Let Bar Stools Add A Unique Character To Your Art Studio

Let Bar Stools Add A Unique Character To Your Art Studio

When you think about bar stools, you immediately consider placing them in kitchens by counters and islands, or at wet bars. Yet bar stools are very versatile as they are the perfect piece of furniture to place in art studios. If art is your passion and you need the right type of seating for work and for lounging, consider bar stools to be the perfect solution. There are many ways to use bar stools in your studio as here are a few ideas you may want to try.

Painting Stools

People create art in many different ways, so it stands to reason they need furniture that will help them create the perfect artwork. While some artists have to stand in front of the canvas to create their art, you might prefer a seated position when sitting in front of the easel. Regular chairs are simply too low, especially when you are working on large canvases. A bar stool can give you the perfect height to work on your creativity without causing strains to your back.

Work Benches

Do your part to make a better environment by repurposing old bar stools. Bar stools can be turned into work benches to hold paint and artist tools. All you need are two strong benches and a piece of wood nailed down onto the seat to create the perfect work bench. You are recycling the furniture for the perfect cause.

Creating Conversation Areas

There is much more to an art studio than simply looking at the artist’s greatest creations in silence. Instead, the art pieces are the best way to start an engaging conversation with viewers to see what the artwork means to them. You can create conversation areas near your best art pieces in your studio by strategically placing bar stools so people can sit and muse. You can instantly make an inviting atmosphere where people can laugh, debate and talk about the art world.

Artwork Displays

There is one little nook in your space that would be perfect for your pottery, statue or small painting. Yet you just don’t have the right table to place there at the angle you want so you can properly display the art. Consider a bar stool. With a bar stool that has a back, you can display artwork in a unique and creative way in any corner of the room. Instantly brighten up the space and have more places to display your items that will catch the attention of anyone who comes into your studio.

As Artwork Itself

As an artist, you know that there are many things besides clay, canvas and metal to create engaging pieces of art. When the mood strikes, and when you have an old bar stool that is showing signs of wear-and-tear, turn it into a work of art. Unleash your creative side and go crazy with the paint colors, sculpting tools or welding torch to make art pieces that are one of a kind.

Create More Space Even in Small Apartments

Create More Space Even In Small Apartments

Tiny apartments can be a decorator’s nightmare. You want to have a comfortable environment where you can place all your possessions and necessitates out so you can enjoy them. Yet all your items take up so much space that you can barely move around.

Don’t start looking for new rental opportunities when it is not in your budget all because you are desperate to find a larger space. You can create more room in your tiny apartment with these smart solutions.

Multifunctional Furniture is Your Friend

Really, multifunctional furniture is a must-have if you live in small apartments. Sofas that can be converted into beds, and kitchen tables that can do double duty as work desks or can be expanded when you have guests over for meals, are the perfect solutions to increase space because it cuts down on the number of furniture pieces you have to buy. Think about what types of furniture would work for the floor plan you have and come up with some creative ideas that will work out for your lifestyle.

Use the Walls for Decorating Ideas

Many people refrain from doing anything with the walls because they don’t want to cause any damage that will come out of their security deposit later when they decide to move. Yet it costs less than $10 for a wall repair kit and 5 minutes of your time to repair small nail holes. So place hanging bookshelves and floating mantles on the wall to increase space.  Then move books, knickknacks and vases from bookcases and tables over to the hanging shelves and mantels. When you remove bulky bookcases and tables, you can instantly increase space in your apartment.

Don’t forget the versatility of doors to provide places to store your items. You can hang door organizers in cabinets and against interior doors to hold shoes, toiletries, cooking utensils, food products and other items.

Work Out a Better Floor Plan

Sometimes, the best way to have a bigger apartment is to rethink the current floor plan. You may find that certain areas in the room are more appropriate to place furniture to increase space and allow a flow to the room that doesn’t hamper movement. Then consider the items you need to have in your daily lifestyle and things that you only use occasionally and seasonally. You may find that it is better to pack things up and rent a storage space to hold the extra items that you own.

Enjoy Your Tiny, Spacious Apartment

There is no reason why you can’t have a tiny apartment that fits perfectly into your lifestyle. All you have to consider are the items that are necessary to have in your life, things that can be placed into storage, and using your space smartly to increase the amount of room.  Many solutions won’t cost much out of pocket or cause you to have to get rid of the possessions that you own. Instead you can have everything you need and the space you deserve.