Tips for Creating an Outdoor Bar on Your Patio

As summer has arrived, many people are looking for ways to make an outdoor bar on the patio. The good news is that even in the era of social distancing, there are ways to bring an outdoor bar to life! This is the perfect place to entertain family members and friends when the weather heats up. Why not take a look at some of the top ideas?

Create a Tropical Paradise

One of the most popular outdoor bar ideas right now involves creating a tropical paradise outside. There are many people who have had their vacations canceled due to the pandemic; however, why not bring the tropics home? In order to set up a tropical outdoor bar, it is important to have the right décor. This includes some creative bar stools and tropical-infused pub table! Don’t forget to have the right music and the proper drinks! Then, bask in the glory of the tropics right at home!

A Feeling of Elegance on the Porch

Another top outdoor patio bar this summer involves a feeling of elegance. It is important to relax in comfort and style. Therefore, why not invest in some handsome, a beautiful set of iron stools, and finish it off with some stately wood for the serving station. To complete the look, be sure to bring in some greenery to add a sense of authenticity to the bar itself. This setup will have everyone talking!

Go For the Rustic Feel under the Patio

Minimalism and sustainability are all the rage right now. This is why many people are turning to reclaimed wood to make their bar. Use wine barrels for the base of the bar and then use a piece of reclaimed wood for the countertop. Finish it off with a few plants and the serving station is complete! This is the perfect place to crack open a fresh bottle of wine while feeling at home with nature!

The Bar for a Family Night Out

Finally, those who have space should consider crafting a bar that has been designed for a night out for the whole family. To build this bar, incorporate a beautiful fire pit in the center with some durable metal that can be used to make smores. Then, try to have an open wall on the house for a movie projector. This might even include a pull-down screen to cover up windows that might be present. As the adults sit back and relax with their adult beverages, the kids can make their own desserts and enjoy a movie! It doesn’t get much better than this!

Contact California Stools, Bars, and Dinettes Today!

While the era of social distancing has forced everyone to change their plans, there are still great ways to enjoy an outdoor bar under the comfort of a patio. This is where a home bar can be helpful. If you are looking for help creating your perfect outdoor bar on your patio, visit one of our two Bay area locations. We have a wide selection of home bars, pub tables and barstools that will help you bring it all together!

Pub Tables Make Perfect Crafting Stations

With summer right around the corner, many people are trying to figure out what they are going to do with their vacation time. Given the current global environment, it is likely that people are going to be staying close to home. This means that everyone should think about ways to entertain themselves in the comfort of their own homes. This is where having an arts and crafts area is a great idea. While some people might be thinking about using their kitchen tables to do arts and crafts, craft tables that use pub tables and bar stools are actually better. There are a few reasons why.

More Storage Space Underneath the Table

First, when someone uses something that sits at counter-height, such as pub tables, there is more room to store items underneath. One of the biggest challenges of arts and crafts is figuring out where to store everything that is needed to make a beautiful art project. It would be annoying to have to get up constantly to get more materials. With a taller workstation, such as pub tables, this is no longer a problem. There is plenty of space underneath the table.

The Option To Sit or Stand

It can be annoying to sit at the table for hours on end. People can get sore after a while. On the other hand, standing up next to a kitchen table for arts and crafts is just not convenient. With a taller table, people have the option to either stand at the counter or use bar stools as seating. This type of flexibility makes it easier for people to stay comfortable when they are working on a project. This also allows people to work for longer periods of time, providing them with the ability to focus on what they’re doing.

Not Having To Clean Up Immediately

Finally, few people use their counters to eat. While people might use their counters to cook, there are probably other counters available to do this. This means that people who are in the middle of an arts and crafts project using a pub table will not have to clean up immediately. They will be able to leave the project out there and return to it later. This type of flexibility is not available with the kitchen table. They might have to move their project to make room for others to eat. Every time the project is moved, there is a chance that it might get damaged. Make sure the arts-and-crafts project has a dedicated area using a pub table.

Fun Materials for Arts and Crafts Projects this Summer

Summer is coming up quickly and people will probably have to stay close to home this year. Arts and crafts projects are a great way to stay busy. Anyone who is looking for material for craft tables should be sure to visit California Stools, Bars, and Dinettes today! There is a great selection of items to choose from!