Animal Elements Being Adopted Into All Home Styles

Leopard Print

When you think about animal elements as home decor, do you imagine walking into a home that looks like a jungle as a wild tiger (or your pet cat named tiger) hides among the broad leaves of a fake fern as it is about to pounce on your suspecting toes? Perhaps you imagine walking into a hunting cabin with animal heads and antlers scattered across the furniture?

Animal elements have been popular for decades. Yet they don’t have to take center stage and be the main theme in the room. If you want to explore your quirky, groovy side, or just add a splash of unique style to the room, here are several ideas provided by California Stools, Bars, and Dinettes to add animal themes to your home whether you have a modern, industrial, contemporary or other architectural style.

Animal print pillows are usually the first baby step a person takes when they want to tap into their wild side. Leopard spots and zebra stripes can be found on a range of pillow sizes that can be placed on sofas, love seats and beds. Animal prints also are ideal for people of all ages, as children love the unique design in their rooms. When a person no longer desires to have the animal print theme in their home, they can use pillow covers and shams to change the print design on the pillow.

Animal Hide Chairs and Ottomans

The interesting thing about animal hide chairs is that you don’t have to incorporate the design throughout the room. Usually you would select one or two chairs to make it a nice conversational piece that may be in contrast to the rest of the decor in the room. Upholstered chairs can come in a wide range of themes, even looking like cow hide or sheepskin. You can have the chairs in the living room, a work chair in your home office, or even in your dining room when the family sits down to eat meals.

Don’t forget that animal elements can go beyond the color and print of the chair to instead focus on texture. Leather chairs with snakeskin and crocodile skin add a dimensional depth and style. If you do decide to purchase this exotic leather for chairs, make sure to read about how to properly maintain it.

Animal Print Rugs

Just like pillows, rugs are another easy way to add animal elements to a wide range of home styles without overpowering other decor themes. The rugs are usually placed underneath coffee tables in living rooms. Yet you don’t have to keep them confined to only that living space. You can place them in bedrooms between your bed and a long dresser, in the kid’s room with large sitting pillows so they can sit on the floor and read or play, or even along the hallway as a floor runner rug.

Get adventurous and consider adding animal elements to your home. You can bring the outdoors into your home in a unique fashion. Then show off your new decor style as your friends will love the look of the room.


Got New Bar Stools? Tips On What To Do With The Old Ones

Vintage Stool With White Wooden Background.

It’s past time to get new bar stools for your home. You find the perfect stools that fit into the decor theme of your dining room or kitchen at California Stools, Bars and Dinette Sets. Yet what do you do with the old bar stools? If you can’t gift them to a friend and your college-bound child doesn’t want the bar stools to clutter up his small dorm room, you can repurpose the stools into other items that you can use in the inside and outside of your home. Here are several ideas you may want to try to recycle the old stools and give them other functions.

Nightstands and End Tables

Just a dash of paint and you can transform the bar stools into instant nightstands and end tables. If you desire a wider table piece on top, you can attach another piece of wood, either square or round, to the top of the bar stool seat. Keep in mind that the larger the table surface, the top-heavier the nightstand or table will become even with wide legs as bumping a large table surface could make the stool topple over.

Sofa Tables and Work Desks

Take the night stand idea and make the table longer while adding another barstool as you can instantly make yourself a work desk or sofa table. Use the tables as a new study area for the kids, an extra table in the craft room, or just a decorative table in the corner of the room to hold books and vases.

Outdoor Drink Cooler

It’s amazing how far a little ingenuity can take you. If you remove the bar seat and attach a metal bucket on top, you can create an instant drink cooler for your outdoor space. Fill it with ice and set wine coolers (or non-alcoholic drinks) inside as everyone can have a drink without impatiently waiting beside the wet bar.

Indoor/Outdoor Plant Stand

If you don’t like to drink or host parties, you can use the drink cooler idea and instead place dirt inside the bucket to make a standing planter for hanging plants. Place the planter along the corners of your deck or inside your home by the window where the plants can get plenty of sunshine. You can also place herbs into the bucket to use in your cooking.

Garden Bird Houses

Bring more birds to your flower and vegetable garden who will eat up the pesky bugs that nibble on your plants by creating a garden bird house out of your old bar stools. Simply attach a large birdhouse to the top of the stool and place it in a corner of your garden. Make sure to securely mount the legs by either driving the metal ends into the ground or even cementing wooden bar legs in place.

