and dining room sets in various styles to suit any room. Come shop with us in-person today or view our inventory online. Don’t hesitate to give our furniture experts a call with questions!

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How to Create a Coffee Bar at Home

For many of us, coffee is an important part of our morning routine. Whether you take time to savor it with a small breakfast or pour it in a to-go tumbler on your way out the door, make the process of brewing your perfect cup more streamlined with a coffee bar in your home. Here are a few ideas to inspire your DIY skills.

Start with a Small Nook

A popular trend in home remodeling is to create a coffee nook. This can be a great way to use small or awkward spaces in your kitchen and dining room. A simple shelving system, rolling cart, or repurposed furniture item can make for a quick solution. Of course, you can also go for custom cabinetry to ensure all your coffee-making accessories have their perfect spot.

Add Comfortable Seating

Once you have your coffee station set up, you’ll need a place to enjoy your morning brew. Your kitchen island or dining room table are likely your go-to locations now but consider adding a special area for your coffee bar.

Bistro tables are the ideal solution to mimic a smaller dining table. These are often just large enough for two seats but are usually around the same height as a standard dining room table, at 28″ to 30″.

Pub tables sit higher than bistro tables at around 42″. Common designs are meant for two seats, but larger tables that fit four and six seats are also available. Keep in mind that with a taller table, you’ll also need taller seating.

Barstools are the perfect accompaniment to pub tables, but they also work well for bar-height kitchen islands. If your space doesn’t allow for a small table or kitchen island, consider adding a shelf in front of a nearby window instead. This will create the feeling of sitting in front of café windows and watching the world go by.

Personalize the Space

Since this is your very own coffee bar, you get to decorate it however you like. You can choose to keep the same color palette as the rest of the kitchen area if you want a cohesive look. If your coffee bar is a bit separate from the main space, you might be interested in giving it a different esthetic.

  • Consider adding a vase of fresh (or fake!) flowers to the bistro or pub table.
  • Framed art in colors that match your current palette will help the space “pop”.
  • Vintage signs related to coffee or breakfast offer a unique way to decorate your coffee bar.
  • Inspiring quotes will set intentions for the day and start your morning off right. 

Start Designing Your Perfect Coffee Bar Today!

California Stools, Bars, and Dinettes is one of the best furniture stores in the Bay Area. We offer a wide selection of dining room tables, pub tables, and barstools in San Francisco. Please visit one of our locations today or shop online to find the perfect set for your coffee nook. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or for assistance in selecting the right furniture. Our friendly furniture experts are happy to help!