What Type of Wood to Choose For Your Dining Room Table

When it comes time to purchase a dining room table, you want one that is long-lasting and durable for the many meals that will be eaten there. People will have different ideas and decor preferences for dining tables, yet the most common types of tables are constructed out of wood. There are many wood products and composites out on the market as you need to decide which type of wood to purchase for your dining room table.

Composite Woods

Composite woods such as plywood and particle board are often used for dining room tables because they are inexpensive. Some composite materials also use a combination of hardwoods and softwoods compressed together. You can often tell the difference between a solid wood table and a composite wood table by looking at the end grain which will not feature any growth rings. While composite wood dining tables are inexpensive, they are not sturdy and can be hard to fix it they have scratches or cuts in the surface.

Interior design series: dining room closeupSolid woods

Solid wood dining tables are made from real hardwoods without any composite materials. These dining room tables are sturdy and durable, as they can withstand the daily abuse when the dining room table is also used as the home office workspace and craft table. When a scratch or cut appears, it can usually be repaired so the scratch can no longer be seen. Hardwoods commonly used for tables include maple, oak, mahogany, teak, walnut, and pecan. Hardwood tables are more expensive than composite woods, as some hardwoods are rare and pricey to harvest and manufacture. Solid hardwoods can split as they age.

Some dining room tables are also created from softwoods such as pine. Softwoods can be prone to scratches, stains and dents as they are ideal for dining tables that will not be used often. Pine tables are also ideal for when you are looking for a rustic or ranch style theme for your home.

Veneer Woods

While a table may look like it is solid wood, it can in fact be veneer. Veneer tables are made with a thin piece of wood that is sheered off of a plank. Then this thin layer is glued to a fiber board or plywood material. Veneer wood tables will often have a repeated wood grain across the surface and have seams where the veneer connects along the corners and edges of the table. Veneer wood is cheaper than solid wood but the layer piece can peel up over time. Teak, satinwood, rosewood, and sycamore are common wood types used for veneer.

While picking out a dining room table, consider how often you will use the table, the color and the grain of the wood to decide which one to purchase. You can find the one that fits perfectly into our budget.

Saving Space With The Right Dinette Set

Dinette sets are wonderful pieces of dining furniture that are ideal for smaller homes and apartments where every available space is valuable. These dinette sets work in small dining rooms, kitchen nooks and spaces in living rooms. When you are considering a dinette set in your home, there are several factors to consider to pick out the right dining set that the whole family can enjoy.

DinetteHow To Save Space With Dinette Sets

Measure Twice And Buy Once

To save the right amount of space, you have to consider the size of the area where the dinette set will go and the flow of traffic through the room. Also, ask yourself whether you will be using the dinette table for other things such as a preparation island for meals, a workspace for the kids, or another seating area where people will gather and have conversations. Multifunctional dinette sets allow you to do additional things without having to buy other furniture for the home or apartment. By deciding how the dinette set will be used, you can determine the right size dinette for the space.

Bench Seating Is Perfect For Dinette Sets

An added benefit for dinette sets is that you can save more space by choosing different types of seating arrangements. If the table will only be used by your small family, you can have the traditional 4 chairs for seating. Yet for those special occasions and holidays where family or guests will be dining with you, instantly increase the seating with benches. A bench can add up to 3 places for people to sit. When the bench is not in use, you can place it under a window, near the front door as seating in mud rooms, or in a bedroom.

Increase Space With Expandable Tables

Another factor to consider is that many tables have expandable surfaces and table leaves that allow the tables to fold down into a smaller size so that it doesn’t take up as much room. By lowering one or both leaves of the table, it can instantly increase the amount of space around it. When it is time to eat, simply fold the leaves back up or attach an additional section to make the table larger.

Dinette Sets Make The Perfect Furnishings For Every Home

Dinette sets are the ideal dining furniture when you are concerned about the amount of space you have in your home. When you are looking for affordable and durable dinette sets, contact California Stools, Bars and Dinettes. We offer a wide range of dinette sets that will fit perfectly in your home and will look great with the rest of the furnishings in the room.

Perfect Dining Furniture For The Bachelor Pad


When it comes to decorating the dining room for the bachelor space, they want stylish and multi-functional pieces that offer the right amount of space. The look should show off their masculine side, yet also be welcoming when he invites guests over for dinner or playing a poker game on Saturday night. The furniture should also offer the right amount of working surfaces without being overbearing and taking up too much room in the space. Here are several ideas for dining room furniture that will have men eager to invite guests over for a great meal and a fun time.

Dark Woods

Dark wooden furniture gives that bachelor dining room that right amount of sophistication. Select a long wooden table with leather or upholstery padding on wooden chairs as it will nicely show off the room while also offering a comfortable place to sit. With the right pendant lighting or sconces, the room can look elegant for the romantic time with a sweetheart and then quickly change over to be practical for daily lifestyles.

Expandable Tables

Expandable tables work well in small bachelor room settings where space is limited. The table surface can be lengthened when you need more for dinner guests, parties or poker nights. Add a bench for additional seating as a table that seats four can easily be expanded to accommodate 6 people comfortably. After the guests go home, you can shorten the table and stow away the extra chairs to keep your bachelor pad neat and organized.

Dinette Sets

Some bachelor spaces simply don’t have a formal dining room. You can still create a dining room area for yourself so you aren’t standing in the kitchen eating over the sink or spilling food on the rug in the living room. Dinette sets work perfectly in that unused spot in the living room as you can have a nice place to eat your meals. It allows seating for 4 people as you can easily take away two chairs when you will be dining alone for the evening.

Home Bars

Nothing makes the meal complete without a nice drink to pair with your dinner. Home bars are becoming popular in bachelor pads as you can fix up your favorite drink the way you like it without having to deal with the noise of crowds at the local dive bar. Home bars come in varying sizes that can fit perfectly in the dining room. Match the look and color of the wooden bar with the dining room table and chairs to have a uniform look in the room.