Have Best New Year Party on the Block with a New Kitchen or Dinette Set

Ringing in the New Year in style is what you have waited for those 12 long months. It’s your turn to host the party as you want it to be the biggest extravaganza in the neighborhood. You have the paper horns printed out as a craft project for the kids during their holiday break. You have the appetizers and the champagne. Yet there is just one thing missing: the new furniture that will have all your guests comfortable when they start the countdown to midnight.

California Stools, Bars and Dinettes has a large selection of kitchen and dinette sets available when you are looking to add some holiday cheer to your home. Before the party guests arrive, you want all the food prepared and set out so the guests can eat whenever they are hungry throughout the night. Prepare and cook the meals with plenty of elbow room and space with a new kitchen set. Then set the goodies out on the dinette set as guests can snack and drink during the entire party.

Yet what is even better is that you will have the kitchen or dinette set well into the next year as you will love the sturdiness and durability of the furniture. Select from beautiful wood kitchen and dinette sets that warm every room of the house. Go with modern glass dinettes or expandable dining tables when you want to add a bit of pizzazz to the decor. We also have laminate dining room sets that can stand up to your busy lifestyle and still maintain its beauty and comfort for years.

So where can you get the great deals for your kitchen or dinette set? Come to California Stools, Bars and Dinettes. We have three available locations in the Bay Area: San Jose, San Carlos and Pleasant Hills. With three available locations, it allows us to stock up on all the furniture you need for your kitchen and dining area so you can always find what you want.

Don’t resign yourself to using the same old furniture with the scratches, dints, chips and stains for another year. When the New Year arrives and the celebrations start, enjoy them more with brand new furniture from California Stools, Bars and Dinettes. Manufactured to last and available at our everyday low prices, the kitchen and dinette sets can match your preferences for different sized rooms so you have the sitting and dining furniture that is perfect for your lifestyle.

Make It Easy To Fulfill Your Christmas Wish List By Asking For Dining Furniture


Don’t make it difficult for your family and friends to think up the perfect Christmas present to get you. The holidays are hectic enough to have them guessing about the ideal gift that you would love. Yet it can be hard to think about a gift for yourself. You have all the clothes, jewelry, and tech devices that you have always wanted.

Well, how about dining furniture as an ideal gift? It has probably been some time since you actually upgraded your old kitchen table, dinette set, and chairs for your kitchen or dining room. You should not wait until your old dining room furniture is on its last legs. Improve the look of your home with new furniture that isn’t scratched, marred or chipped. Purchase durable and beautiful kitchen sets and chairs from California Stools, Bars and Dinettes.

You may also decide to add a new element to your dining or living room by getting a home bar and stools. This furniture makes the perfect gift as you will be able to entertain family and guests during dinner parties and get-togethers. Serve up the drinks and the laughs with a new bar set and stools.

Simply don’t have the room for a kitchen set? For small homes and apartments, have the right amount of space along with a place to sit and eat your meals with dinette sets. Dinette sets are perfect for small spaces.

So if you are struggling to think about the perfect gift for yourself, look at your old and worn dining furniture and consider asking for new kitchen tables, dinette sets, bars and stools from California Stools, Bars and Dinettes. We have the largest selection of dining furniture at great everyday low prices. Talk with our exceptional customer service who can help you select the perfect furniture you would love to have as gifts next to the Christmas tree.

Yet don’t just think about yourself for the holidays. Consider getting great furniture for your family and friends to spruce up their homes. Travel to California Stools, Bars and Dinettes three Bay Area locations in San Carlos, San Jose and Pleasant Hills. With our large warehouses and showrooms, you might see the best present as they will be surprised that you took the time to really put some thought into what the perfect gift would be to give them this year.

So stop down at California Stools, Bars and Dinettes when you are looking for gift ideas for yourself or for other people this Christmas.