Dining Tables That Double as Desks

Working from home definitely has its perks, and with more and more people transitioning to home-based work in recent months, you’ve likely had the chance to discover them. Whether you’re working from home out of necessity in light of the pandemic or have made the transition to buy yourself some flexibility, the right work area is important. Before you rush out and buy a desk with all of the bells and whistles, consider instead a dining room table. A dining room table can make an excellent workspace, and here’s why.

Tables Increase Your Workspace

Today’s computers are smaller than ever, but the need for a workspace has increased. You need room to spread out documents, design layouts, and notes. A traditional desk doesn’t give you much space, but a table means plenty of room to work. Sure, you’ll have fewer drawers to store things, but add a basket or file shelf to the tabletop to use as storage instead.

Tables Serve Two Purposes

If you’re short on space, using a table as your desk as well as your dining area means your work area takes up less space in your home. You can clear the table of work-related items for meals, then put your laptop and papers back when it’s time to work.

If the table won’t be used for dining, you can use it as a communal space. When you’re done with work for the day, clear off the laptop and have a game night with your kids, or let them use it for a craft space. The larger work surface of a table gives you plenty of room to explore these ideas when you clock out at the end of the day.

Adjustable Height Dining Tables Work Well as Desk

One potential drawback of using a dining table as a desk is the height, which may not be ideal for good typing posture. Choosing a dinette table that has an adjustable height overcomes this problem. You can raise or lower the table depending on the day’s activities, so you can use it for dining and work.

Better Aesthetics

Another reason to choose a dining table as a desk, even if you have a dedicated workspace, is aesthetics. You can choose a table that matches the style of your home or office, whether that’s shabby chic, modern, or traditional. Your table-turned-desk will fit seamlessly with your design choices. Not only that, but dining room tables, unlike desks, look good from all angles. If your workspace isn’t going to be up against a wall, a table prevents it from turning into an eyesore.

Dining room tables are quickly becoming a multi-purpose addition to your home. Whether you’re adding one to your dining area or using it in your office as you work from home, finding the right table is key. At California Stools, Bars and Dinettes, we will help you find the right dining room table, so you can set up a work-from-home environment that works for your needs. Give us a call to discuss your needs today.

Need Furniture Advice? Call Us Today!

You’ve decided to remodel your kitchen, dining room or family game room once the stay-at-home order during this global pandemic is behind us. You’re browsing furniture online now and want to know how it might work in your space. Use our tips below to help you decide on furniture that best meets your needs.

What’s Your Style?

If you’re a homeowner, investing in quality furniture that will last is a good decision. And, if you’re buying furniture to last, you’ll want to think carefully about your style.  After all, you won’t be switching it out for something else any time soon. Start by asking some questions. Are you looking for furniture to offset the bold new colors you’ve picked for the walls? Do you enjoy the natural beauty of wood or the sleek lines of metal? Also, do you have favorite furniture manufacturers?

Maybe a set of barstools is the ideal choice for additional seating at your new kitchen island and bar. You have lots of options for everything from wrought iron and other metals to wood such as oak, cherry, walnut, ash and mahogany. What’s more, styles include bar stools with a back, swivel counter stools and more. Depending on your style, you may pick something sleek and simple. On the other hand, you may want something more luxurious with a high, padded back. When it comes to barstools, you need to know how high the counter is where they’ll sit, in relation to the height of the stool.

Take Measurements

Regardless of the piece, you’ll want to consider how the new furniture will fit in the space. The only way to know how much space it will take up in the room is to take measurements of the room and compare it with the size of the furniture. Make sure you pick furniture that fits and allows plenty of room for movement. For a dining room table and chairs, for example, use the measurements of the pieces seen online and lay them out on the floor with painter’s tape to see how they would work in your space.

Determine Delivery and Set-Up

Buying furniture from a local dealer will ensure quicker delivery. Not only that, but if you need help setting it up, or putting the pieces together, you’ll have an option of adding set-up to the delivery. What this means for you is you need to add the cost of delivery and setup into your budget.

Purchase Furniture Online: Consider the Source

You want to be able to call the company and ask questions as well as get advice on your purchase. Our owners at California Stools, Bars and Dinettes are in store during normal business hours, seven days a week, at our two Bay Area locations in San Jose and Pleasant Hill and are happy to talk to you. Just give us a call!

How to Build a Great Home Bar

Entertaining at home can be more fun than going out because you don’t have to worry about driving, it’s less crowded, you’ll always get your drink right away and, frankly, it’s a lot cheaper! Building a home bar is a great way to make inviting friends over an even better experience. Here are a few things to consider when designing your own home bar.


If you don’t have a lot of extra space for a home bar, consider one with a smaller profile. This can mean that it is long enough to seat 2-3 people, or that it doesn’t wrap around in a U-shape. A smaller home bar is great to tuck into a corner or for those who like to entertain on a budget. A larger home bar can seat 4-5 people and may include the U-shape design. This will allow for more storage with cabinets, a bigger counterspace for preparing drinks, and makes the bar more of a focal point in the room.


The design style of your home bar reflects your personal taste as a homeowner and host. Consider the overall aesthetic of your home and how you want your home bar to fit in to that. Perhaps you want dark wood paneling to recreate the feel of your favorite neighborhood bar. On the opposite end, maybe you’re looking for something light and airy such as wrought iron for an outdoor home bar by the pool.


Once you’ve picked out the home bar, the next step is to consider the lighting. You’ll want lights that are bright enough for you to be able to see the drinks you’re making, but you’ll also want it to be dim and cozy enough for your guests. Take a look at the existing lighting in the space you’re building a home bar and see what adjustments you might need to make. Consider dimmable lights or multiple lighting options.


You may decide to place your home bar in an area that is plentiful with comfortable seating already. In that case, you might not need to worry much about bar stools. But if you’d like your guests to come sit at the bar with you, look for chairs that sit up high enough that you can look at each other directly while preparing drinks on the opposite side of the bar. You may also consider bistro or pub tables near your bar.

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When it comes time to build your home bar, look no further than the experts at California Stools, Bars and Dinettes! We have two Bay Area store locations that offer a variety of home bars to suit any size and style preferences you may have. We can also help you choose bar stools for your new home bar and even pub tables if you’re looking to bring additional seating to your entertaining space. Come visit us in San Jose or Pleasant Hill today!