Dining sets in small kitchens

Kitchen Room With White Cabinets, Blue Walls And Glass AbleWhile some homeowners or renters are looking for full dining room sets, most current urban dwellings don’t allow the space to have a formal dining room. As a culture, we’re shifting away from the formal dining room and moving toward eat-in kitchens and breakfast bars or nooks. Some formal dining rooms rarely see use, perhaps once or twice a year, and are being re-purposed for other things like home offices. If you’re looking to move your main dining area into the kitchen, or you simply don’t have a dining room, there are plenty of smaller dining sets to use in a kitchen setting.

Size and layout

Evaluate the layout of your kitchen. Do you have a breakfast bar to utilize? Some smaller apartments offer breakfast bars, perfect for barstools, rather than a formal dining room table. It can be a great way to save on space in an otherwise cramped apartment.

Maybe there’s an area of your kitchen that would be perfect for a breakfast nook. Is there a bench or window seat built in to your apartment? Consider using that as a portion of seating for your dining area, and only investing in two to three chairs. You could try pushing a table up against a wall to save space in your kitchen. If two of you live in a house and only use two chairs, push it up against the wall, to make more space. If you have dinner guests, the table can always be pulled out and more chairs can be used.

Another great space saver for a smaller kitchen is benches for seating. Benches can always be pushed under tables to create more space when the table isn’t being used. Another great space addition is adding a breakfast bar or high top table to your kitchen counter. Use it as a counter extension or an island in your kitchen. If you lack counter space, the addition of this table could help provide more space to prep food and eat.

Table ideas for a small kitchen

An easy solution to an apartment with a smaller kitchen, and no dining room is a bistro table. Bistro tables are small and not heavy. They’re the perfect eat-in kitchen solution, and they come in many sizes.

Dinette sets are also a great idea for a smaller kitchen. Dinettes are smaller dining tables that can seat two to four people. They fit perfectly in a breakfast nook or kitchen.

Take away

A great way to maximize space is utilizing a bistro table or dinette set.  It can be a great way to  create an eat-in kitchen, or just a good way to maximize space.

Turn your Dining Room into a romantic Valentine’s Day spot

Romantic Dining Room TableInstead of heading out for an expensive dinner on Valentine’s Day, try cooking a meal in with your partner or family. It saves money, and eliminates the stress of getting ready to go out. Your dining room may take a little transformation to imitate a dimly lit romantic bistro, but it can be done. Here are our suggestions:

Use a Tablecloth. Using a tablecloth completely changes the feel of a room. If you have a dark wooden table, lighten it up with a white lacy cover. Or try for the not-so-subtle deep red tablecloth. People don’t use table cloths often, because they get dirtier easily. Valentine’s Day is a special occasion, and it well qualifies for a tablecloth. Cloth napkins up the fancy factor here too, if you have some on hand.

Candles. This one is obvious. A little mood lighting changes the feel of any meal. This isn’t specific to romantic dinners either, as candles are a great dining room table addition at the holidays, birthdays, etc.

If you’ve ever eating a meal in a swanky restaurant’s dining room, you’ve noticed that the lights are dimmed, and the candles are lit. This is a simple way to make the night feel special. If you can dim the lights in your dining room, do. If you have candles lit, this will add to the ambiance.

Add some flowers, because fresh flowers always make a day feel special. Get whatever kind of flowers you can. Valentine’s Day isn’t limited roses anymore. Any kind of flowers will spruce up a dining room table, and show that you care. Remember though, if you’re buying flowers that are scented you may want to use unscented candles.

Do some research on how to formally set a table. Consider what food you’re cooking, and make sure you have all the proper utensils on the table. Add a pitcher of lemon and ice water onto the table for a more formal restaurant-like touch.

Pick some music to help set the mood. Music choice is up to you and your preferences. If Valentine’s dinner is a family affair, pick something for everyone. If it’s you and your partner, go for something slower, and more romantic.

Remember Valentine’s Day is about showing love and appreciation for your partner and family. If you burn a casserole, or forget to chill the wine, don’t worry. It’s about trying to do something nice, and the effort is what really matters. If you’re not a chef extraordinaire, ask for help cooking. Make it fun in the kitchen, and surprise with a really fancy dining room table setting.

Update your Dining Room

Dining Room UpdatesAt the start of the new year, one can crave newness. Even if you can’t afford to redecorate your dining room, some small changes might not be a huge financial burden and can really help to update your space and make it feel new.

New Chair Accents

If you’re not in love with your current kitchen or dining room table chairs, try adding cushions to them. Cushions are a great way to change the vibe in your kitchen, dining room, or breakfast nook. Cushions add a pop of color, pattern or texture.

If you can, find new dining room chairs to match your dining room table. There aren’t a lot of things that are taboo in the design world nowadays. Pairing modern chairs with an industrial wooden dining room table works in some kitchens. If you can afford to, buying new dining room chairs are a great way to update your dining room, without financing a new dining room table.


It may seem silly, but adding something new, even if it’s small can change the way your dining room appears. Try adding some new accents on an end table or even to a dining room table centerpiece.

Finding a new table runner, candlesticks or even holiday decorations is a great way to spruce up your dining room, without a huge bill. If you have your dining room table set at all times, it can be a great time to find a new table cloth or placemats, in a new vibrant shade. This is the easiest way to add a pop of color to the room.

New Dining Room Table

If you do want to invest in a new dining room table it could be the perfect time to start browsing. The holidays are over so there’s no immediate need for a formal dining room for the next few months. Look at tables, chairs and even sets. Dining room sets can be a great way to get deals on chairs and a table, while also keeping the design similar.


If you’ve never thought about adding a rug in your dining room, it can be a great way to add some warmth and coziness to your dining room. Putting a rug underneath the dining room table and furniture. Try to find a rug that extends at least 18 inches beyond the table. This will allow the table and chairs to stay entirely on the rug at all times, even when the chairs are pushed in and out.

Consider the type of rug you get for your dining room, as you will be eating over it. Dinner parties have the potential to create a mess, especially with children around, the potential for spilled dishes and drinks is high. Make sure that the fabric of the rug you choose for this space, lends itself well to vacuuming or cleaning. The fabric also shouldn’t be thick and dense for the purpose of pushing chairs in and out.