The possibilities on what you can do with bar stools are endless. If you aren’t a creative type, you can simply try to sell or give the stools away at yard sales and garage sales. Then the old bar stools can find a new home that isn’t at the local landfill.

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Furniture for Your First Home

Wood-expandable-dining-table-257You just bought your first home, and you are deciding on the right furniture to place in each room. California Stools, Bars and Dinettes can provide you with a wide range of options based on your particular needs as we offer dining room furniture, bar furniture, and kitchen furniture for your dining and entertainment needs. While getting the dining room and the wet bar perfect for your family, the kitchen area may be the hardest room in selecting the right tables and chairs.

Kitchens come in a wide range of sizes and need to have the right traffic flow for cooking without creating obstacles. When placing in furniture, you don’t want to disrupt this flow by adding too many pieces or too large of a kitchen set to where you have to move the furniture about daily just to have room to cook. Yet you still would like a nice sitting area in the space so everyone can sit down for a nice family dinner. Here are several ways in selecting the right kitchen furniture that will fit perfectly into your first home.

Consider the Primary Use of the Kitchen

Yes, it is a kitchen so it will be used for cooking. Yet kitchens have evolved over the years to becoming multi-functioning spaces. It may also be the home office, the child’s study area, and a place for entertaining dinner guests. Deciding on all the purposes allows you to have a basic idea on what types of furniture to purchase.

For example; if you plan to talk and entertain guests in an open floor plan where the kitchen can be seen from other living spaces and a large counter is used as a separator, you may want to purchase kitchen stools. The kitchen stools can give extra seating for people to relax, have a drink and eat a snack while watching you cook.

Another thing to consider is if you have enough space to place in an additional small table as a food preparation area. By having a separate table, you won’t have to fight for space at the regular kitchen table if the kids decide to do their homework before dinner or the spouse is finishing up on some work reports. Breakfast nooks may also be ideal as you can increase the seating with a bench so your family has their own place to do work before or after the meals.

Measure the Space to Narrow Down Furniture Choices

While you may want every type of kitchen furnishings offered at California Stools, Bars and Dinettes, you may quickly find out just how much space is eaten up by the furniture you place into it. Use a measuring tape to measure out the space that is available. One tip is to use masking tape on the floor to mark the spaces where you want to place the tables and chairs.

Doing this strategy will give you a visual reference of where you want the furniture as you can change your measurement figures in case you need to select a smaller table, fewer chairs, or a larger dining set. Once you have the measurements and have the taped areas as reference, you can sketch out the space. There are several types of software and apps available that will give you a 3D computerized representation of your home. Then you can place in virtual furnishings into the floor plan. Decide on how long of a table you can have, the right position to place it, and the number of sitting spaces for everyday meals and for special holiday feasts.

Selecting Furniture Styles

Selecting furniture styles will usually be on the final part of your furniture selection task. Yet the style can have a big influence in setting the mood in the room. You can select a more rustic style to match the woodsy, country feeling, or select a more modern piece if you are going for a minimalist, industrial look. The types of materials you select for the furniture will also dictate the style you are looking for as glass tables offer a more elegant appearance while wood inspires a relaxing and warm atmosphere.

Sometimes taking photographs of the rest of the furniture in your house can help in selecting a style when you go to the furniture store. If your first home has an open floor plan where the kitchen can be seen from the living room or dining room, you may want the kitchen furniture to complement the other furnishings, or even provide a contrasting element to show how it is a separate space of its own even in an open floor layout.

Trying out Furniture is Essential

Don’t forget this last step of the process. Trying out the furniture by coming to California Stools, Bars and Dinettes will allow you to see for yourself how different family members are seated at tables or kitchen stools. Imagine standing over a table as you are chopping vegetables or stirring pots to select the right height. Then sit on the chair to determine the comfort level you desire. You may desire an upholstered chair if you have certain back problems, or a wooden chair for extra body support.

Keep in mind that different family members will have different comfort levels when it comes to sitting at chairs and eating at tables. So take their opinions into consideration and pick out the kitchen furniture that appeals to every member of your family. If you are having problems finding the right kitchen furniture for your first home, then let the friendly staff of California Stools, Bars, and Dinettes give you a hand.

We have three different store locations in the Bay Area as our warehouses are fully stocked with kitchen furniture in the style and comfort level you desire. Whether you want to select a full kitchen set or mix-and-match different kitchen furniture pieces, we can help you narrow down your choices and locate the stools, tables, chairs and benches that will fit perfectly into your budget.