Choosing the perfect Barstool

Barstools have become a staple in most homes today. Most people have breakfast bars in their kitchens, or bars in other areas of their home that lend themselves well to a higher chair. With the trend of eat-in kitchens and breakfast nooks, barstools are a great way to add an eating area to your kitchen. Barstools have also become a great way to help make the kitchen a central place of the home.

Adding barstools to the end of your counter in the kitchen, could prompt your kids to sit down and do their homework while dinner is being cooked. They also present a great place for someone to sit, and help prep dinner.

Types of stools

Barstools come in three different heights. Counter, bar and spectator/stadium height stools are designed to pair well with the three most common counter heights. Standard height stools are anywhere from 24-26 inches high, as standard counters are 36 inches. Typical bar height is 42 inches, so most barstools come in at 30 inches high. A spectator or stadium stool is 34-36 inches tall, and meant fr counters around 48 inches.

Because counter heights can vary so much in homes, some stools are being sold as adjustable height to accommodate any counter height. Swivel stools have always been popular, but they tend to be heavier, so it’s something to take into consideration if you move often or if you’re concerned about your floors.

Barstools come in many styles in addition to heights. Some come without backs, or with partial backs or with full backs. It’s up to you to choose the best style for your kitchen. Something to consider when choosing a stool, a footrest can make or break the long term comfort of a barstool, so try to find stools with foot rests.


It depends on the style of your home, and what sort of finish you’re looking for. Barstools come in many finishes, but the two most common is metal and wood. Metal tends to be more affordable and easier to clean. It also lends itself well to a more industrial look. Wood barstools tend to work well in lots of different styled kitchens. The neutral look of wood goes well with almost anything. If the choice to go between metal and wood is a hard one, try finding a stool that features both.

The Right Barstool

Finding the right stool takes a lot of consideration. You have to consider how often it will be used, and for how long, how comfortable you want it to be, and what it’s level of functionality will be. If it’s going to be the central hub of your home, go with something more comfortable and encourage someone to sit at the kitchen counter for longer.

Picking a Dining Room Table for your Family

When it comes to picking the right dining room table, there are many things you should consider. The space you have for a dining room table is huge. And what style do you want it in? One of the most important things to consider when you’re getting a dining room table is what you’re going to use it for. Not just big holiday dinners, but what does your family need? Do you only need something for the holidays, or do you need a central gathering place for your house?


Deciding what kind of finish you’re looking for in a table is one of the most important steps to choosing a dining room table. If it’s going to be a place that you’re family gathers to do homework and share a nightly meal, you might want to consider a stronger finish, like metal. While metal tabletops do offer a more industrial styling, they’re much more durable, and best for endless hours spent doing homework at the table.

If you’re looking for a softer, perhaps more rustic style, go with a wood table. If you love wood tables, but have a younger family and expect a little wear and tear, consider getting a distressed wood table. That way a mark or two won’t really stand out as a flaw.


If you’re going to choose a table with color, it’s best to bring along samples of the colors that you have in your dining room. If you can bring samples of your cabinets or flooring. Find pictures of your space, so that it’s easier to match style elements in your dining room.


A crucial step is to measure your dining room. Once you do, you can ensure that you’ll get a table that will fit within the space you have. Finding a table that allows for your dinner guests to move around comfortably within the room, is key. Know how many people you’ll want to seat at your table, whether it’s the number of people in your household, or the number of people who will be there for a big celebration dinner, it’s best to plan ahead to find the perfect table for your needs.

Take Away

To find the perfect dining room table, it’s important to consider what you’ll need a table for on a daily basis. That should be what influences your decision. Finding a table that suits your everyday needs, and also those of anticipated larger gatherings is great. It’s more important to find a table that better suits your family’s needs, so you can get great use out of it.

How to Design a Transitional Dining Room

While some dining rooms may take on a specific design theme, it can be fun to play around with different design elements. When it comes to picking the furniture and design elements you want in your dining room, it’s important to think of the best way to incorporate the old with the new. If you want to use your family’s china but still have newer or modern elements at play, we’re here to break it down for you.


Things you should always consider are how functional and visually pleasing your dining room is. You want to be sure that you have furniture that fits in your dining room. It should fit with enough space around the tables, chairs, etc. so that people can move around comfortably. Consider how the chairs slide in and out from the table, be sure there’s enough room to do this. If you need to consider bench seating for one side of the table, to give the dining room a modern twist, try it. Adding a bench to your dining room table not only saves space, but adds an updated flair to the design.

If you’re planning to mix and match a dining room table and chairs, rather than use a dining room table set, it’s important to be sure that the chairs fit the height of the tabletop. You want to be sure that your guests aren’t too high or low when they’re sitting in your chairs.

Be sure to focus on the lighting in the room. Fixtures should be selected or adjusted so that they’re proportionally right for the table size, the size of the room, etc.

Once you’ve spent time figuring out the space, you’re ready to start adding different design pieces and turn your dining room into a transitional space.


Try finding pieces that reach to two different areas of design. Find cabinets with some farmhouse elements, while still including contemporary design and updated metal accents. Look for vintage (inspired or real) tables, that emit a farmhouse feel. Find something rustic, made with wood.

Looking for transitional chairs, that will work with different kinds of tables. Find chairs that can go with antique tables or a table that’s more contemporary.

Sometimes the best piece to pull everything together other than your dining room table set, is a light fixture. Find an updated chandelier or piece that reaches across different design themes.

Perfect Tables

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