New Dining Room Chairs At California Stools, Bars and Dinettes

Out of all the chairs in your home, the dining room chairs will be used on a daily purpose for eating meals, helping the kids with their homework, or doing some work for the office. With such daily abuse, we wear out dining room chairs quickly as legs wobble, fabric becomes ripped and the wood surface begins to show scratches.
When it comes time to purchase new dining room chairs, you want variety. You don’t want to select from the few chairs available in the showroom that everyone else already has in their homes. You want a wide selection of different styles and functions of chairs. You want traditional wooden chairs to go with your Victorian style home, upholstered chairs for a more contemporary decor, or swivel rockers when you are looking for a retro appearance.
Here at California Stools, Bars and Dinettes, we are constantly bringing in the newest dining room chairs that capture the latest home design trends. With our three Bay Area locations, we have the widest selection of dining furniture available in California as you are sure to find the new dining room chair that matches perfectly with your existing dining room table and chairs.

So when you are looking for a single chair to complete a set, or are replacing all the dining room chairs in your home, check out our new selection at California Stools, Bars and Dinettes. We offer the lowest everyday prices for dining room chairs from manufacturers that you know and can trust.

So browse at the new chairs that we have available on stock, stop down at one of our three store locations, and sit back in comfort as our exceptional customer service provides you with the assistance you need so you can have the furniture that will last a lifetime. Your friends and family will be grateful to sit, eat and relax back in a dining room chair from California Stools, Bars and Dinettes.

Home Furniture Trends To Pay Attention To This Year

The latest furniture trends are making people think about redesigning their interior spaces. From vintage picture frames to sustainable furniture pieces, there is almost a trend to please everybody’s decor tastes during 2014. Check out the following home furniture trends we at California Stools, Bars and Dinettes have seen during 2014.

Statement Dining Tables

wood-dining-room-set-With people interested in bringing back more family time during meals where everyone sits down to eat great food and share stories around the table together, the dining room is getting a more modern makeover with statement dining tables. These tables are getting all of the attention in the dining room, as it is the standout feature that brings the decor theme together. For people who have the room, large dining room tables to seat 8 people or more are popular for those homeowners who love to host dinner parties and get-togethers regularly.

Cultured Furnishings

When a person can’t travel to foreign countries to enjoy the wonderful sites, they can instead have the furnishings that remind them of other foreign cultures. Cultured furniture pieces allows you to create a complete foreign theme in your living room or dining room spaces. African tribal, Asian-inspired Zen or European flair styles can instantly make any person sitting in the room feel like that had purchased a plane ticket to go on a global trip.

Down-Sized Furniture

wood-dining-room-set-35aAnother home furniture trend this year involves creating more open spaces in smaller homes and apartment buildings. Cluttered rooms have become the enemy. Smaller sofas, tables and dinettes are getting their time in the limelight as these beautiful furniture pieces still add classy style to the home without having a person feel boxed in.

Vintage Styles Are Still The Rage

Placing vintage furniture throughout the home continues to be a popular trend with green benefits. People are recycling old pieces of furniture and giving them a new life and a new home. What is also a great benefit is that many furniture stores have modern furniture that looks vintage. So you can place the table or chair in your home without worrying about any defects that could affect the stability or usability of the furniture piece.