Choosing between wood and metal barstools

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Bar stools have become a standard in homes today. They are ever present in our kitchens, bringing families in to join the cooking fun or keeping the chefs in their family company. Bar stools and kitchen counters have long been a great spot for homework, ensuring time together on most evenings.

Types of barstools offered

Barstools come in three basic heights that are called counter, bar and spectator, or stadium height. They are all designed to pair with the three most common heights of counters.

A standard height counter is 36 inches, so a counter stool’s height could range anywhere from 24-26 inches.

A typical bar height is 42 inches high, so a more appropriate bar stool height can be 30 inches.

Spectator or stadium stools are usually 34 to 36 inches tall and are designed for a counter that is 48 inches tall.

Unfortunately bar stool height requirements change drastically from house to house, which is why most stools are now being created as adjustable stools. By making them adjustable, usually one size of stool can fit all types of homes, counters or bars.

Swivel stools are also growing in popularity, but they tend to be heavy and can harm your floors, and be a hassle move in and out of the counter. You can choose barstools with no backs, full backs or partial backs depending on the fit for your kitchen. The addition of a footrest to a bar stool can save your back, so it’s important to consider.

Some people like to keep a theme in their home, and choose to go with barstools similar to their dining room table furniture.

Wood and metal barstools

Metal barstools can be much more affordable and offer an easier clean up. A popular metal barstool look is stainless steel, as it seems to go with the decoration in most homes. Chrome is a great looking option for more contemporary homes and kitchens. Metal barstools can be a great choice for a kitchen featuring a lot of wood cabinetry.

Some metal stools feature a mesh wiring look, that can be accented with different colored seat pillows to soften up a harsher metal look. The choice between metal and wood bar stools can be between dark and light or balancing the other features in your kitchen.

Wood barstools can work in many different styles of kitchens, including rustic or country, or traditional and modern kitchens. In industrial neutral colored kitchens wood can be used as a pop of color, with cherry wood or yellow maple. The light color of distressed or treated wood can also serve as a lighter change.

Sometimes the decision to go between wood or metal can be a hard one, so a great alternative can be to go with stools that feature both.

Dining furniture best suited for bachelors

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Picking furniture for your bachelor pad can seem tedious. Here are a few simple things to remember for a dining area complete with practical pieces you love.

Dining room tables

An important tip to shopping for dining room furniture, it’s a better idea to buy a table first, and match the chairs to it, rather than the other way around.

Remember to take into consideration the size of the space you have for a table. You don’t want a table that no one can squeeze into because it’s too close to the wall. You want to have plenty of space to push out and pull in dining room chairs.

Basic finishes for dining room tables are clear or colored glass, metal or wood. Picking a table with a clear glass top can be a great idea for a smaller space. The clear glass will make the table look smaller than it actually is. Contemplate different shapes of dining room tables, like circular, square, rectangular, oval or others.

As always, when buying furniture, always make sure you can get it in the door of your home or apartment. Consider the size of doors or elevators or any other obstacles that may prevent you from getting a table into your home.

Dining room chairs

The choice of unique chairs can completely change the way your dining room looks. There are many types of chairs to try out, including upholstered, pedestal, metal and wood. You can also choose from different shapes or heights, chairs with arms or without and more.

Just because you’ve purchased a wood or metal table does not mean your chairs have to be the same. Wooden chairs at a metal table can have a great industrial affect, and vice versa with metal chairs at a wooden table.

Try out all your dining chair options before purchasing them. Make sure they’re comfortable and fit at the table you’ve purchased. Picking a fabric or material that can easily be wiped off makes for easy kitchen clean up as well, keeping your work to a minimum.

Creating your own bar

Also consider creating your own bar in your dining room by arranging glasses and bottles in a hutch. Another great alternative is adding bar stools to your kitchen counter. If you don’t have a bar table in your dining room or kitchen area, adding a long table at the end of your kitchen counter creates space for bar stools. The addition of leather, metal or wooden bar stools is a great upgrade to any kitchen.