Dining Room Tables and Chairs

While we all love the simplicity of dining room sets and dinettes, it can be fun to break out of the mold with a new dining room table. If you love style and believe your dining room shouldn’t be only functional, it might be time to find some fun style pairings perfect for your space. Here are some style tips and ideas for freshening up your dining room.

Organic Simple

If you don’t want to go with wild finishes or colors, you can still change up your style by keeping it simple. Find organic materials like wood or metal and pair them together. Keeping classic silhouettes in mind doesn’t hurt either. Keep your dining room table shape and chair shape simple, and it will make a stylish trend on its own.


If you’re a fan of mod furniture but don’t want to go full ‘60s in your dining room, there are ways to pay homage without going full over. Find a classic tulip table, or a set of mod chairs. Pair your mod chairs with an industrial inspired table for a new look.


If you love the look of the industrial table, try changing it up. Instead of going full wood table with benches, to complete the industrial trend, try changing up the chairs. Get something modern or classic. Try using upholstered chairs to bring in a more cozy feel to the harsher elements of an industrial wooden table.

Classic Glam

If you want your dining room to have echoes of old Hollywood, but not go too far, try finding a glass top dining room table. They’re highly functional and easy to clean. Try pairing it with a brightly colored chair. If you want to add an extra touch, try for an upholstered chair for an added level of comfort.


Keep it neutral or white and find a long family-style table to match. This style of dining room table needs the appropriate space, but it sets the tone for a family style meal. Get wooden chairs, or add a bench or two for extra flair.

Your Style

Whatever the combo you choose, be sure it reflects the style you want in your home. Consider the style of table and chair, to be sure it fits your family’s lifestyle. If your dining room table is the hub of your home and where the majority of homework gets done, you might want to lean more toward functionality. If your dining room table is rarely used or only used for one meal a day, or only formal occasions, find something fancier that suits your tastes.

Choosing the perfect Barstool

Barstools have become a staple in most homes today. Most people have breakfast bars in their kitchens, or bars in other areas of their home that lend themselves well to a higher chair. With the trend of eat-in kitchens and breakfast nooks, barstools are a great way to add an eating area to your kitchen. Barstools have also become a great way to help make the kitchen a central place of the home.

Adding barstools to the end of your counter in the kitchen, could prompt your kids to sit down and do their homework while dinner is being cooked. They also present a great place for someone to sit, and help prep dinner.

Types of stools

Barstools come in three different heights. Counter, bar and spectator/stadium height stools are designed to pair well with the three most common counter heights. Standard height stools are anywhere from 24-26 inches high, as standard counters are 36 inches. Typical bar height is 42 inches, so most barstools come in at 30 inches high. A spectator or stadium stool is 34-36 inches tall, and meant fr counters around 48 inches.

Because counter heights can vary so much in homes, some stools are being sold as adjustable height to accommodate any counter height. Swivel stools have always been popular, but they tend to be heavier, so it’s something to take into consideration if you move often or if you’re concerned about your floors.

Barstools come in many styles in addition to heights. Some come without backs, or with partial backs or with full backs. It’s up to you to choose the best style for your kitchen. Something to consider when choosing a stool, a footrest can make or break the long term comfort of a barstool, so try to find stools with foot rests.


It depends on the style of your home, and what sort of finish you’re looking for. Barstools come in many finishes, but the two most common is metal and wood. Metal tends to be more affordable and easier to clean. It also lends itself well to a more industrial look. Wood barstools tend to work well in lots of different styled kitchens. The neutral look of wood goes well with almost anything. If the choice to go between metal and wood is a hard one, try finding a stool that features both.

The Right Barstool

Finding the right stool takes a lot of consideration. You have to consider how often it will be used, and for how long, how comfortable you want it to be, and what it’s level of functionality will be. If it’s going to be the central hub of your home, go with something more comfortable and encourage someone to sit at the kitchen counter for longer.