What Do You Look for In A Dining Set?

When it comes to dining sets, they come in all shapes, sizes, styles and material selections. The dining set you want will depend on your particular needs and preferences, for example, what is good for a friend or neighbor may not be ideal for your living arrangements. To help you narrow down the choices, here are some things to take into consideration when selecting a dining set.

Making It Match

When people purchase new furniture, they are usually only buying a single thing at a time to replace worn or broken items. Unfortunately, buying items piece-meal can end up making the interior design of the dining room space feel mismatched as it clashes with the rest of the decor. Instead, purchasing matching tables and chairs allows you to maintain the design style you desire.

How Many are Coming to Dinner, and for the Holidays

Size does matter when it comes to furniture as you want enough seating for everyone in your family. Take into consideration the number of people who will eat at the table on a daily schedule, and how many people will stop by for holiday dining. Then you can decide whether to get a regular table and just increase seating with an extra bench if a few people stop by, or if you need a larger table to accommodate a big family on a regular basis.

Consider Room Flow

You might have a small room where a large dining room table would take up too much space. Yet you need to have enough places for all your family to sit. Consider investing in a dining table with leaves that fold up when dining and fold down to provide more space. Then you won’t have to worry about banging thighs and arms into the edge of the table as you try to squeeze by.

Smaller May Be Better

Don’t get a big table just because you are used to seeing one at your grandparent’s house. If you will only need seating for two to four people, consider getting a smaller bistro or pub tables. These dining sets are better for smaller dining rooms, kitchens, and breakfast nooks. You can save space and have the desired eating location for yourself and a loved one.

Before going out and buying a dining set, always make sure to measure the room space. These measurements can help you narrow down table sizes so you don’t accidentally purchase a dining set that is too large or too small for the room. Also, take into consideration your future needs if you will be having children, as you want the table to accommodate high chairs and later regular chairs as the child grows. Lastly, think about comfort and maintenance. You may want to get chairs with upholstered cushions to relax in, or retro chairs with vinyl cushions that are easier to clean.


Furnish Your Home Office: Making a Meeting Space for Clients

Home office spaces are on the rise across the country. While some entrepreneurs decide on having a workspace out of the home, others see a home office as a way to save on costs while still being available to do things for the family throughout the day. Typical home office furnishings usually include an office desk and chair so you can sit in front of the computer and take phone calls. There may also be a wall unit or bookcase to hold folders, books, and binders used in your business operations.

Yet what about having furniture for clients? You may operate a business where clients occasionally meet to discuss projects. You may also want a meeting place for business partners to discuss certain promotional events or product lines. Consider pub tables and stools as a convenient way to add seating in a home office.

Pub Tables as Work Surfaces

When you are considering furniture pieces to add more surface space to fill out documents and go over brochures, a regular table may not be appropriate for a home office that doesn’t have its own designated space. A regular table in a home office that is part of a living room, dining room or kitchen can eat up space and limit walking room by changing the floor plan.

Instead, consider a pub table as a great work surface. A pub table has a higher profile and usually comes in a more rounded shape. It offers enough room for two people to work without being too large, unlike a regular table where a person has to lean over to reach across the table to pass books, documents, and files. In addition, when the pub table isn’t in use, it can act as a simple bookcase to hold binders, potted plants, magazines, or knickknacks. The table is also small enough to be tucked into a corner and out of the way when not in use.

Stools to Provide Extra Seating

When providing seating for clients and partners, sofas aren’t always the best choice in a home office environment. Some clients have problems getting off of deep-seated sofas as they have to sit on the edge of the cushion to sign paperwork at low coffee tables or get up to go over documents at higher desks. If you are placing a pub table into the home office space, consider completing the look with stools that are the right size for the table.

The pub stools are designed with a higher seat so a person simply steps up into it. You could go with a backless stool, a stool with a back for added comfort, or even one that swivels if you plan to turn in the seat to gain access to books or papers on nearby shelves. A stool can also make it easier for people to slip out of the seat versus trying to get up off a deep couch. The stools can also be used in other areas of the house when the home office is not in use, such as at kitchen islands or wet bars.

Pick the right furnishings that work well with the size and floor plan of your home office. Pub tables and stools won’t take up much space in a home office while they can also be used in other areas of the home. Check out our selection of pub tables, stools, and tables on our website, we are confident you will find something to work in your home office.